5 Day-guide to exploring Vijayawada – Top things to do

From waterfront, break around to local food delight: 5 days exploring Vijayawada! What if I tell you to take a holiday trip in Vijayawada and come back all the way more victorious & richer? Yep, discovering the city of victory, Vijayawada – the laid back time, discovering spell bounding routes, ...
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Why River Tourism in Goa is all-inspiring for adventure seekers?

You know you are in Goa if you get soaked by the beach waves, adventure cruising, island hopping, yacht tours and a plethora of inviting water sports tempting you to try them out! Goa is indeed, a paradise of a total of 22 beaches naturally diversified into two districts: North ...
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Cruising vacation

12 best reasons why cruising is healthy for your vacation.

“IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE CRUISING, YOU HAVE NEVER LIVED YOUR LIFE”. If you are someone who loves the sea & its galactic waters, cruising is just for you! Needless to say, right from accommodation, food to adventures, activities & entertainment - cruising covers almost anything and everything which is ...
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Private Islands to Experience in Goa

6 Best Private Islands to Experience in Goa

Imagine an intimate gateway – an Island with the utmost seclusion & privacy, deserted & being surrounded only by your own people. It’s too much of a temptation. Isn’t it? Adding up to the fun, there are excellent water sports adventures, exotic cruising in Goa, yacht party & boat party, ...
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10 Exciting water sports activities in Goa during monsoons.

Regardless of the season, it’s always the weary soul that asks for a break after a grueling stressful week, whether at home or at office. This monsoon, ditch the sunshine and throngs of tourists around. What you get to explore are the calm & peaceful empty sea beaches, drenched lush ...
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