Bag Essentials for Your Summer Goa Beach Vacation


Cold months are already nearing towards the end, with summer months gearing up for hotter months. As coming months are hot and humid it calls for a beach vacation. Goa being the beach capital of India, witnesses a large number of tourists every year. The tropical weather, perfect balance of flora and fauna with great culinary options in abundance are one of the prime reasons why Goa tops the best places to visit in India list. Other than being a delightful place to shop, eat and explore it is also known for an array of watersports in Goa.


You might find a large base of information on what and what not to do in Goa, but what about the carry-ons and luggage preferences when you plan for a vacation? Having the aid of right thing at the right time definitely makes your trip more carefree, fun and enjoyable. So, here is a list of key essential things you should always have while planning a beach holiday to places like Goa.


Sunscreen: Beach holiday is definitely going to give you a lot of beach tan. Tan is not an issue as it fades eventually, but sunscreen helps prevents from cancer-causing UV rays. You should always invest on a good sunscreen ranging from 50-100 SPF as it helps you to stay protected for a longer time. So, while you are getting ready do not forget to put sunscreen keep your skin glow intact. Don’t be a victim to sunburn or hyperpigmentation that’s a common occurrence on beach holidays. Enjoy, but be skin safe!


Sunglasses: Yes, needless to say but always carry a reflector and a good branded pair of sunglasses having the film for both UV and UVA protection. Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so keep you glares intact while sight-seeing, chilling on a shack or enjoying a sunset cruise in Goa. A sunglass not just helps your eyes from harsh rays, but also keeping your eyes helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles.


First aid kit: Not just a beach holiday, but every travel plan should have a first aid kit as an essential condiment. You might travel to far remote places or experience discomfort due to any sudden change. Keep your bag stuffed with antacids, preventive medicines, painkillers, Band-Aids, antiseptic creams and other prescribed medicines if any. Prevention is better than cure, and what better that stay alert with the minimum necessities for emergencies.


Dry Snacks: No, we are not asking you to carry multiple packets of food and beverages, but always carry small food packets and water bottles. In case the wait time at a restaurant is longer than expected or you travel to a place without any eating joints, you can make use of the dry snacks. Carry packets that are compact and easy to carry with things like dry fruits, cookies, dehydrated fruits, potato chips, chocolates, nuts and much more.

Waterproof bag pack and zip locks: When traveling to a beach or planning for watersports in Goa, it advisory to carry a waterproof bag and bunch of zip lock bags. Not just the convenience, but it provides you to segregate things and making things less messy. Additional storage is always a good idea and probably it will help you to carry wet clothes, slippers or even store essentials from getting wet or accumulating moisture.

Selfie stick and portable charger: What is a vacation without a few good and goofy pictures? At this age of selfies and social media rage, surely you want to miss out on cool pictures for your social media feed. So, make sure to pack you best camera along with essential with your portable charger that will help you keep your phone battery up and running. As you would be out for long period of times, it’s better to carry a charger that keeps your devices active throughout.

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Mat and Beach slippers: When planning for a day out at the beach do not forget to carry a mat and beach slippers. Watersports’, playing on the beach or just hanging around with friends, beach vacation is no fun in tight clothes and fancy shoes. So, carry your beach slippers with you to have all the carry without having to fuss about pain and shoe bites. Also, carry a mat to have your set of accommodation in case you do not find places to hang along the shack or any good pubs. It’s a great way to lounge around and watch the sunrise or sink into the roar of beach waves.

Cash in hand: Goa is undoubtedly a tourist spot, but many the well-known shacks and shops based in flea markets do not accept cash. So, it’s advisable to carry a good amount of cash to make transactions without any hassle. It will make your shopping experience much easier and convenient.

So, these are a few essential components to pack for a beach vacation. Smart packing not only makes your journey easier but ensures that you have a great vacation without having the fear of missing out essentials.

