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Yacht Club Goa

Where adventure, luxury & style meets at the waterfront….


Champions Yacht Club ( CYC ) offers yacht services with full membership options. For the first time in India, now there’s an opportunity for someone literally owning up a yacht without even buying it. Clients can register membership with Champions Yacht Club by paying a joining amount and start enjoying all the services of the yacht. Client can enjoy a romantic escapade on the yacht, spend quality family time together or can enjoy many water sports for adventure. All the facilities in the yacht are of A1 quality and there is a hospitable and professional crew to take care of every need of the clients.

One of the key features of Champions Yacht Club is its exclusiveness in offering luxury and personalised services for each guest. Apart from the big ship cruising feel, with Champions Yacht Club, you receive individualized attention – not only as per your needs, but also as per your whims and fancies. Every effort is made so that you can feel the experience of yachting just like your own private yacht. Another exclusive feature of Champions Yacht Club is the array of water sports that it offers to its clients – both for experienced enthusiast and the green horn type. There are offerings from regular boating, sailing to power boats, jet skiing, snorkelling, paragliding etc. within the water sports package. Every measure is taken to ensure the safety of the client.

There are excellent services of hoisting events both personal and corporate with Champions Yacht Club. There are fantastic wine & dine facilities with great chefs who prepare awesome authentic food for clients. Members can relish great foods without having the need to leave the docks. The Banquet services of Champions Yacht Club have excellent facilities for hosting corporate events like meetings, seminars and personal occasions like anniversary and friendly parties



Our rich heritage of nautical experience continues with fantastic cruising, fine dining to a plethora of exciting water sports, adhering to the most eco-friendly hangout concept.

Champions Yacht Club at Bhavani Island lives by the motto “adventure is for everyone” and delivers an exciting range of boat tours, luxury boating and yachting experiences in Bhavani Lake waters catered by a large fleet of Catamarans, Boats, Cruisers & Yachts.

CYC delivers a luxurious cruising and dining experience and recreational facilities as well as land based adventures for families, friends, lovers and adventure enthusiasts. Being the first one-of-its-kind water & land based operating water sports and luxury services provider, the firm offers customized tour packages for varied occasions that are carefully planned and diligently delivered. We invite enthusiastic visitors to try out many attractions, expeditions and interesting adventure sports that will revive your special moments for a life time.

Alongside, Champions Yacht Club keeps hosting many other interesting events for its members from time to time. All in all, Champions Yacht Club is a great luxury lifestyle product.