Tips to make your Valentine’s Day the best day ever!

Valentine’s Day ought to be romantic- it’s the only way to get away from work, home chores, basically everything! How to make your valentine’s day memorable? Well, the best way is to keep the love in a photograph and make the memory for yourselves.

However, there are many other ways in which you can make your V-Day more romantic and memorable. Check out top tips given by love experts:

1. Take it easy: Please go on a vacation to a location where you can cope with the language, food and so on. There are many cases when people go to Spain or Paris and cannot communicate in the regional language or cannot cope with the cuisines well enough. Such issues lead to a lot of anxiety amongst the couple which must be ignored! Rather, ensure you go to places like Goa or locations where you’re excited to go to and understand what they say. Also, it’ll save a lot of time, money and other resources!

2. Shut everything out: Don’t keep going back to your phone for IMs, Facebook, Instagram and other social media handles. Enjoy water sports, adventure sports and the time you have alone with your spouse. Sight- seeing, cruising, boating etc. it should be all about you taking mental pictures! That indeed is romantic, memorable and affordable.

3. Maintain a diary: This is something cute- you keep it all recorded but, kindly do not spend all your time on it! Diaries are records of all the fun and ups and downs you’ve hand throughout your journey. It’s always lovely to maintain one but, this one’s optional. In fact, some people pictorially maintain their journey, some write poetry. Keep it simple, keep it your way.

4. Go musical: Go clubbing or enjoy live music- your choice. Music really heats things up between two people. For example, jazz is one of the most exciting music forms and the dance too is sexy. Share your bodies and enjoy some exciting music!

Valentine’s Day are supposed to be magical, exciting and definitely bring the couple closer than before. By trying out other ways like organizing a picnic or sharing last-day presents, experiences and so on, Valentine’s Day can really bring the best out of you and your spouse as one.

However, the best way is to rent a yacht in Goa or any other location and stay in bed in their lovely luxury cabins and enjoy breakfast in bed with a lot of love rather, sugar!

May you have a memorable and romantic V-Day.