Sky above, Sand below, Adventure Ahead

Goan Beach

Goa which is popularly known as the Pearl of Orient located on the western coastal belt is a Paradise for tourists from around the world. It has the fusion of both Portuguese and the Indian culture. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea with around 30 beaches Goa stands out in everybody’s mind as the perfect holiday destination.

Goa is land of many religions. But people in Goa irrespective of their religion participate in each other’s festival. Every season is marked by fairs and festivals.

Besides the natural beauty, the fabulous beaches and sunshine, travelers to Goa love the laid-back, peaceful, warm and friendly nature of the Goan people. After all, this is a place where people really know how to relax.


Live in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Drink in the Wild air!!

 If you are a kind of person who seeks to wake up to the sunrise on the Sea, walk on the shimmering sands with a sense of completion and enjoying the swaying coconut palms, then you are at the right place. Goa has best beaches which gives a mesmerizing view of sun rising and setting in the horizon covered in the clouds empowering you to experience the scenic view of nature.


Sunrise in Goa


If you are planning for a vacation to explore Goa on the Yacht, away from the city chaos and cruising across the sparkling seas, Goa has the best yachts which proffer you with the breathtaking views of skyline allowing you to catch a glimpse of rustic sands and the waves kissing the shoreline sitting on a yacht. There is no better way to enjoy the spectacular coastlines than from luxurious yachts. The yachts offer a wide range of cuisines with a perfect blend of the sea food and wine. The crew is very friendly and supportive who always serve for the customer’s needs.


Champions Yacht Club


If you want to party away from the normal pub and the crowd, your party comes alive with unmatched fun on a yacht. Be any occasion such as a birthday or a special night with your loved ones, bachelor parties with your best buddies or a photo-shoot on a cruise and everlasting wedding memories, with wide varieties of Yachts in Goa, you can have the best time of your life.

Goa Yachts also offers you with the craziest dj parties. You can enjoy the whole night on a cruise, dancing on the dance floors cruising on the waters of Mandovi river and the turquoise waters of Goan sea with a drink in your hand which leaves you with magical moments.


Yacht Party in Goa


What attracts visitors to Goa other than the white sands, sparkling waters and the Goan heritage is the wide range of Adventure sports. If you are a person who wants to explore the crazy adventurous water and beach activities, Goa has it all. Name a water sport and you can find it here.

Water Sports in Goa

If you are tired of the board meetings and want to escape the ordinary, just grab a board and get away on the tidal waves. You have other variety of options such as jet skiing, bouncy ride on a banana boat, zorbing, scuba diving and much more. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the adrenaline rush and adventure in Goa which makes you visit Goa again and again.

Goa doesn’t disappoint anybody!!

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Travelling and exploring have long been a passion for Nisarga. As her name only suggests she is a nature lover, fearless adventurer and a travel junkie. Her first cruise journey in Goa inspired her to try new adventures and now she tells stories of her new experiences through her blogs and also guides her readers with plenty of practical information and tips so they can do it all by themselves. She says “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”.