6 beautiful places you’ve got to visit in Vijayawada this year

Vijayawada is not the way you’ve known it for a long long time. Things have changed out there, the region has completely developed there without any doubt. Vijayawada is also known as the heart of Andhra Pradesh and its business capital a well. Check out a list of places as well as places to visit in Vijayawada based on the locations:

1. Undavalli Caves

It’s a 4- storeyed piece of architecture which is located 8 Kms beyond Vijayawada. This cave has been in existence since 7th century BC and is regarded as one of the oldest caves in this particular region. The architecture has inspired several budding architects and enthusiasts as well. Moreover, there’s some fine sculpture done all around. The rock carvings as well are beautiful and detailed.

The statue of Vishnu in a reclining pose is sculpted off a single granite block. The 4th story is the place meant for most of us- it shows us the beauty of the entire region from a beautiful cave.

2. Mogalarajapuram Caves

This cave also goes back in time- 5th century and is most popularly known for its rock-cut sanctuaries. There are 3 caves here however, only 1 has been well- maintained. Again, this cave is a piece of work and admired by architects, portraying excellence of the bygone era. The idol of Ardhanariswara is considered one of its kinds in entire South India.

3. Prakasam Barrage

This lovely piece of work is built across the Krishna River. Although this barrage was built by 1798, it was only completed entirely by 1855. This barrage is one of the major sources of irrigation for agricultural purposes in Andhra Pradesh. This is a famous location and is popular for its scenic views and so much positivity around it.

4. Bhavani Island

Located on the Krishna river, near the lovely Prakasam barrage, this island is one of the largest ones, covering a huge space of 130 acres of land. This is a well- maintained location and allows cruising in Vijayawada and boat riding as well.

5. Victoria Museum

This museum was established in 1887 and has an amazing archaeological collection. This museum has given research scholars room to explore and inspire man from a very different perspective. It throws light on ancient culture, artifacts, tools, etc. This place is all about how people lived back in time when they did not have notes to pay money or fire to cook food!

6. Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort again, is an ancient piece of work, belonging to the 7th century. It’s built on a hill and the fort is 3- stories high with a stunning view. This was used as the military training base by the British. Kondapalli village near the fort is renowned for the bright colored toys it produces. These Kondapalli toys are made of Poniki, a light wood.

Go on a night cruise in Vijayawada or go sightseeing out there, it’s all up to you! Pick out the right things to do at the right time but, don’t forget about Vijayawada.

Things you need to know when planning your dream cruise wedding

I’m sure you’ve heard about destination weddings- some of the most exotic locations include Bali, Jaipur, Goa, Dubai and many others. However, the most exotic wedding, trending at the moment are cruise weddings!


Cruises tend to have a very romantic aura surrounding it- you’re sailing all the way, towards the path of marriage. It’s beautiful. However, it’s not easy to organize one. There are intricate details which you or your wedding planner or cruise renter needs to keep in mind in order to host a lovely wedding.


Here’s a checklist of 10 things you need to know while planning your wedding on a cruise:

1. Make sure it’s all legal

Remember ‘Many With a Plan?’ Well, if you don’t know about it, I’ll tell you- there, the marriage of the couple was unofficial because the priest who got them married had an expired license!


Remember, don’t go for the cheapest options- it’s a legal concern, joining in matrimony can turn out to be ugly if not done right. Be it a pundit, the documents, priest, etc. ensure, it’s all sorted and they do not get seasick!


2. Pick out a location you both love

It’s a special day for not just you and your fiancee but, your respective families as well. Pick out locations like Goa in India, Dubai in UAE, Bali, Bahamas, Mexico etc. where it’s affordable enough for you to accommodate all yet, not compromise on your wedding day even a bit.


The location can have multiple criteria like the affordability, how exotic it is, accessibility, etc. It’s your wedding- pick it out your way (Might be picking out one chit too!)


3. Book travel tickets at the earliest

There’s no point in waiting until the month before the wedding to book your air tickets. You’ll only be harming your pocket by spending extra money. Many couples tend to sponsor tickets for close members- do it ASAP in order to make traveling as affordable as possible.


Another thing, ensure you host your wedding during certain seasons like summers, spring etc. and not during the monsoon season- things might get very messed up especially, there can be over-filled seas too, canceling your cruise wedding


4. Send out the final dates the moment they are finalized

There are many guests who like pre-planning things. Give them the time to sort out their busy schedules and strike out the wedding invitation cards distribution bit as well!

This also helps in booking affordable airfares, as discussed above.


5. Pick out a cruise which suits your personalities when they come together

You know how people say that when a couple gets together, they’re so much better? Well, pick out a cruise in agreement. There are thousands of cruises you can choose depending upon parameters like budget, number of people invited, amenities etc. Pick out the smartest alternative.

6. Try out comprehensive wedding cruise packages

Rent a yacht and opt for the best wedding cruise packages based on your location. There are wedding packages in Goa and Dubai which are most popularly known for. This way, wedding planning is kind of eased out as the cruise too helps you out.


