10 Exciting water sports activities in Goa during monsoons.

Regardless of the season, it’s always the weary soul that asks for a break after a grueling stressful week, whether at home or at office. This monsoon, ditch the sunshine and throngs of tourists around. What you get to explore are the calm & peaceful empty sea beaches, drenched lush ...
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10 Things to experience in Goa during this Monsoon.

Goa is popularly known as the party capital of India. But during monsoons, the city entirely transforms into a different tropical paradise altogether enticing tourists from all over the world. There’s indeed, something special about mid-July, a peak monsoon time that makes Goa distinctive from all other destinations claiming Goa ...
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7 Basic Rules of Safe Sailing

The Belief: Sailing is an adventure! I am in love with the sea & the concept “Sailing” is simply fascinating! The Reality: Sailing is not that cool as safety is not guaranteed! It might be crazy on-board burdened with many mini-crises & conditions. The “SAIL” Factor:

Need a Break this summertime? Best Summer Special Packages in Goa are here!

Visiting the same summer shacks, beach, island and shops are way too mainstream this summer. Why not try something different with Goa’s summer packages? If you are going to Goa this summer season, all you can conjure up are the sun-kissed beaches, the pulsating air, the carefree mind and the ...
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7 Point checklists to consider before you buy a Boat & Yacht!

“If you have fallen in love with boats, you definitely should own one”. Now that you are thinking of buying your private dream Boat or Yacht, you must be pondering over the questions that you have in mind? There are many who own a boat but are not happy owners ...
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