Enjoy Goa with Champions Yacht Club and Live the Moment of a Lifetime

Undoubtedly Goa is one of the most visited tourist places in India. The exotic beaches, vivid nightlife, cultural legacy and the hospitable people of Goa make her a tourist’s paradise. There are many new sources of entertainment and Champions Yacht Club is not an exception to lure the tourists more than ever.

However, if you are looking for a unique and quality entertainment – then look no further; we strongly recommend that you enjoy Goa with Champions Yacht Club services.

Champions Yacht Club specializes in offering luxury boating and yachting experiences in Goa with a large fleet of Catamarans, Boats, Cruisers & Yachts in Goa. We do rocking birthday parties, anniversary bashes, island excursions & barbecues, fishing expeditions, snorkeling, corporate parties and more. Lets begin –

“Adventure is in our DNA”, says Champions Yacht Club

Champions Yacht Club aims at providing a complete holiday experience, which is unique, customized & luxurious. It ensures quality with high satisfaction levels, also keeping in mind various budgets. We offer a wide range of yachts and marine activities including fishing boats, sailboats, motorboats, powerboats, speedboats, motor yachts, sail yachts, fishing yachts, super yachts, catamarans, sports boats, commercial boats, inflatable boats and jet skis available for rent and purchase. Be it yacht sales, yacht charter, yacht brokerage or yacht management we have it all.

Try Our Exciting Watersports

Feel the adrenaline rush inside you. Water sports in Goa is packed with thrill and excitement. Indulge in a wide range of water sports with Champions Yacht Club and have fun going zorbing, kayaking, surfing, boating and much more. Take the plunge, dive right through the deep blue water, cut through across the sparkling waves and explore the underwater fun. Furthermore, since Champions Yacht Club has to offer 36 water ride options, you can make a list of your own choices and enjoy your preferred ride assuring utmost safety.

Mayem Lake Fun!

Champions Yacht Club, Goa has excellent facilities when it comes to fun and excitement to make your stay at Goa entertaining and fun-filled. Floating restaurant in the middle of Mayem Lake is a great concept for those who would like to experience something new and different kind of activities. Although Goa has a never ending option for those want to party late night – yet dancing on the LED dance floors on the shore of the Mayem Lake to disco tunes can be a truly mind blowing experience altogether.

Enjoy the exciting romantic dinner cruise in Goa.

Go on a sunset dinner cruise in Goa or with your family, friends and loved ones. Stay by the bar or have a special dinner set-up while you cruise along Goa. There is literally no end to the fun that you can have when you choose sunset romantic dinner cruise with Champions Yacht Club. Enjoy a sunset dinner cruise followed by a Goa dinner cruise and have the perfect end to your day with our dinner cruise packages across Mandovi River with complete entertainment and safety.

The Food and Traditional Goan Music and Dance!

Goan food is known for its range and taste. We assure you some of the best food in all of Goa to give a fine finishing touch to a beautiful evening on a private dinner cruise. Right from sumptuous BBQ seafood to a wide range of Goan curries to even offering a wide menu for our vegetarian guests, we have you covered completely with our exotic cuisines.

We don’t leave your evening just to the beautiful nature but also entertain you with some local dance performances and music shows. What more, you may also get a chance to showcase your dancing and singing skills to not only your people but all other guests aboard. Some of our Goa sunset dinner cruise amenities include belly dancers, private DJ, customized menu and much more.


Above all cruise the way you want! There are many options to choose from at Champions Yacht Club. Try out all and live the experience that you’ll cherish for a life time! 🙂

Guide to Cruising Basics in A-Z order


Travelling by cruise is different from camping on hills or checking into a villa, but it has the benefit of getting you into vacation mode much more quickly. I bet most of us want to spend at least one of their holidays on a cruise. But first-time cruisers may not know some basics of cruising and might want some tips on what to expect on day one, i.e. when you arrive at the terminal, board the ship and settle in. This guide to cruising basics in A-Z order will be a useful tool for new (and existing) cruise-goers. Here you go!



Whichever ship you cruise on, there will be an ‘all on board time’ to adhere to when going ashore. This is the time you have to be ‘back on the ship’, before it departs for its next port of call. Make sure you check your specified arrival time in your Guest Vacation Documents so you can arrive at the time best for an easy check-in. Arrive no later than 90 minutes before the ship sails.



Often the most popular type of cabins has balconies. These are just cherry on the cake! They offer outdoor space and privacy, perfect for sailing out of port or simply relaxing with a good book and a glass of wine to go by. Also there is always a buffet breakfast option with various choices. You can pile it high but be warned it can be busy at peak times.


  • C- CABIN

Cabin is your nest on the cruise. Inside Cabin– these are the most reasonably priced accommodation on board and are situated in the interior of the ship. They come with no windows and you can enjoy great night’s sleep with no daylight! Outside Cabin– this is similar to the inside but with a window or porthole. You can have a view of the ocean.



The food choices on board are endless. There’ll probably be a choice of set dining around 6 pm or 8 pm and you can request a table just for your party or opt to share with fellow cruisers. Drinks can be expensive at sea especially when they have a captive audience. Consider an all-inclusive package or a wine package that offers multiple discounted bottles that are available to you in the restaurants. Have a look on cruise packages like of Champions Yacht Club.



All passengers have to attend emergency drills in a muster station upon arrival. These are an important part of cruising although some might differ from cruise to cruise. Drills normally include a briefing from the Captain, followed by a life jacket demonstration by crew. This is to make sure passengers know what to do, when there is an emergency on board.


  • F- FOOD

Food is central to the cruise experience. You’ll more likely get hungry on cruise then at a land-based holiday. Different ships offer different dining options but you should have inclusive-dining included in your package. Most ships will also have restaurants with additional cover charges and they are often named after celebrity chef restaurants with fine dining options.