The package must be picked out on the basis of your requirements, budget, etc. If you need a buffet-style dining space, well, check it out! Ensure you’re all set from your end and they’re set from their end as well else, your wedding shall be a mess.


7. Dress up for the occasion

One of the most luxury weddings are hosted in cruises and you don’t want to miss out on decking yourself up there! Ensure while you give out the wedding invitations, you also have the dress code mentioned there- formals, semi-formals, black and red etc.

As the bride and the groom, you must be looking as beautiful as a pearl- nothing else matters!


8. Ensure you have a professional wedding photographer onboard

Please do not hire an amateur and ruin your wedding photographs. We keep this love in a photograph- hire the best, just like your cruise, without any compromises! Don’t rely upon selfies either, by the way!


9. Pick out the right cruise length

Pick out a cruise itinerary and kindly do not rush into it. A marriage and its plannings are never rushed into. Generally, a 4-7 days cruise is an average duration for a wedding cruise at affordable rates.


10. Have a group wedding, maybe?

Unless it’s your best fried or someone really close, I do not recommend this option. However, it do reduce the wedding cruise cost, enabling you to do a lot more in your wedding!

Plan a wedding cruise- have the time of your life.

Remember, the better you plan, the lovelier it’s going to get. Or, just contact the best cruise provider and do it all in the span of days- it’s all upto you!

Happy wedding planning to you!

17 things you must not do in Goa

There are always two sides to a coin, two sides to anything, for that matter! Goa was assumed to be a union territory with no limits, no rules, no judgments, right? Well, that ain’t the case. Well, whenever you go to Goa, irrespective of the purpose, remember the following 17 things you must not do in Goa:

1. Taking one of those taxis

Instead of burning a hole in your pockets, rent a bike for yourself or, just keep walking!

2. Littering all the way

Again, this is common all across India- however, terrible on our part! Respect the land you’re staying in even for a night, else, a place like Goa can rip you apart just the way Singapore does in cases like these.

While going beach-ing, remember to carry a bag of trash in order to prevent littering this lovely land.

3. Carrying too much liquid money

This goes for other destinations but, more for Goa for a very simple reason- most of the people traveling there go to get high and you do not want to end up gambling all your cash or pay for some random human or get robbed!

Keep your wallet to yourself- paying for your friends is okay. However, keep track of how much you have and how much you spend because Goa can turn out to be one expensive affair.

4. Photography in Goa

Yes, yes, Goa is scenic and lovely and full of exotic people. So what? Remember, you’re violating their rights- it’s never okay to take pictures of people who are strangers to you. Always take permission and go ahead, have a photoshoot day but, with 100% consignment!

5. Staring at people

Be it at the beach or the roadside, it is just not okay to stare at people in Goa. You never know what’s going on in their insides which might annoy them hugely. Staring may even be very molesting for them so, beware!

A lot of people walk around semi-naked and yes, we do find it fascinating- keep the fascination to yourself, okay?

6. Going topless

Beaches have rules and they’re meant to be followed. Yes, Goa is the party capital of India but, there are rules! As minimal as the bikini sizes out there but, they must not be violated. Public Display of Affection in such ways is not- permitted can be a criminal offense.

7. Wearing the I heart Goa T-shirts
It’s awkward and embarrassing at all levels! Yes, it’s cute but, annoying for them. You need to respect the fact that some people do not appreciate such situations and do not like seeing people displaying so much love for a land they know for the parties. It might lead to some major issues in the local areas.

8. Getting looted

Goa is somewhat like Delhi but, in a pretty way! No offense. Be careful about the people who buy you drinks, people who say that they’re falling for you or any intimate scenes or mugging scenes as well. In cases of foreigners, not trying to drive you out of the country but, be careful about your passports!

Maybe try out to self- defense and self- control techniques?

9. Overdoing it all

There are going to be a zillion pubs, parties, places to go drinking too. There are going to be places where you may find free substances too but, please be careful. It’s never encouraged to end up in a terrible hangover like it happened in the movie ‘Hangover!’

If possible, don’t drink! Just kidding.

10. Opting for cheaper options

This goes with regard to everything, especially with alcohol and adventure sports. There are going to be so many parasailing options, however, are they reliable? Learn to verify it all. Else, you’re going to be in some serious trouble- maybe end up booking a room at the hospital!

12. Buying cheapskate Hawaiian shirts? EW.

It’s funky but, 100% uncool. Firstly, the quality of the shirts are terrible. On top of that it’s an investment with a zillion insults. Who would want to buy something like that? These shirts belong nowhere and if you’re so crazy about buying one, either go to eBay or visit Hawaii!

13. Acting like a Princess

Try being as natural as possible when you’re someplace where you do not belong. Especially in shacks, you may end up being a victim or just kicked out for acting arrogant or pompous!

14. Don’t end up in air- conditioned places

The beauty of Goa lies in its rooftop restaurants, shacks, markets by the pavements and more. Do not miss out on it just because it’s 40 degrees out there- get tanned, get some color and buy some unique junk- you never know when it might turn out to be an antique!