Best Places in India to Go with Your Girl’s Squad

India is full of places that can be the best selection to go for a road trip. Many hilly terrains, well-maintained forests national parks, cultural festivals all around the year makes India a diversified and suitable. Not just road trips, but it gives you several other ways to craft a travel plan with your friends. Starting from a dessert safari, night camp to adventures like river rafting a trip can be many things more than sightseeing and candid pictures. As, India has a lot to offer when it comes to significant tourist spots the selection becomes a difficult job. Here, you a find a few places listed that can be a great choice to travel with your gang

Rafting at Rishikesh:

Rafting could be a fun activity with a bunch of friends as it gives adrenaline rush like no other sports. Rishiskesh is one of the greatest hubs for various watersports activities, but serves as a base camp for river rafting tours. You can easily do your research on internet and see there a lot of adventure sports options. What better than rowing through the water rapids of Ganges. There are more than 13 water rapids in Rishikesh. The booking can be done on web and it comes with inclusions like campfire, tent at the base camp. Instruction manual, life guard and professional guide for the rafting journey along with the apparatus required.

Trekking and beach hopping at Gokarna:

Beach trekking is something that will help you to encompass the fulfillment of trekking with addition to surreal landscapes and top view of mesmerizing beaches. Gokarna trek is one trek that needs no tourist guide as localities are amiable enough to help you with the routes. The signs of rocks and steep path will guide you to the sight of three idyllic beaches of Gokarna. The green hillsides with the Western Ghats on the other side makes up for a magnificent view. The three beaches named Gokarna beach, Kudle and OM beach offers many tourist spots and an abundance of flora and fauna to sink amidst the warmth of mother nature.

Cruise in Goa:

It’s time that we think of Goa has to offer apart from good liquor, parties and beaches. There is a lot to Goa that has to be explored in terms of tourist places, good eateries and calm places with lot of fun activities to explore. Cruising in Goa is something mistaken as an hourly activity to have quality experiences the less visited Goa. So, this time when you plan a visit to Goa ensure to visit the good old museums, Divar islands, Salim Ali bird sanctuary and dig into the good seafood at underrated yet small eateries in Goa.

Watersports in Mangalore:

Mangalore has possibly one of the best beaches in India. Surrounded by serene greenery all around Panambur beach serves as of the hottest destinations for watersports like Jetsking and paragliding. When planning a trip with all your girlies adventure and thrilling activities should top the list. We say don’t go by the hype, but go the list of experiences you will have. Mangalore has been a constant favorite spot for water sports enthusiast all across the country. It’s time now you should go make memories.

Scuba diving in Lakshwadeep: Y

Yes, you read that correct! Probably Andaman isn’t the only place providing underwater experiences. Lakswadeep is a dream come true for surfers, scuba divers and everyone who loves under water experiences. The liberating scenes from the Bollywood movie “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara” will be possible for you, without having to travel Spain. You can get your won trainers. Choose your own package and dive into the joy expecting unseen aquatic life and embrace the countless memories with your group of friends. Agatti, Bangaram and Kadamat are the three preferred places for scuba diving with perfect settings and resorts close by. You can choose the package as per your level of expertise, interest and budget.

Paragliding in Kamshet:

Kamshet is a lively hill station in Pune, Maharashtra that is quite known for paragliding and other related adventure sports. Situated among the beautiful mountain range of Western Ghats it makes the delightful journey to go watch the pollution free small and beautiful image. Go witness the calm, peaceful and divinity of countryside experiences. The place has a lot of Instagram worthy sights where you can click loads of pictures to revive the memories later. This is a perfect place to set up a campfire during winters or enjoy the slow breeze during not so pleasant climate. Go live the moments with your besties.

So, these are a few places you can look forward to when planning for your all-girls trip this year. All these places make a great and safe choice for travelers as it is always crowded with tourists all around the year. A great travel journal should be full of good pictures and memories, and we hope you get the best with for you.