Expect to pay gratuities or ‘tips’ on most cruise lines. These are covered only on genuinely all-inclusive ships. On most ships, gratuities are shared between all the service staff. This is often a daily rate, which is split between the crew who look after you (i.e. cabin steward, waiters). Some cruise lines allow you to opt out and tip with cash and some other cruise lines either add them to your bill or suggest appropriate amounts.



Going on a cruise is all about relaxing and switching off from the monotonous work life. So don’t panic about being a newbie. As soon as you board your every whim will be taken care of. From relaxing in a bar to browsing the shops, from culinary services to an exotic spa, there’s plenty to keep you entertained, even on a rainy day!



Every cruise offers internet access of some sort, whether it’s Wi-Fi or through an internet café on-board. Connections are still patchier and slower afloat than ashore, but improving. Check the price as it can cost a lot on a per-minute tariff.  Many ships offer free Wi-Fi on Viking river cruises in Europe, Russia and Ukraine.



This is the process of embarking the ship on the first day. You will be sent the embarkation details beforehand. Before boarding, you’ll check-in at the terminal building beforehand, a bit like at an airport. Disembarkation refers to getting off of the ship at the end of the cruise.



Try and keep fit on a cruise ship. They usually have a well-equipped gym and promenade deck where you can walk around. Some river ships also carry bicycles. Also you’ll never be short of entertainment on a cruise. From theater shows and movies, to quizzes, sail-away parties and nightclubs, there’s plenty to keep you busy. Most ships have a daily newspaper where you will find a list of the entertainment for that day.



Many of the larger ships have laundry service available which costs a modest fee. You fill a bag and leave with your room attendant and your clothes will be returned the following day, washed and ironed. Most ships have free timing to use launderettes on passenger decks. Plan your washing carefully as the launderettes can get very busy.



Whether you are a first time cruiser or a cruise veteran, you can never predict the weather. Make sure you remember seasickness tablets (or bands) before boarding. All ships have modern, fully equipped medical centers with nurses and doctors on board. Keep up travel insurance as medical care is not included in the cost of a cruise and medical bills can soon rack up.


  • N- NOISE

Cruise ships can be noisy day and night. Whether it’s the ship’s stabilizers, your fellow passengers talking or announcements over the PA system, noise is unavoidable unless you rent a cruise ship of your own! But most ships will have somewhere fairly quiet place where you can escape to. A ship is normally quietest when it is in port and most passengers have gone ashore.



When you purchase items on board, you do this using your cruise card, not cash. Your on-board account is linked to your credit/debit card and you get a final statement at the end of the cruise. Some people will also have On Board Credit (OBC) which is free spending money that is allocated to your cruise account as an incentive, and will be taken off in your final bill before you disembark.



Ports of Call are the stops that your ship makes along the route. You can research all the ports online ahead of your cruise which will help you decide whether to take an organized excursion or DIY. These ports can be explored independently or passengers can take a shore excursion organized by the ship. Cruise lines often provide passengers with detailed information about the destinations. Many cruise lines will also organize shuttle buses for passengers.



Expect queues both on the ship and ashore. Like if everyone decides that 8 pm is a good time to dine then there could be a lengthy wait for a table at dinner. Common things you queue for include: getting on and off the ship, having photographs taken, food, shuttle buses and shows.



River Cruises feature much smaller ships than ocean cruises and the itineraries take in the sights, sounds and destinations of many of the greatest rivers. Some of the ships look stunning and many are luxuriously appointed. These also have a spa for those who want to relax and indulge.



Sail-away parties are a highlight of any cruise and usually happen 3 or 4 times during a 14 night break. The entertainment team takes to the top deck and whips the crowd into frenzy. The waiters ensure the drinks are flowing and the ship heads out of port. Enjoy this fun!



During your cruise you may visit some smaller ports that don’t have the facilities for a large ship to dock. If this happens you will visit the port by tender, a smaller boat used to shuttle passengers between the ship and the port. Typical tender journeys could take between five to twenty minutes from ship to shore. Most ships will have their own way of organizing passengers on to tender boats, which can include a ticketing system.



Expect to see officers and crew walking around in uniform. There are various reasons for wearing uniform, including differentiating staff from passengers. Officers are distinguished by:

  1. Deck officers– Black infill between each gold stripe
  2. Engineering officers– Purple infill between each gold stripe
  3. Electro-technical officers– Green infill between each gold stripe
  4. Medical officers– Red infill between each gold stripe
  5. Hotel officers– White infill between each gold stripe



Some ports will require visas and vaccinations and may have strict laws on immigration. Be sure to check for any visa or vaccinations you need before travelling. You can usually find details of this in your online check in information. Always plan ahead and read your paperwork before you board.




If you are travelling with small children you’ll be given a wristband on boarding. This is compulsory and shows the cruise’s muster station. If your child is in kids club and there’s an emergency that requires you to go to the muster point, the staff will cater to and you should meet them there.



Getting back on a ship requires you to go through scanners (like at an airport) for security reasons. These will either be in a terminal building or on the ship. Some countries (e.g. Australia) do not allow you to take certain items on and off the ship. If this is the case, the company will normally inform you in advance.



For parents travelling with children, family-friendly ships normally have a youth center where you can drop your children off for the day. Different ships have differing age restrictions, but most youth centers have all the facilities kids need to be entertained and are fully staffed.



One of the more unique features on-board is a cruise ship’s zip-line. The zip-line is an indicator of how cruise lines are trying to come up with unique attractions to move the whole cruising industry forward.




Sky above, Sand below, Adventure Ahead

Goa which is popularly known as the Pearl of Orient located on the western coastal belt is a Paradise for tourists from around the world. It has the fusion of both Portuguese and the Indian culture. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea with around 30 beaches Goa stands out in everybody’s mind as the perfect holiday destination.

Goa is land of many religions. But people in Goa irrespective of their religion participate in each other’s festival. Every season is marked by fairs and festivals.