15. Drink and drive

So many deaths have occurred due to drink and drive cases- Goa is not the land of killings and killers. If you cannot handle your alcohol intake, ensure you have somebody to take you back home, safe and sound at all levels!

16. Passing out at the beach

Remember eating crabs by the seaside? Well, if you pass out by the beach, they definitely eat you up! The nights may seem to be very cheesy and lovely with the stars and the scenic beauty. But, in the morning, Goa shall show you its true colors with crabs and other creatures.

17. Wearing heels

Goa is for adventurous people, people who like chilling. It’s not meant for people who want to look tall! Unless you’re planning on to book a yacht, please do not wear heels- the sand will suck you in!

Be careful, have fun- sums it all up, eh?

7 cool things to do in Goa this May 2018

Goa has 2 sides to it- one which is all about nightlife and other is all about romantic scenes. Goa is definitely hot during the month of March but, it’s fun- you get an amazing tan, there’s no way you’ll miss out on a beach day and lots of cocktails! If you’re so conscious about going to Goa in May, rent a yacht and see Goa from the best perspective ever.

Here are 7 cool things for you to do in Goa this May:

1. Go cruising and check out dolphin

 Nothing can be cuter than looking at dolphins during summertime. Rent a cruise, take your family or go out with your friends and enjoy the cruise with gourmet- quality food, beverages, an open bar, lovely deck and obviously, the cutest dolphins!

Experiences are priceless, videos ain’t.

2. Go shopping- street shopping!

Goa is known for its bohemian collection of clothing, accessorizing, etc. Buy the most unique, exciting and beautiful stuff from the streets of Goa at the cheapest prices. You can buy scarves, beads, bands, bags, pants, sheets, shades and so much more!

3. Get a tattoo?

You can do this anywhere but, what if you can make Goa your most fond memory of getting a tattoo done? There are temporary and permanent tattoo artists who do tattoos for people coming to them from across the globe.

4. Enjoy the beach

Get a nice tan, lie down by the beach or go surfing- that’s all up to you! There’s so much to explore in Goa other than just going to the resort and lying down. Enjoy the sand, sit by the beach, host a candle light dinner in Goa by the beach and live the moment.

5. Live music

Goa is just the right place for music lovers. Nobody is going to judge you and you might come across someone talented enough to sing for your album, maybe? Goa is the place to express yourself at any level- it doesn’t matter! Live music in Goa is mostly in genres like jazz, blues, etc.

6. Check out its history

There are so many places from the past with beautiful architecture like the churches in Goa, the various roads, architecture, and sanctuary too which you can see and cherish- a must watch!

7. Eat

Always have a love for food- try out the seafood in Goa. For the vegetarians, try out the salads and burgers there! It’s yum and worth the money because it’s affordable.

I hope you have fun visiting Goa! For the ones who have already visited Goa and have gone bike riding, enjoying water sports and so on, book a yacht and make the most out of the unique experience. Reason being, there’s always a different experience every time you go cruising or book a yacht!

6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candlelight dinner

We celebrate for so many reasons- birthdays, wedding anniversaries, reunions and more. It’s nice to see people from your family or close circles come together and celebrate life. So, am I trying to say that a celebration can only take place in a group of people?

Maybe, yes.

Then, what about a couple celebrating or lovers or just two buddies?

Well, that too can happen right?

Then, how can they possibly celebrate?

Well, there are so so many ways like, to rent a yacht or go to Wonderla! Honestly, everyone’s definition of celebration varies in spite of the Oxford dictionary. However, being on the generic yet, not to generic stream, when it comes to two very special people who share the most beautiful bond deserve something special. Maybe, a candlelight dinner in Goa by the waters?

Except for the hydrophobics, though.

Following are 6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candlelight dinner with your special one:


Step 1: Rent a yacht or cruise


Rent a yacht or a cruise, depending upon your preference. Look up on Google, your friends’ suggestions, reviews given by people who experienced specific yachts and pick out the most favorable option for you. Remember, not all have the liberty to spend too much money. So, look out for a luxury yacht renter who can decorate your yacht just the way you need it in no time, at the most affordable rates. You can pick out from Sea Breeze Free Spirit, Catamaran and many more.


Step 2: Plan well- the cuisine, date, time, everything


When it comes to a candlelight dinner, it’s assumed to be perfect! There’s no chance you can mess it up unless you want to drive away your partner with a lot of anger and embarrassment. So, start with a checklist of all the tasks you have to accomplish until the last day.

Let’s start with the menu- what cuisine do you need? Mexican, Italian, India? Pick out the Alcohol accordingly. For instance, Merlot goes with Italian- that’s for sure! Then, what about informing about the balloons, the candles, everything set-up? Call your yacht provider and tell him everything you need in-detail, ensuring you don’t go beyond your budget.


