6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candlelight dinner

We celebrate for so many reasons- birthdays, wedding anniversaries, reunions and more. It’s nice to see people from your family or close circles come together and celebrate life. So, am I trying to say that a celebration can only take place in a group of people?

Maybe, yes.

Then, what about a couple celebrating or lovers or just two buddies?

Well, that too can happen right?

Then, how can they possibly celebrate?

Well, there are so so many ways like, to rent a yacht or go to Wonderla! Honestly, everyone’s definition of celebration varies in spite of the Oxford dictionary. However, being on the generic yet, not to generic stream, when it comes to two very special people who share the most beautiful bond deserve something special. Maybe, a candlelight dinner in Goa by the waters?

Except for the hydrophobics, though.

Following are 6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candlelight dinner with your special one:


Step 1: Rent a yacht or cruise


Rent a yacht or a cruise, depending upon your preference. Look up on Google, your friends’ suggestions, reviews given by people who experienced specific yachts and pick out the most favorable option for you. Remember, not all have the liberty to spend too much money. So, look out for a luxury yacht renter who can decorate your yacht just the way you need it in no time, at the most affordable rates. You can pick out from Sea Breeze Free Spirit, Catamaran and many more.


Step 2: Plan well- the cuisine, date, time, everything


When it comes to a candlelight dinner, it’s assumed to be perfect! There’s no chance you can mess it up unless you want to drive away your partner with a lot of anger and embarrassment. So, start with a checklist of all the tasks you have to accomplish until the last day.

Let’s start with the menu- what cuisine do you need? Mexican, Italian, India? Pick out the Alcohol accordingly. For instance, Merlot goes with Italian- that’s for sure! Then, what about informing about the balloons, the candles, everything set-up? Call your yacht provider and tell him everything you need in-detail, ensuring you don’t go beyond your budget.


Step 3: Decoration


Although this comes under planning, how well you decorate is how beautiful your cruise shall look. You can keep it simple- go for white crockery, classy satin tablecloth, white napkins, peals all over the place and more.

Remember, it’s all supposed to be picture-perfect. It should look like a cheesy day with so much romance! However, decide upon a theme first in order to be a little mainstream and sorted in your mind.


Step 4: Music


Do you need a DJ? Or do you need an orchestra? When you rent a yacht, remember to confirm the availability or resources which are required. Music sets the tone and can really heat things up. Have a dance area next to your setup and see the magic!

You must have control of the volume- too high or too low volumes can turn out to be a turnoff! Above all, do not make the wires and other devices be visible- it is distracting and annoying.


Step 5: Don’t overdo it


There’s no point in having too many candles all over the place. There’s always a threat of burning down the entire place. So, be careful and do not overdo your decorations not just because of safety issues but, it can turn out to be tacky- red drapes all over the place, too many flowers etc. Try out limited scented candles, maybe?


Step 6: Conclusion


Dim it, make your lover feel like never before. Have some ‘Us’ time and enjoy the delicious gourmet food. It’s worth the pain to enjoy this candle night dinner cruise.

A day is enough to decode codes to a Healthy Love life Is it?


14 February a day when lovebirds across the globe forget all mayhem to celebrate love and friendship. This one day holds phenomenal importance in every lover’s life. While a few goals to set an everlasting impact over their loved ones, others aim to rise above all drama and manage to fall for each other all over again.


Today time is divided into slots – office time, family time, spare time, holiday time. In such apathy people get numbed. Daily hustle bustle manipulates you to ignore small emotions and compels you to highlight the materialistic and the codswallop- from lavish dinners to expensive gifts to what not!


But you see the human heart got its own codes which unfortunately not everyone can break. The secret of a healthy love life is nothing but understanding these codes. These codes are about realising the importance of moments, importance, respect and togetherness.


And hence, only one day i.e. is 14 February is not enough to decode all the codes. And fortunately, it is not so. The entire week before Valentine’s Day is dedicated to a celebration of love, culminating to the greatest day for a celebration of love, Valentine’s Day!


First a Rose, Then Propose, chocolates for some Magic, Then the promise to Never let go. Hug the next day followed by a Kiss. Then wait the whole night as it grows.


Rose Day: Tuesday, February 7th, 2018


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Propose Day: Wednesday, February 8th, 2018


Chocolate Day: Thursday, February 9th, 2018




Teddy Day: Friday, February 10th, 2018

Promise Day: Saturday, February 11th, 2018
Hug Day: Sunday, February 12th, 2018
Kiss Day: Monday, February 13th, 2018
You can’t skip these days and leap on to Valentine’s Day.
The Best way to Valentine’s Day


Planning a vacation when you’ve got a tough time schedule is difficult. But a short trip to a nearby serene place can be worth. After all the very best way you can celebrate Valentine’s Day is by being around your family and friends.


Don’t wait until the last minute to make your Valentine’s Day plans. If you do, you run the risk of being closed out of the best romantic places to stay and/or having to settle for gifts more avid lovers have rejected. Show your love before the holiday by planning to make it extra special for the one you love.


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