Besides the natural beauty, the fabulous beaches and sunshine, travelers to Goa love the laid-back, peaceful, warm and friendly nature of the Goan people. After all, this is a place where people really know how to relax.


Live in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Drink in the Wild air!!

 If you are a kind of person who seeks to wake up to the sunrise on the Sea, walk on the shimmering sands with a sense of completion and enjoying the swaying coconut palms, then you are at the right place. Goa has best beaches which gives a mesmerizing view of sun rising and setting in the horizon covered in the clouds empowering you to experience the scenic view of nature.


Sunrise in Goa


If you are planning for a vacation to explore Goa on the Yacht, away from the city chaos and cruising across the sparkling seas, Goa has the best yachts which proffer you with the breathtaking views of skyline allowing you to catch a glimpse of rustic sands and the waves kissing the shoreline sitting on a yacht. There is no better way to enjoy the spectacular coastlines than from luxurious yachts. The yachts offer a wide range of cuisines with a perfect blend of the sea food and wine. The crew is very friendly and supportive who always serve for the customer’s needs.


Champions Yacht


If you want to party away from the normal pub and the crowd, your party comes alive with unmatched fun on a yacht. Be any occasion such as a birthday or a special night with your loved ones, bachelor parties with your best buddies or a photo-shoot on a cruise and everlasting wedding memories, with wide varieties of Yachts in Goa, you can have the best time of your life.

Goa Yachts also offers you with the craziest dj parties. You can enjoy the whole night on a cruise, dancing on the dance floors cruising on the waters of Mandovi river and the turquoise waters of Goan sea with a drink in your hand which leaves you with magical moments.



What attracts visitors to Goa other than the white sands, sparkling waters and the Goan heritage is the wide range of Adventure sports. If you are a person who wants to explore the crazy adventurous water and beach activities, Goa has it all. Name a water sport and you can find it here.


Water sports-Goa


If you are tired of the board meetings and want to escape the ordinary, just grab a board and get away on the tidal waves. You have other variety of options such as jet skiing, bouncy ride on a banana boat, zorbing, scuba diving and much more. Get out of your comfort zone and experience the adrenaline rush and adventure in Goa which makes you visit Goa again and again.


Goa doesn’t disappoint anybody!!

Want to explore all of these on a Goa trip and worried about your budget??

Don’t worry… Check out www.championsyachtclub.com/  which offers you with the best cruise experience of a life time with amazing water sports activities which is worth the cost and within your budget.


How to Make Your Cruise party a Success

Parties can be hard to organize and ensure they’re not a flop- show, especially cruise parties! Cruise parties can be a total flop if you rent out the wrong cruise or contact the wrong cruise rental brand. Parties can go in two directions – it can either be fine dining with everything special or be completely crazy! Whichever path you’d like to choose is perfectly awesome however, check out the ways in which you can make any kind of cruise party a successful one.

Let’s know the can’t- miss secrets that will make you the hostess the mostess!

1. Go yacht hoping.

Before making any bookings, make sure you check out the best cruises in Goa, or any other location. Try not to hire the first cruise you see – it’s more about keeping your requirements in mind like, the number of people coming in, requirements of luxury cabins and so on. According to your need, hire the cruise party in Goa.

2. Ensure the food’s right!

It’s not about restricting your food items to one cuisine- you can always mix and match what you’d like to have on the menu. Before anything, ensue there’s enough food arrange for all in the party because you don’t want ‘hangry faces!’
Ensure your cruise rental brand gives you so many options to choose from and tastes good as well.

3. The music has got to be awesome

If you’re planning to throw a cruise party , them ensure your guests would enjoy the music and jiggle to it until they are tired. Honestly speaking, great music is the secret ingredient to a successful party and the happiest guests.

4. Know your guests and seat them properly.

The cruise party in Goa has got to be so amazing that everyone would want you to host parties all the time and expect you to say ‘Be My Guest!’ The trick here is that you’ve got to seat your friends such that they’re fond of each other and no one’s left out in the party.

5. Set your stage just right!

Lighting is the key to make you and everyone at the cruise party look sexy. Contact your cruise agency to ensure the lights are set right – if it’s a day cruise this won’t really be an issue but, otherwise.

6. Play around a little!

This one’s about having games in the party – people get to network in the process without any awkwardness too! Or you can have a theme based party – like instead of placemats, you can have pages torn from a very theme based novel.

7. Give your friends something to do!

Parties can get real restless if nobody knows what to do after a point. Give them to do something with regard to helping you or, duties or, play a game with them! The most generic game, especially on a cruise party is ‘Truth and Dare!’

8. Why not water sports in Goa?

One thing amazing about cruise parties is the fact that anyone can do anything on board – go for water sports in Goa as well! You can talk to your cruise agency and make arrangements for water sports in Goa for different age groups.

9. Can’t get them drinks? Let’s look into it.

Arranging for liquor will definitely not be a hassle on- board because, cruises are known for its open bars. There may be budget issues but, remember, why give hard liquor when cocktails and wines are out there? Make this cruise party in Goa fun with the smartest liquors – beer, whiskey and lots of cocktails!

10. Look into the itinerary properly

Have a proper agency with whom you’re booking the cruise in Goa in order to have 100% clarity about which cruise for rent is happening, for how many people and other details. Remember, you never would want a party go downhill because the expectations are not met.

11. Carry medications, just in case.

Cruise agencies do have first aid kits generally however, there may be special cases of asthma or blood pressure and so on. Keep your medicines uptight because you never know what happens when. Perhaps a pill can save the party – everyone’s got to enjoy!
Lastly, you can always be the one running into your cabin in a cruise in Goa

– other have got to socialize then!

Remember, cruise parties are not difficult to book or host- it’s hard to find the right cruise agencies. I’d surely recommend you Champions Yacht Club as a cruise rental brand in Goa because their parties are rocking to the power of infinity!