Step 3: Decoration


Although this comes under planning, how well you decorate is how beautiful your cruise shall look. You can keep it simple- go for white crockery, classy satin tablecloth, white napkins, peals all over the place and more.

Remember, it’s all supposed to be picture-perfect. It should look like a cheesy day with so much romance! However, decide upon a theme first in order to be a little mainstream and sorted in your mind.


Step 4: Music


Do you need a DJ? Or do you need an orchestra? When you rent a yacht, remember to confirm the availability or resources which are required. Music sets the tone and can really heat things up. Have a dance area next to your setup and see the magic!

You must have control of the volume- too high or too low volumes can turn out to be a turnoff! Above all, do not make the wires and other devices be visible- it is distracting and annoying.


Step 5: Don’t overdo it


There’s no point in having too many candles all over the place. There’s always a threat of burning down the entire place. So, be careful and do not overdo your decorations not just because of safety issues but, it can turn out to be tacky- red drapes all over the place, too many flowers etc. Try out limited scented candles, maybe?


Step 6: Conclusion


Dim it, make your lover feel like never before. Have some ‘Us’ time and enjoy the delicious gourmet food. It’s worth the pain to enjoy this candle night dinner cruise.

A day is enough to decode codes to a Healthy Love life Is it?


14 February a day when lovebirds across the globe forget all mayhem to celebrate love and friendship. This one day holds phenomenal importance in every lover’s life. While a few goals to set an everlasting impact over their loved ones, others aim to rise above all drama and manage to fall for each other all over again.


Today time is divided into slots – office time, family time, spare time, holiday time. In such apathy people get numbed. Daily hustle bustle manipulates you to ignore small emotions and compels you to highlight the materialistic and the codswallop- from lavish dinners to expensive gifts to what not!


But you see the human heart got its own codes which unfortunately not everyone can break. The secret of a healthy love life is nothing but understanding these codes. These codes are about realising the importance of moments, importance, respect and togetherness.


And hence, only one day i.e. is 14 February is not enough to decode all the codes. And fortunately, it is not so. The entire week before Valentine’s Day is dedicated to a celebration of love, culminating to the greatest day for a celebration of love, Valentine’s Day!


First a Rose, Then Propose, chocolates for some Magic, Then the promise to Never let go. Hug the next day followed by a Kiss. Then wait the whole night as it grows.


Rose Day: Tuesday, February 7th, 2018


Order it now from   www.fnp.com


Propose Day: Wednesday, February 8th, 2018


Chocolate Day: Thursday, February 9th, 2018




Teddy Day: Friday, February 10th, 2018

Promise Day: Saturday, February 11th, 2018
Hug Day: Sunday, February 12th, 2018
Kiss Day: Monday, February 13th, 2018
You can’t skip these days and leap on to Valentine’s Day.
The Best way to Valentine’s Day


Planning a vacation when you’ve got a tough time schedule is difficult. But a short trip to a nearby serene place can be worth. After all the very best way you can celebrate Valentine’s Day is by being around your family and friends.


Don’t wait until the last minute to make your Valentine’s Day plans. If you do, you run the risk of being closed out of the best romantic places to stay and/or having to settle for gifts more avid lovers have rejected. Show your love before the holiday by planning to make it extra special for the one you love.


Check out Champions Yacht Club – Tiswadi Goa. Book your Surprise for the Grand Finale – 14 February.

Bag Essentials for Your Summer Goa Beach Vacation


Cold months are already nearing towards the end, with summer months gearing up for hotter months. As coming months are hot and humid it calls for a beach vacation. Goa being the beach capital of India, witnesses a large number of tourists every year. The tropical weather, perfect balance of flora and fauna with great culinary options in abundance are one of the prime reasons why Goa tops the best places to visit in India list. Other than being a delightful place to shop, eat and explore it is also known for an array of watersports in Goa.


You might find a large base of information on what and what not to do in Goa, but what about the carry-ons and luggage preferences when you plan for a vacation? Having the aid of right thing at the right time definitely makes your trip more carefree, fun and enjoyable. So, here is a list of key essential things you should always have while planning a beach holiday to places like Goa.


Sunscreen: Beach holiday is definitely going to give you a lot of beach tan. Tan is not an issue as it fades eventually, but sunscreen helps prevents from cancer-causing UV rays. You should always invest on a good sunscreen ranging from 50-100 SPF as it helps you to stay protected for a longer time. So, while you are getting ready do not forget to put sunscreen keep your skin glow intact. Don’t be a victim to sunburn or hyperpigmentation that’s a common occurrence on beach holidays. Enjoy, but be skin safe!


Sunglasses: Yes, needless to say but always carry a reflector and a good branded pair of sunglasses having the film for both UV and UVA protection. Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body, so keep you glares intact while sight-seeing, chilling on a shack or enjoying a sunset cruise in Goa. A sunglass not just helps your eyes from harsh rays, but also keeping your eyes helps in preventing fine lines and wrinkles.


First aid kit: Not just a beach holiday, but every travel plan should have a first aid kit as an essential condiment. You might travel to far remote places or experience discomfort due to any sudden change. Keep your bag stuffed with antacids, preventive medicines, painkillers, Band-Aids, antiseptic creams and other prescribed medicines if any. Prevention is better than cure, and what better that stay alert with the minimum necessities for emergencies.


Dry Snacks: No, we are not asking you to carry multiple packets of food and beverages, but always carry small food packets and water bottles. In case the wait time at a restaurant is longer than expected or you travel to a place without any eating joints, you can make use of the dry snacks. Carry packets that are compact and easy to carry with things like dry fruits, cookies, dehydrated fruits, potato chips, chocolates, nuts and much more.

Waterproof bag pack and zip locks: When traveling to a beach or planning for watersports in Goa, it advisory to carry a waterproof bag and bunch of zip lock bags. Not just the convenience, but it provides you to segregate things and making things less messy. Additional storage is always a good idea and probably it will help you to carry wet clothes, slippers or even store essentials from getting wet or accumulating moisture.

Selfie stick and portable charger: What is a vacation without a few good and goofy pictures? At this age of selfies and social media rage, surely you want to miss out on cool pictures for your social media feed. So, make sure to pack you best camera along with essential with your portable charger that will help you keep your phone battery up and running. As you would be out for long period of times, it’s better to carry a charger that keeps your devices active throughout.

Read: Things to do in Goa

Mat and Beach slippers: When planning for a day out at the beach do not forget to carry a mat and beach slippers. Watersports’, playing on the beach or just hanging around with friends, beach vacation is no fun in tight clothes and fancy shoes. So, carry your beach slippers with you to have all the carry without having to fuss about pain and shoe bites. Also, carry a mat to have your set of accommodation in case you do not find places to hang along the shack or any good pubs. It’s a great way to lounge around and watch the sunrise or sink into the roar of beach waves.

Cash in hand: Goa is undoubtedly a tourist spot, but many the well-known shacks and shops based in flea markets do not accept cash. So, it’s advisable to carry a good amount of cash to make transactions without any hassle. It will make your shopping experience much easier and convenient.

So, these are a few essential components to pack for a beach vacation. Smart packing not only makes your journey easier but ensures that you have a great vacation without having the fear of missing out essentials.

Best Places in India to Go with Your Girl’s Squad

India is full of places that can be the best selection to go for a road trip. Many hilly terrains, well-maintained forests national parks, cultural festivals all around the year makes India a diversified and suitable. Not just road trips, but it gives you several other ways to craft a travel plan with your friends. Starting from a dessert safari, night camp to adventures like river rafting a trip can be many things more than sightseeing and candid pictures. As, India has a lot to offer when it comes to significant tourist spots the selection becomes a difficult job. Here, you a find a few places listed that can be a great choice to travel with your gang

Rafting at Rishikesh:

Rafting could be a fun activity with a bunch of friends as it gives adrenaline rush like no other sports. Rishiskesh is one of the greatest hubs for various watersports activities, but serves as a base camp for river rafting tours. You can easily do your research on internet and see there a lot of adventure sports options. What better than rowing through the water rapids of Ganges. There are more than 13 water rapids in Rishikesh. The booking can be done on web and it comes with inclusions like campfire, tent at the base camp. Instruction manual, life guard and professional guide for the rafting journey along with the apparatus required.

Trekking and beach hopping at Gokarna:

Beach trekking is something that will help you to encompass the fulfillment of trekking with addition to surreal landscapes and top view of mesmerizing beaches. Gokarna trek is one trek that needs no tourist guide as localities are amiable enough to help you with the routes. The signs of rocks and steep path will guide you to the sight of three idyllic beaches of Gokarna. The green hillsides with the Western Ghats on the other side makes up for a magnificent view. The three beaches named Gokarna beach, Kudle and OM beach offers many tourist spots and an abundance of flora and fauna to sink amidst the warmth of mother nature.

Cruise in Goa:

It’s time that we think of Goa has to offer apart from good liquor, parties and beaches. There is a lot to Goa that has to be explored in terms of tourist places, good eateries and calm places with lot of fun activities to explore. Cruising in Goa is something mistaken as an hourly activity to have quality experiences the less visited Goa. So, this time when you plan a visit to Goa ensure to visit the good old museums, Divar islands, Salim Ali bird sanctuary and dig into the good seafood at underrated yet small eateries in Goa.

Watersports in Mangalore:

Mangalore has possibly one of the best beaches in India. Surrounded by serene greenery all around Panambur beach serves as of the hottest destinations for watersports like Jetsking and paragliding. When planning a trip with all your girlies adventure and thrilling activities should top the list. We say don’t go by the hype, but go the list of experiences you will have. Mangalore has been a constant favorite spot for water sports enthusiast all across the country. It’s time now you should go make memories.