The story behind Goan wedding traditions

When it comes to Goa, people often consider it synonymous to being carefree fun and frolic. While Goans do live up their lives in a very coastal upbringing, something only Goans can, the community has its very own traditions and customs especially when it comes to marriage ceremonies.

The Goan wedding ceremonies like many other parts of India happen over a number of days. Pre-wedding rituals to the wedding day and post-wedding rituals often stretch from 4 to 7 days leading up to the culmination of a true Goan wedding.

Different villages have their own unique cultural traditions being followed from generation to generation. Many such traditions are not limited to any one religion and are often more of a cultural tradition followed by almost all communities in Goa. Here are some fascinating insights into some of the unique customary Goan wedding traditions.

Chuddo the Bangle ceremony

While bangles may often be considered a more North India affair, bangles have a very strong influence in the traditional Goan customs. Goan bride to be is made to wear some of the best custom made glass bangles made exclusively for her before her wedding. Both the Hindus as well as the Christian communities celebrate the bangle ceremony known as Chuddo in the local language.

Coconut milk cleansing for the couple

Anointing both the bride to be and the groom to be is a customary tradition followed across Goa. Friends, relatives, and neighbors all take turns in Anointing the soon to be married bride and groom. Coconut milk is used as the anointing liquid believed to wash away the life of being single and ready to enter life as a married couple. The ceremony is filled with fun, music and laughter abut continues to hold its traditions with the breaking of eggs of the couples forehead as a good luck charm.


                       Book : Wedding on Yacht Goa

Bhuim Jevon- Meals for the poor

Goans as a mark of respect for the elders who are no longer living have a dedicated ceremony for their appeasement. A meal ceremony known as the Bhuim Jevon is undertaken where meals offered for the poor and needy. The idea is to seek blessings of the couple from the poor as well as from their deceased relatives and friends.

Oopsun- The official farewell to the bride

During the marriage ceremony, a traditional ceremony known as the Oopsun is performed. Here the father or guardian of the bride officially gives away the bride to her husband signifying the formal marriage ceremony.

Appoune-The post-wedding welcome

Post the wedding ceremony, the father of the bride invites the newly married couple to their home. The bride traditionally wears a red colored dress or sari known as ‘Saddo’ signifying her new beginning in life.

Conclusion: The Goan society has its own set of customs and traditions which are both unique and insightful. These wedding traditions add up the spice in a regular Goan marriage making it unique from any other part of India or the globe.

Most Romantic Things for Couples to Do in Goa

Goa is popularly known as the most romantic spot in the India and several parts of the world. Goa is located on the shore of Arabian Sea which ensures the most romantic candle light dinner in Goa and weddings in Goa too. Ever since the British rule, Goa has not just been known as the best and most exciting tourist spot but, has its own level of elegance and fun too.

Be it a romantic getaway for couples or an overnight stay in Goa, Goa is one of those exquisite locations which are budget friendly, provide with the best food, seafood especially, ensuring a quality stay.

Let’s get to the couples now – want to know the most romantic things for couples to do in Goa? Well, check them out now because, they’re new, fun and surely exciting:

1. Rent a yacht and host a candle light dinner in Goa

There’s nothing better than enjoying a candle light dinner in a floating restaurant. Enjoy a bottle of champagne with your partner, have the best desserts and celebrate love! A candle light dinner in Goa sure can light up Goa at night for couples to enjoy the night. This option may be very common but some yacht rental brands can really make it look exotic and striking!

2. Star gazing

Not a very effective option but, a romantic thing to say to someone you love. Goa is one of the least polluted locations in India however, not many stars are visible overhead. Enjoy the most serene shores of Goa and gaze at stars and your partner. Don’t forget to carry a mat and something to drink too.

You can also play games like ‘What do you see when you connect the stars?’ One of the best ways to know your partner.

3. Going clubbing

Not romantic enough – mostly for the fun couples. Clubbing sure is loud but, can turn out to be romantic for couples who enjoy such ambiances. Most couples find jazz clubs romantic because of the sexiness in the music and dance form too.

Take off your heels, dress beautifully and dance your night away!

4. Adventure sports

One of the most popular romantic getaways in adventure sports is the Hot Air Balloon. Sip on your wine while you keep your arm around your partner and check out the lovely aerial, panoramic view of Goa. This is a relaxing experience and just the right choice for the excited ones!

5. Secluded time at Architectural Ruins

One of the most romantic locations are where people from the past enjoyed romancing, you know. Going to architectural ruins is old school, lovely and surely romantic. Check out Chandrapur, now known as Chandor and enjoy discreet locations in Goa. It’s peaceful and worth the travel.

6. Overnight stay in yacht

Overnight stay in Goa is always beautiful, especially around December because of the New Year feels. However, October-November are the best times to enjoy an overnight stay in yacht Goa because of the climate, seafood available, crowd type and so on. This is just the right way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Goa or your wedding anniversary too. The yacht cabins are lovely and so are the decks- enjoy picture- perfect, romantic moments.

7. Wildlife expedition

Dr. Salim Ali Sanctuary is the most popular and romantic one. Couples who are a fan of animals, wildlife photography and sightseeing too, here’s your option. Enjoy multiple activities like bird watching, photography, flora-fauna visits and a lot of time with your partner. The Butterfly Conservatory Ponda as well as Mollem National Park are other romantic locations.

8. Rent a boat

Be it a cruise in Goa or a yacht in Goa or a boat in Goa, it’s all about being with your partner and enjoy something together. Enjoy water sports in Goa like kayaking, parasailing, zorbing and many others which are all partner-themed, by brands like Champions Yacht Club.

9. Getting inked together!

Although, one of the celebrities started this but, it’s so corny and cute! Pick something which can be tattooed- it can be complementing or the same too. In fact, Goa is one of those locations wherein, they’re known for the tattoo artists out there. Each tattoo parlor has its theme and is not just unique by itself but, has amazing talent!