Scuba diving in Lakshwadeep: Y

Yes, you read that correct! Probably Andaman isn’t the only place providing underwater experiences. Lakswadeep is a dream come true for surfers, scuba divers and everyone who loves under water experiences. The liberating scenes from the Bollywood movie “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara” will be possible for you, without having to travel Spain. You can get your won trainers. Choose your own package and dive into the joy expecting unseen aquatic life and embrace the countless memories with your group of friends. Agatti, Bangaram and Kadamat are the three preferred places for scuba diving with perfect settings and resorts close by. You can choose the package as per your level of expertise, interest and budget.

Paragliding in Kamshet:

Kamshet is a lively hill station in Pune, Maharashtra that is quite known for paragliding and other related adventure sports. Situated among the beautiful mountain range of Western Ghats it makes the delightful journey to go watch the pollution free small and beautiful image. Go witness the calm, peaceful and divinity of countryside experiences. The place has a lot of Instagram worthy sights where you can click loads of pictures to revive the memories later. This is a perfect place to set up a campfire during winters or enjoy the slow breeze during not so pleasant climate. Go live the moments with your besties.

So, these are a few places you can look forward to when planning for your all-girls trip this year. All these places make a great and safe choice for travelers as it is always crowded with tourists all around the year. A great travel journal should be full of good pictures and memories, and we hope you get the best with for you.

Best Budget Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon is arguably one of the most important chapters in new couples travel dairy. It is not just to celebrate the togetherness and equity of a new relationship but has to be perfection in every way possible. As ,India is a land to many globally known honeymoon destinations, it makes it quite difficult choose the best among so many options available. Starting from surreal beaches to heritage monuments you can choose anything that matches your preference. There are many travel tours and packages that can craft splendid and customized honeymoon packages that suit every mood and budget. So, here in this blog, we will talk about few of these destinations which are one of the most preferable spots when it comes to plan a honeymoon.



Might sound clichéd and overrated, but it’s one of the best destinations that can catch you in awe of it surreal landscapes. It has been a constant hit amongst couples from a past few years. Starting from snow cladded mountain peak, beautiful local sights to good comfort food Shimla has it all.

McLeod Ganj:


A dreamy location in Dharamshala, which is beautiful with timeless Buddhist monasteries, mountain peaks and rich Pahari culture. One of the frequently visited buy hipster travelers and bloggers it gives out great backdrops for images and suits best for a short romantic trip. So, never hesitate to plan a trip here.



Goa is a place like fine old wine, no matter how old it is just keeps getting better with years of existence. Goa is a place which serves right for every kind of couple starting from the energetic and adventurous couple to calm loving couples. It’s one of the few destinations which will not cease to amaze you in many different ways. Either you can choose a beach view resort of a cruise in Goa, the surroundings with endless beaches with a colonial touch gives you the right amount of holiday vibes. You can even book for a yacht party in Goa which is one of the best ways to explore the nightlife.



Dalhousie is one of the best places if you love to sit back, relax sip on hot coco and finish a long pending book. Breathtaking snow clad mountains with pine tree will help you distress from all the city chaos. Known for its picturesque sights and pleasant weather throughout it is often compared to Switzerland for one of its landmarks. Apart from natural tourist destinations, it is also home to lakes, waterfalls and many monuments. One thing is for sure Dalhousie will be one of the best places in your travel journal.



Not just the name, but the destination is also intricate with surrounded with clear water bodies. If you love the beach, aquatic life, dense coral reef that too with minimal crowded areas then Lakshadweep has 36 of them for you. Adding to that there are local eateries, shell filled islands with cruise ride facilities. If you are someone who appreciates a relaxing vacation it would be a great choice for you.



Andaman & Nicobar Islands hold a reputed linage of one of the most dreamy beach destinations in India. It offers a lot of water sports and activities with many historical moments that stand testimony several phases of pre-freedom era. Port Blair is the capital city from where you can commence a trip of sightseeing, exploring and many more beach surprises.



The phrase “small but beautiful” is the perfect line for Gangtok the capital city of northeastern state Sikkim. It has surreal destinations with beautiful local markets, freshwater lakes and Buddhist monasteries. It is one of the best places to rejuvenate and have a relaxing vacation for the newlyweds



The serenity of Dal Lake, floating shikaras with beautiful valleys are even better with rich flora and fauna. It gives out an old world aura that serves as the best way to have and calm and lay back holiday. Not to forget the innumerable tourist spots and garden every sight of Kashmir is mesmerizing.



Known for architectural marvel, forts, great Rajasthan cuisine you can have a great experience on desert safari, camel ride and not to forget freshwater lakes with spellbinding beauty. Udaipur and even the entire Rajasthan is a travelers delight with full of vivid colors, cultural wonder and handicrafts all around. The brilliance of culture and craft shows through the lifestyle, food, monuments and even religious spots.



Known for tall pine trees, high altitude peaks and vivid greenery all around is a picturesque hill station in the southern part of India. It not just serves a pinnacle of natural beauty but also is home to good quality silk, chocolates, and various kitchen condiments. When you travel to Ooty you can do a lot of affordable shopping with great places to eat and hang around. What could be better for a couple to spend a few days of joy and togetherness

So, these are few destinations which can be your top choices for destinations this year. The best part about these destinations are these can be planned last minute with a minimal budget. These places can give tough competition to many foreign locations that too at one-fourth of the budget. So, why waste time on extensive research, planning, and financial resources, finalize one from the list and enjoy a great holiday with your beloved.

Why River Tourism in Goa is all inspiring for adventure seekers

An Overview

You know you are in Goa if you get soaked by the beach waves, adventure cruising, island hopping, yacht tours and a plethora of inviting water sports tempting you to try them out! Goa is indeed, a paradise of a total of 22 beaches naturally diversified into two districts: North Goa & South Goa.

But if you think beaches are the only source of fun & adventure, you are wrong! Beach adventures are way too mainstream; instead why not try out some of the exciting river adventures & activities that can offer you a whole new level of fun! And these are indeed such aspirational travel moments that money alone can’t buy!

Time to turn out to be a river fanatic! Ditch the crowded beaches; the Rivers of Goa, the backwaters & the scenic wildlife of Goa are so unique in their potential to attract tourists that they speak for themselves for both leisure & adrenaline.

Goa reveals a number of unexplored and gorgeous rivers, tributaries and popular water bodies with breath-taking landscape that are flavourful attractions for the young & the vibrant crowd. And the best part? These river bodies are mostly isolated with only a handful of people around; so it’s a cozy experience to devour all the fun & splendour with your special sweetheart, friends or family. It’s a bet- you won’t find this kind of serenity elsewhere!


About Goa River Tourism

about goa river tourism Goa Tourism A roadmap

Goa Tourism- A roadmap

Goa has developed into a thriving tourism sector because of the presence of vivacious beaches, islands, the tranquil lagoons and blissful picturesque landscape. Located at the western coastal region along the boundary of the large sea coastline of the Arabian Sea, Goa is the paradise of the most exotic beaches surrounded by the lush greenery and fascinating backdrop. Goa is blessed with a total of 9 beautiful rivers joined by 42 other small tributaries that flows from the Western Ghats and then downpours into the sea. This frames an extensive network of navigable inland waters comprising the beautiful backwaters in Goa.

But unlike the beaches, Goan Rivers are the most unexplored & uncrowded destinations that opens up new possibilities for unforgettable sightseeing spots, water sports adventures & cruising opportunities to the discerned travellers.

Goa Rivers

The biggest & popular rivers of Goa such as Saleri, Chapora, Baga, Talpena, Zuari, Tiracol , Sal, Galgibaga marks Goa’s entry into the exciting world of adventures in river tourism. Several isolated smaller rivers that flows criss-cross along the state will be adding up to the tourism flavour in the coming years. The most recognizable river bodies that deserve a visit are the Mandovi & the Zuari. These water bodies gives abundant opportunity to rediscover the calm & tranquil nature by means of outdoor water sport activities such as trekking, cruising, water adventures in Goa, underwater activities, Goa sightseeing and heritage, crocodile dundee, bird watching and more.

Goa’s River Tourism

Nearly 4 million tourists visit Goa each year, out of which half a million are foreigners. So now you know the rising potential of Goa’s tourism industry every year. Goa, the state that host many locals, domestic and foreign travellers is currently a tourism hotbed as special initiatives from the state Govt. is instrumental in boosting tourism. The flowing waterbodies has greater potential for water park tourism & river based transport systems.

Few waterfronts such as the Chapora River & the backwaters that remained untapped for a long time has forced Goa’s tourism industry to exploit the rich flora & fauna along the River ways and develop certain points of tourist interest. With the intent to increase river transport usages by the govt., the growing importance of River jetties and small boats are greatly sought after that can aid to leisure tourism services, spread evenly across all parts of Goa, not just beaches.


Goa’s Monsoon River Tourism

Goa’s Monsoon River Tourism Monsoon River rafting

Monsoon River rafting

It’s good news to lure the rain laden monsoon travellers that- as part of the Govt. initiative to revamp Goa’s river transport system, monsoon tourism activities under the jurisdiction of the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) are at the forefront to entertain the discerned visitors. Unlike the sea beaches that are comparatively risky to surf, now, a plethora of new River water games & sports activities & trekking backed by safety measures are all set to launch at the Western Ghats. With the onset, river system will be thriving as popular diving hotspot with loads of monsoon delights such as water sports adventures & diving activities for sports enthusiasts


Goa’s Adventure water sports & activities

Goa’s Adventure water sports & activities Goa’s Adventure water sports

Goa’s Adventure water sports


If you love boat racing amidst a peaceful ambience, Goan Rivers can offer you a unique leisure waterfront space & experience that is way too different from the sea waves. River water sports such as white water rafting, fishing, yachting, kayaking, Ringo ride, and paddle boat rides, canoeing, are just perfect adventure water sports to explore & challenge the river water currents. White water rafting is an easy-to-navigate all year-round adrenaline buzz. While it’s easy to manoeuvre adventure kayaks downriver, canoeing is another fun-filled activity to try your hands on. Other water activities that you can test your marine skills are rowing and Coracling that adds loads of amusement to the tourists riders.