You can always take tattoo making classes together as well- for the most adventurous ones, trying to learn new things as they come along.

10. Take a road trip

People from across the Country and World come by road to Goa or, choose to travel by road in and around Goa. Not 100% safe but, it’s fun for the ones who have a driver’s license. Road trips are a great way to spend time with your partner, help him/her drive, sleep in and do so much more while viewing exotic sunrises, sunsets, locations and much more!

11. What about a spa day?

Men may deny this, but they sure do enjoy spa days just the way women do! The most romantic spas are the ones with couple massages- scented candles everywhere and your partner pressing your body just the way you’d like it! Nothing can be better, especially the overnight stay after the spa.

12. Water sports in Goa

Although mentioned before, water sports in Goa are known to be romantic. In fact, several people rent a yacht and book the water sports package in Goa package to make wedding proposals, celebrate wedding anniversaries or just the make a girlfriend happy. Jet skiing, parasailing, sky diving, scuba diving are some of the many options.

13. Take him to a Church

For the religious/ spiritual kind, churches sure can be romantic. In fact, because of Goa’s fine architecture and view, the churches have something really romantic about them. Goa is known as one of the destination wedding locations in the World. The most popular ones are the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Se Cathedral, The Convent and Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Church of St. Catejan and others.

14. Rich culinary experience- for the foodies!

The foodies, especially the sea food fans come down to Goa just to enjoy a romantic getaway and the food too. Goa has a touch of its tradition as well as the trend taste to its dish. Not many yachts in Goa serve gourmet quality restaurant food along with fine dining. Also, Goa does not have many fine dining restaurants with the best food- Champions Yacht Club has a great chef and great ambiance too, if you want to check.

Final Words

Goa is almost as good as paradise and that’s probably because the residents value the city so much. It’s an exotic location in a country like India and the to charter a yacht in Goa which is reliable is not easy. The hotels may seem tricky to live in- which is why, look out for reliable options and be safe.

6 beautiful places you’ve got to visit in Vijayawada this year

Vijayawada is not the way you’ve known it for a long long time. Things have changed out there, the region has completely developed there without any doubt. Vijayawada is also known as the heart of Andhra Pradesh and its business capital a well. Check out a list of places as well as places to visit in Vijayawada based on the locations:

1. Undavalli Caves

Undavalli Caves Vijayawada

It’s a 4- storeyed piece of architecture which is located 8 Kms beyond Vijayawada. This cave has been in existence since 7th century BC and is regarded as one of the oldest caves in this particular region. The architecture has inspired several budding architects and enthusiasts as well. Moreover, there’s some fine sculpture done all around. The rock carvings as well are beautiful and detailed.

The statue of Vishnu in a reclining pose is sculpted off a single granite block. The 4th story is the place meant for most of us- it shows us the beauty of the entire region from a beautiful cave.

2. Mogalarajapuram Caves

This cave also goes back in time- 5th century and is most popularly known for its rock-cut sanctuaries. There are 3 caves here however, only 1 has been well- maintained. Again, this cave is a piece of work and admired by architects, portraying excellence of the bygone era. The idol of Ardhanariswara is considered one of its kinds in entire South India.

3. Prakasam Barrage

Prakasam Barrage Vijayawada

This lovely piece of work is built across the Krishna River. Although this barrage was built by 1798, it was only completed entirely by 1855. This barrage is one of the major sources of irrigation for agricultural purposes in Andhra Pradesh. This is a famous location and is popular for its scenic views and so much positivity around it.

4. Bhavani Island

Located on the Krishna river, near the lovely Prakasam barrage, this island is one of the largest ones, covering a huge space of 130 acres of land. This is a well- maintained location and allows cruising in Vijayawada and boat riding as well.

5. Victoria Museum

This museum was established in 1887 and has an amazing archaeological collection. This museum has given research scholars room to explore and inspire man from a very different perspective. It throws light on ancient culture, artifacts, tools, etc. This place is all about how people lived back in time when they did not have notes to pay money or fire to cook food!

6. Kondapalli Fort

Kondapalli Fort Vijayawada

Kondapalli Fort again, is an ancient piece of work, belonging to the 7th century. It’s built on a hill and the fort is 3- stories high with a stunning view. This was used as the military training base by the British. Kondapalli village near the fort is renowned for the bright colored toys it produces. These Kondapalli toys are made of Poniki, a light wood.

Go on a night cruise in Vijayawada or go sightseeing out there, it’s all up to you! Pick out the right things to do at the right time but, don’t forget about Vijayawada.

17 things you must not do in Goa

There are always two sides to a coin, two sides to anything, for that matter! Goa was assumed to be a union territory with no limits, no rules, no judgments, right? Well, that ain’t the case. Well, whenever you go to Goa, irrespective of the purpose, remember the following 17 things you must not do in Goa:

1. Taking one of those taxis

Instead of burning a hole in your pockets, rent a bike for yourself or, just keep walking!

2. Littering all the way

Again, this is common all across India- however, terrible on our part! Respect the land you’re staying in even for a night, else, a place like Goa can rip you apart just the way Singapore does in cases like these.

While going beach-ing, remember to carry a bag of trash in order to prevent littering this lovely land.

3. Carrying too much liquid money

This goes for other destinations but, more for Goa for a very simple reason- most of the people traveling there go to get high and you do not want to end up gambling all your cash or pay for some random human or get robbed!

Keep your wallet to yourself- paying for your friends is okay. However, keep track of how much you have and how much you spend because Goa can turn out to be one expensive affair.

4. Photography in Goa

Yes, yes, Goa is scenic and lovely and full of exotic people. So what? Remember, you’re violating their rights- it’s never okay to take pictures of people who are strangers to you. Always take permission and go ahead, have a photoshoot day but, with 100% consignment!