The beauty of the river water sports is that they are user friendly and can be tried and experienced by anyone; all you need to do is just practice a little balance & control, and there you are…ready to go! For novices as well as professionals, these river water sports are a great pastime and for adventure seekers, these are the best water sports to gather some real life time moments with friends & families. But don’t you worry if you are a first-timer because even for the first-timers, river water sports offer something exciting.


Goa’s Best River water sport activities worth trying

To help you find some of the best river water sports that you can enjoy in Goa, here’s an extensive list that we have handpicked especially for you. Take a sneak peek!



Goa’s Best River water sport activities worth trying parasailing

Where to try? Mhadei River

A popular water sport to try on, parasailing is an easy adventure water activity that you can try out. Take off to get a spectacular aerial view of boundless waters from a high altitude. Experience the adrenaline rush as you glide through the air! Enjoy the breath-taking view!


Water Rafting:

Where to try? Mandovi River

Away from the beach wilderness, white river water rafting is an adventure that offers plenty of thrills to the intrepid visitors. This up-and-go activity in a group is especially designed for lakes, rivers and seas where you can explore magnificent views & inaccessible river banks.



propelled with water from flyboarding


Where to try? Chapora River

This action sport activity is loaded with tons of uninterrupted fun and thrilling experience. Let water push you up as you stand high above the waters. Fly like a superhero up till 15 to 30 meters above the water pumping up your adrenaline. Make splashes as you swirl your fly board strapped at your feet up in the air to rotate and turn. Chase the ski, take 360 degree spins and S- it’s a sensation that includes tips & tricks as you apply the skills of turns as you dive into the water and shoot back out again.


Ringo Ride:

Where to try? River Sal

It is an elastic ring shaped boat where you can easily fit in that is towed by the behind the speed boat. Whether single Ringo ride or doubles and bingo! Don’t be afraid for a freefall in waters. Feel each bump, twists & trills as you splash through waters on the way!


Round Leisure Boat Ride:


Where to try? River Sal

Round leisure boats are shared adventures for those who want to sail away the laidback time with all comfort. Try out a round leisure boat ride for a fascinating slow journey on beautiful calm waters. Explore pristine corners away from the hustle & bustle of the city.


Speed boat:

Where to try? River Sal

This is a great sightseeing tour to be enjoyed in a group as it speeds up. Experience this great thrill of speed, fun and adventure on-board as you top it up to 50mph. This passenger speedboat offers loads of fun to the young & the old when it spins at top speed, giving an adrenaline rush to the adventure junkies.


Swan/Pedal Boat

Where to try? Mayem Lake

For those who are looking for a relaxing experience, this is a thrilling ride to explore. Enjoy an intimate time with swan boat ride as you circle around the lake with your special one. Slow down your time for tranquil moment of peace and serenity as you pedal to explore the charms of the lake in a leisurely manner.


Kayak Ride:

group kayaking

Where to try? Zuari, Mandovi River & the Sal

This is the most scenic sport to be enjoyed along the coast, rivers, lakes & backwaters of Goa. Glide through the excursion routes where you find the mangroves & other orchards to explore magnificent views abounding rare birdlife species and diverse flora & fauna. Ride your way on pristine calm waters!


Zorb Ball:

Where to try? Zuari, Mandovi River & the Sal

The best thing about this water sport activity is that you can fearlessly dive into the crazy water fun without getting wet! Yes, Rolling up and down or walking inside the transparent ball shaped space of unknown seems exciting! That’s the fun more than scary that you feel inside a Zorb ball. Try it out!


Solar boat:

Where to try? Mandovi River & the Sal

Pollution free solar boats are highly enjoyable to take a ride on against the rhythm of the river. Feel the cool breeze as you ride this 100% solar powered boat on calm waters. Experience perfect leisure moments with family and friends.


Jet Ski:

Where to try? Zuari, Mandovi River & the Sal

For speed lovers, Jet Ski is the most cherished & exciting river water sports. Climb aboard the private Jet Ski for some quick action packed fun and entertainment. Enjoy a thrilling ride through the waves as you feel the water splashing by all around!



mandovi river cruising


Where to try? Mandovi River

If you are a wanderlust explorer, river cruising opportunity is sure to leave you spellbound and in awe. Spend evenings at the top deck of the cruise on-board. Explore exciting and thrilling experiences packed with fun, excitement and luxury while cruising. The breath-taking views from the cruise deck and the LIVE music along with gourmet dining & attentive hospitality is sure to enrich the unique experience on-board.

Apart from these water sports & cruising experiences mentioned above, you can also enjoy various sightseeing, bird watching and riverside recreational hopping experiences that are of a great value for money. For bird lovers, Champions Yacht Club provides early morning boat services where you can spot some of the rarest species of birds. All these will definitely make your Goa vacation exciting and memorable. So, does this River water adventure beckon you?