5. Staring at people

Be it at the beach or the roadside, it is just not okay to stare at people in Goa. You never know what’s going on in their insides which might annoy them hugely. Staring may even be very molesting for them so, beware!

A lot of people walk around semi-naked and yes, we do find it fascinating- keep the fascination to yourself, okay?

6. Going topless

Beaches have rules and they’re meant to be followed. Yes, Goa is the party capital of India but, there are rules! As minimal as the bikini sizes out there but, they must not be violated. Public Display of Affection in such ways is not- permitted can be a criminal offense.

7. Wearing the I heart Goa T-shirts
It’s awkward and embarrassing at all levels! Yes, it’s cute but, annoying for them. You need to respect the fact that some people do not appreciate such situations and do not like seeing people displaying so much love for a land they know for the parties. It might lead to some major issues in the local areas.

8. Getting looted

Goa is somewhat like Delhi but, in a pretty way! No offense. Be careful about the people who buy you drinks, people who say that they’re falling for you or any intimate scenes or mugging scenes as well. In cases of foreigners, not trying to drive you out of the country but, be careful about your passports!

Maybe try out to self- defense and self- control techniques?

9. Overdoing it all

There are going to be a zillion pubs, parties, places to go drinking too. There are going to be places where you may find free substances too but, please be careful. It’s never encouraged to end up in a terrible hangover like it happened in the movie ‘Hangover!’

If possible, don’t drink! Just kidding.

10. Opting for cheaper options

This goes with regard to everything, especially with alcohol and adventure sports. There are going to be so many parasailing options, however, are they reliable? Learn to verify it all. Else, you’re going to be in some serious trouble- maybe end up booking a room at the hospital!

12. Buying cheapskate Hawaiian shirts? EW.

It’s funky but, 100% uncool. Firstly, the quality of the shirts are terrible. On top of that it’s an investment with a zillion insults. Who would want to buy something like that? These shirts belong nowhere and if you’re so crazy about buying one, either go to eBay or visit Hawaii!

13. Acting like a Princess

Try being as natural as possible when you’re someplace where you do not belong. Especially in shacks, you may end up being a victim or just kicked out for acting arrogant or pompous!

14. Don’t end up in air- conditioned places

The beauty of Goa lies in its rooftop restaurants, shacks, markets by the pavements and more. Do not miss out on it just because it’s 40 degrees out there- get tanned, get some color and buy some unique junk- you never know when it might turn out to be an antique!

15. Drink and drive

So many deaths have occurred due to drink and drive cases- Goa is not the land of killings and killers. If you cannot handle your alcohol intake, ensure you have somebody to take you back home, safe and sound at all levels!

16. Passing out at the beach

Remember eating crabs by the seaside? Well, if you pass out by the beach, they definitely eat you up! The nights may seem to be very cheesy and lovely with the stars and the scenic beauty. But, in the morning, Goa shall show you its true colors with crabs and other creatures.

17. Wearing heels

Goa is for adventurous people, people who like chilling. It’s not meant for people who want to look tall! Unless you’re planning on to book a yacht, please do not wear heels- the sand will suck you in!

Be careful, have fun- sums it all up, eh?

6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candlelight dinner

We celebrate for so many reasons- birthdays, wedding anniversaries, reunions and more. It’s nice to see people from your family or close circles come together and celebrate life. So, am I trying to say that a celebration can only take place in a group of people?

Maybe, yes.

Then, what about a couple celebrating or lovers or just two buddies?

Well, that too can happen right?

Then, how can they possibly celebrate?

Well, there are so so many ways like, to rent a yacht or go to Wonderla! Honestly, everyone’s definition of celebration varies in spite of the Oxford dictionary. However, being on the generic yet, not to generic stream, when it comes to two very special people who share the most beautiful bond deserve something special. Maybe, a candlelight dinner in Goa by the waters?

Except for the hydrophobics, though.

Following are 6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candlelight dinner with your special one:


Step 1: Rent a yacht or cruise


Rent a yacht or a cruise, depending upon your preference. Look up on Google, your friends’ suggestions, reviews given by people who experienced specific yachts and pick out the most favorable option for you. Remember, not all have the liberty to spend too much money. So, look out for a luxury yacht renter who can decorate your yacht just the way you need it in no time, at the most affordable rates. You can pick out from Sea Breeze Free Spirit, Catamaran and many more.


Step 2: Plan well- the cuisine, date, time, everything


When it comes to a candlelight dinner, it’s assumed to be perfect! There’s no chance you can mess it up unless you want to drive away your partner with a lot of anger and embarrassment. So, start with a checklist of all the tasks you have to accomplish until the last day.

Let’s start with the menu- what cuisine do you need? Mexican, Italian, India? Pick out the Alcohol accordingly. For instance, Merlot goes with Italian- that’s for sure! Then, what about informing about the balloons, the candles, everything set-up? Call your yacht provider and tell him everything you need in-detail, ensuring you don’t go beyond your budget.


Step 3: Decoration


Although this comes under planning, how well you decorate is how beautiful your cruise shall look. You can keep it simple- go for white crockery, classy satin tablecloth, white napkins, peals all over the place and more.

Remember, it’s all supposed to be picture-perfect. It should look like a cheesy day with so much romance! However, decide upon a theme first in order to be a little mainstream and sorted in your mind.


Step 4: Music


Do you need a DJ? Or do you need an orchestra? When you rent a yacht, remember to confirm the availability or resources which are required. Music sets the tone and can really heat things up. Have a dance area next to your setup and see the magic!

You must have control of the volume- too high or too low volumes can turn out to be a turnoff! Above all, do not make the wires and other devices be visible- it is distracting and annoying.


Step 5: Don’t overdo it


There’s no point in having too many candles all over the place. There’s always a threat of burning down the entire place. So, be careful and do not overdo your decorations not just because of safety issues but, it can turn out to be tacky- red drapes all over the place, too many flowers etc. Try out limited scented candles, maybe?


Step 6: Conclusion


Dim it, make your lover feel like never before. Have some ‘Us’ time and enjoy the delicious gourmet food. It’s worth the pain to enjoy this candle night dinner cruise.

5 Day-guide to exploring Vijayawada – Top things to do

From waterfront, break around to local food delight: 5 days exploring Vijayawada!


What if I tell you to take a holiday trip in Vijayawada and come back all the way more victorious & richer?


Yep, discovering the city of victory, Vijayawada – the laid back time, discovering spell bounding routes, the rich culture & politics, exploring thriving business hub for shopping, best varieties of vegetation, mesmerising medley of nature, the scenic vistas of hills, the Rivers & island galore, the geographically rich city & it’s delicious local cuisines – for those who are bitten by the travel bug, all makes it up for an interesting eye candy treat! But wait, if you are worried about spending, you need not be stingy on your pockets as Vijayawada is gonna be an affordable destination (seriously it is!)


So, stop spending, start experiencing…


Well, the best part? A series of sailing around with best enthralling water sports at the waterfront! If you are still not driven by the thirst of a serious case of wanderlust, I doubt, what will!


About Vijayawada Tourism:


Nestled peacefully on the banks of two great Rivers, the River Krishna & Budameru, Vijayawada is a city in Andhra Pradesh located about 5 km away from the Amravati, the state capital.


Vijayawada is famous for its educational worth for students, the cultural heritage, trade & commercial business hub, agricultural richness, & a diverse historical glory known for preserving ancient ruins that makes the city a veritable paradise in itself. The city is surrounded by spectacular scenic hills full of lushness that offer an extensive selection of sightseeing spots to build out your travel itinerary.


Apart from numerous caves & temples, Vijayawada is blessed with an enchanting beauty of lakes & River Island, forts, Buddhist artefacts that has paved the way of making it a favourite tourist spot especially for family vacations or romantic getaway!


If you are worried about the accommodation part, thanks to tourism opportunities, you have ample choices of well-maintained hotels equipped with a variety of amenities that you can book without much ache to your pockets!


So, pack your bags right away and embark on spotting on the best places of adventure & taking a tour in and around Vijayawada – wouldn’t that be a life? Count upon these experiences as you plan beforehand & let these experiences be your guide!


Day 1: Be a religious or history buff


Interest level: If you keep special interest in historical architecture or you are an ardent spiritual fanatic for historic & religious lessons, you are just at the right place!


The Undavalli caves


Just 6 km away south-west from Vijayawada, you will find the India’s ancient & medieval rock-cut architecture, “The Undavalli caves situated in Guntur district of Amravati region. A large volume of carvings abided by solid sandstone dated back to 4th & 5th century A.D. depicts sheer architectural skill to leave you spell bound. You will find a trail of Buddhist artefacts later converted to Hindu temples.


Mogalarajapuram Cave :


The ancient Mogalarajapuram Cave is situated 11 km away from the city of Vijayawada and its formation dates back to 5th century A.D. The cave actually houses three temples that form the landmark of the rich cultural heritage of Vijayawada.


One interesting fact about this cave is that it is assumed to be used by the Buddhist monks as the carvings of Buddha were later transformed into Hindu idols.


The cave claims a significant landmark of interesting carvings inside the temples where you will find religious idols of Lord Vinayaka & Lord Nataraja & the shrine of Goddess Durga. The cave also houses a massive carving of Lord Ardhanariswara which is one-of-its kind in Sothern India


Kondapalli Fort:


Situated at a distance of 16 km away from the city of Vijayawada, the Kondapalli fort is just one hour drive away.


Get schooled with the Reddy dynasty founded by Prolaya Vema Reddy, the builder of Kondapalli fort, who has built it close to his capital Kondaveedu. One intriguing feature of this fort is that the main entrance is made up of one single rock of granite while the other entrance known as the Golconda Darwaza serves as a gateway to the Jaggaiahpet Village.


With time, the kingdom that was reined by many other successors turned into flourishing business centre. The main attraction of the fort is the crest known as Tanisha Mahal or Palace. Apart from these, the inside of the fort features the Rani Mahal, the Dancing hall & the Arched hall. You will also find a reservoir & several other ruins inside the fort.


Tip: If you love light weight colourful wooden toys or other handicrafts, this is your chance to pick your favourite one as the Jaggaiahpet Village is famous for handicrafts.


Victoria Jubilee Museum


Located in Bandar road, Vijayawada, this archaeological museum was established in the year 1887 which is famous for its interesting collection of artefacts & sculptures. One major tourist attraction for is the colossal black granite statue of Lord Buddha that dates back to 3rd and 4th century A.D and has been well-preserved since ages by the government.


Built in an Indo-European style architectural framework, the museum displays a huge number of ancient idols, sculptures, stones, pottery, tools, inscriptions, cutlery, weapons, coins, metal works & paintings.


Kanaka Durga Temple:


Situated along the bank of Krishna River, you can visit the famous shrine of Kanaka Durga. To reach there, drive up to the Indrakeeladri hills amidst the serenity to find the temple precisely built in the fashion of ancient Dravidian architecture. Known for one of the 108 famous shakthipeethas, the idol is one unforgettable sight to behold for the devotees.


If you are lucky enough to visit the temple in the month of September, don’t miss the opportunity to seek the Goddess blessings on the nine days revelries of Dasara Sharan Navarathri celebrated every year with great pomp and gaiety.


 Other popular religious hotspots   


Apart from the above mentioned places of interest, the Subramanya Swamy Temple (4 km from Vijayawada), Hinkar Thirtha (20 km from the city), Gunadala Matha Shrine (1 km away from city-centre) are a must-to-visit places that adds up to the main attractions of Vijayawada.


Day 2:  Explore nature & shop till you drop


Interest level: For those who are nature lovers, Vijayawada is an interesting retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the lap of tranquillity & nature.


Rajiv Gandhi Park:


Experience the freshness of delightful evening visiting the Rajiv Gandhi Park, situated at the entrance of the city. The Park is a gateway to the city of Vijayawada that welcomes its visitors with greeting of horticultural network & recreations that includes awe-inspiring trees, attractive flowers, lush green lawn & sidewalks.


You can also learn some awesome facts about the animals belonging to pre-historic ages from the replicas put up at the park. Also make sure you catch the bedazzling live musical fountain show that secures a favourite spot for the young & the old.


Besant Road shopping:

When you have come a long way to Vijayawada, why wait more for some real-time city shopping? You gotta go straight to the Besant Road to try out the local delights & colourful handicrafts that you can buy as home gifts for your close ones.


Here you can find a multitude of shops that sells handwoven Mangalagirisarees with colourful intricate designs to take your pick! And for some serious pickle lovers- time to grab your favourite mouth-watering local mango pickle-Avakkai, a local delightful tongue teaser prepared by locale experts!


So now, would you still advocate for online shopping?


Day 3: A visit to the River Islands


Bhavani Island



Interest level: 


For all nature & water lovers, explore some of the best family-friendly Islands & some serious water sports adventures in Vijayawada – so untouched & peaceful with absolute privacy, that you won’t find it elsewhere!


It ain’t a holiday without some serious fun & relaxation on Island…and the best choice is the Bhavani Island.


Located in the midst of the Krishna River is the Bhavani Island is just 4 kms away from the city and needs no introduction. This is one of the favourite Islands for visitors & the largest Island in Vijayawada, ideal for private picnics as it is surrounded by mangroves & well-maintained gardens. You can just laze around, play, eat, enjoy or simply relax along the pristine Island-your choice!


The River Island comes alive with multi-hued golden sunset presenting a panoramic view that’s worth beholding. Spend some tranquil moments with your loved ones amidst the mesmerizing greenery and enjoy a lot of activities such as


  •  Fishing
  •  Boating
  •  Water sport adventures
  •  Swimming
  • Cruising for pleasure
  • Ropeway


You can also jett-off to the Island for an awesome sailing experience and in return you get to enjoy an overseas feeling, the vibes that gets you instantly connected to the place.


Prakasam Barrage


Built across the Krishna River at the outskirts of Vijayawada, sited the huge Prakasam Barrage. This is mainly a road bridge that associates three water supply canals to facilitate water passage to the thermal plant station. Mainly used an irrigation project, this bridge on the Krishna River offers an excellent panoramic view & the delightful breeze during evening decked with colourful lightings at night. The place is also an all-inclusive adventure zone where you can explore exciting water sport activities such as boating, water scooting and parasailing.


And for selfie-lovers & photo fanatics, it’s bliss to capture some great private moments as well as photos of some rare species of migratory birds if you are lucky enough to spot them from the barrage.


Day 4: Tasting delightful local flavours


Interest level: If you are a foody, find the soul in delightful lip-smacking local Andhra flavour waiting for you to taste & try.


Make a reservation at…


Lotus – The Food City




The best part about this restaurant is delicious contemporary cuisines served at the waterfront sit out set-up, located just beside the Krishna River, across the Prakasam Barrage.


If you are visiting Vijayawada, it’s a sin to miss out the lip-smacking spiciest Andhra biriyani, tangy taste of curries and the chilly- tangy combo of snacks & semi- gravy delicacies. If you are a vegetarian, the tangy Mughal flavours of vegetarian thali are an ultimate vegetarian delight. Relish it & thank us later!


Also not-to-miss local items such as Chepala pulusu, Royyala iguru, Jinga masala, Pachadi, Kodi vepudu, Lasooni machi tikka, Minapappu(Laddu made from roasted Urad dal) , Nellore Chicken Biriyani, appu Koora (Lentil based dish) and many more delicacies within the menu! Enjoy the meal coupled with LIVE music. It’s indeed, phenomenal!


Minerva Coffee Shop


The speciality of this coffee shop is the authentic steaming filter coffee to enjoy.


This is an exclusive vegetarian cuisine restaurant with a huge fan base since ages. Relish the taste of the authentic steaming filter coffee that surpasses the taste of any contemporary coffee shop. The restaurant also serves sumptuous food for its patrons.


If you are looking to try out delicious top-notch dosas & grab some quick delicious snacks, this is where you will find it!


Sweet Magic 


Ah! Sweet magic? What’s so sweet about it?


But it’s more than a name! Originally started as a traditional sweet store in Vijayawada, it has spanned across the city with many outlets to include traditional local cuisine of the regions.


For Biriyani lovers, this is an absolute Biriyani paradise with 15 varieties of Biriyanis to try out! Yummy!


Sizzle up your taste buds with the super spicy famous Red chilli biryani, Prawn biryani, Ginger biryani, Ulavacharu biryani, Avakai biryani, Mutton keema biryani, and the all-time favourite Dum biryani. If you still don’t try out, you are seriously missing something


Day 5: Nightlife partying at the waterfront.



Have party in mind while you are in Vijayawada? Time to try out this luxury floating restaurant-Tanvi River Cruise, the floating platform that makes up for an extraordinary venue for group partying!


Yes, on the waterfront side! Get into the party mode with an ultimate waterfront party and dining adventure. The waterfront party cruising offers its patrons a whole new level while cruising along the magnificent Krishna River waterfront. Chill out sipping delectable flavours of drinks, munching snacks & dancing on the beats of foot-tapping live music. Cap off the magic of the night vibe on floating cruise!


For on-ground party lovers, Vijayawada offers real party entertainment to the youths. Head on to the “10 Downing Street” party pub with your friends where you can party with non-stop rocking music and dance the night away. Keep Partying hard!


With so many flavours to try out and experience, do you still need a reason to visit Vijayawada for this holiday rendezvous? Get it all covered!