Plan your next holiday at “India’s Cleanest Big City- Vijayawada”

Vijayawada- a city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh with a renowned historical story of successes and modernity instilled within to preserve its ancient ruins.

Today Vijayawada is one of the busiest business hubs in Andhra Pradesh. After Vizag, it is also an urban sprawl to the newly developing capital of Andhra Pradesh, Amaravati.

Over the years, Vijayawada has gained a good tourist eye with panoramic hills and a majestic river by its side gives many avenues to tourism.

However, a good measure of tourism preference patterns has shown a gradual shift from traditional tourism, with an inclination towards entertainment avenues like river cruising, exploring water sports, most preferably –


To cater to this trending group of tourists and to make Andhra Pradesh the most preferred holiday destination, the sunrise state has witnessed great success after launching a plethora of water sports activities in the Bhavani Islands in Vijayawada.

Theme-based tourism activities such as adventure, ecology, river cruising, beach-hopping, and even rural tourism developed for the emergence of a new dimension of tourism in the state.

  • Vijayawada, India’s Cleanest City


In line with the surge in tourist interest, Vijayawada has been declared as India’s Cleanest Big City”. The city has ranked 4th in India in the Swachh Survekshan 2020 Survey Awards announced by the Central Government of India. This further has charmed and flocked more tourists to this mesmerizing city to rejoice a feel-good factor to travel and explore.

The Vijayawada tourism corporation strongly believes that water sports will act as a catalyst to successfully drive tourism in the state. Hence, the state has introduced facilities like para-sailingwater-skiingspeedboat, jet boat rides, boat charters, fishing, and much more to cherish moments with loved ones, family, and friends at Bhavani Islands in Vijayawada.

  • Bhavani Island, Vijayawada


One of the largest islands in Andhra PradeshBhavani Island is located on the Krishna River, a 20-minutes drive from Vijayawada, serving as a perfect location for a weekend getaway. It is believed this iconic island would become a famous tourism place to the new capital, Amaravati.

With this, Champions Yacht Club, a private luxury yacht charter in Goa, is extremely proud to share the success of a host of water sports and adventure tourism facilities in Bhavani Island. This joyousness in the aquatic tourism and adventure has heralded a major boost to our Champion cruising in the Andhra waters.

Bhavani Island is a haven of fun for water sports enthusiasts. Champions Yacht Club offers its patrons & guests a plethora of exhilarating adventure water sports and recreational facilities to experience.

  • Tanvi River Cruise


We, at Champions Yacht Club, Vijayawada, promise to gift our clientele a taste of luxurious cruising like Goa and Dubai. Another notable aspect despite the diverse water activities is the magnificent floating “Tanvi” restaurant on the banks of the Krishna River operated by our expertise crew in hotelier management.

Sail through the pleasant Krishna waters next to Prakasam Barrage and fascinate yourself to a spectacular Tanvi River Cruise designed in the pattern of dhow boats just as in Dubai. The cruise is wolfed up with 60 tons of wood, iron, and steel.

With the finest and lavish multi-cuisine restaurant spread over the upper deck, the Tanvi River Cruise is also well-equipped with an extravagant banquet hall for hosting parties over the luxuriate premiere.

  • Champions Yacht Club- Vijayawada Packages


At Champions Yacht Club, we majorly deal with maritime activities, catering to affordable leisure and adventure travel experiences. We initiated from Goa and have successfully expanded to different domestic and international locations as Vijayawada, Ahmedabad, and Dubai.

Be it Dinner Cruising, Cruise Parties, Corporate Events, Champions Yacht Club provides the best Vijayawada Tourism Packages for all occasions and events, and for watersports too!

Champions’ corporate holiday package is tailor-made to match the clientele’s business purpose as we offer an array of complimentary team building and fun activities. Our aim is to make sailing a vivid and unforgettable experience for all our travelers.

  • Goa River Cruise at Mandovi River


If you are looking out for more exquisite surroundings, opt for Champions Yacht Club’s most popular and best-selling cruise packages of our luxury vessel “Goa River Cruise”, parked by the beautiful Mandovi River and Divar Island where we host cruise parties, island adventure activities, and special Champion Corporate team rejuvenation sessions.

Champions Yacht Club clienteles are diverse as cruise packages have a robust mix of domestic and international tourists, business houses, small and large-scale corporates, and celebrities all around the globe.

The Champions Yacht Club Mandovi river cruise has its own entertainment lined up while you relax and enjoy a mesmerizing Goan Sunset. There is something or the other for every tourist to enjoy! There is so much more to explore and experience with the CYC luxury Cruise in Goa.

It’s the right time to take a break and avail Champions Yacht Club’s luxury packages. Take a holiday trip with us and spend an extraordinary stay at Vijayawada- India’s Cleanest Big City!


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11 thrilling water sports in Goa which require No Swimming!

The beauty about water sports is that you can be hydrophobic and still enjoy the beautiful waters available out there! Water sports in Goa is the best getaway an working man, or a man in love could ever ask for. Enjoy economical, beautiful watersports in Goa which require no swimming!

So hop on, don’t take a regular, relaxing walk by the beach. Instead, discover the magical romance of the rain with the earth. Yes, most of the water sports activities are banned by the Govt. during the monsoons, Champions Yacht Club still takes the privilege to offer exciting water sports packages in Goa to the holidaymakers at any time of the year.

Banana Boat ride

Banana Boat ride
It’s fun riding together! The excitement it delivers is similar to jet skiing where 6 people can ride together at a time. This wet and wild sport boasts of wave splashing experience as it glides for a scenic tour up and down splashing the waves all around. Explore the fun!

Guess what – it’s just the perfect ride for families and friends of different age groups!

Scuba diving

Scuba diving
If underwater life fascinates you, scuba diving is just the right adventure for you.  Delve deep into the marine life and explore the mysterious underwater coral reefs & the entire eco system which is loaded with incredible fun below the azure waters. Get acquainted with many other breath-taking marine wonders as you dive into the exotic underwater world.

Here’s a myth which has been clarified – you don’t need to learn how to swim to scubadive!


You cannot measure the vastness of the sky but with parasailing, this flight like a bird will let you witness the earth diameter more than 100 feet above, close to the propensity of measurement. This adventure sport is a thrilling activity of soaring high in air above the water level towed at high altitudes.

It’s fun & mind blowing & offers great scenic views. Learn the art of balance, flow and glide with the breeze or simply go with the flow maintaining a steady mind-set. But make sure that you are armed with enough protective mechanisms for personal safety.

Fly boarding

Fly boarding
If you are a thrill seeker, fly boarding is something that you should definitely give a shot on. This action thriller ride is a flight above the sea level with incredible twists, sweeps and turns while flying!

Jet Ski

Jet Ski
Jet skis are all about fun, quickness and happiness! If you want to explore the beauty of water waves at high speed, try this non-stop Jet Ski adventure rush. With warm waters splash, slides and glides through waves, the adrenaline pumping fun ride offers a chance to enjoy some serious fun on waves as well as catch a glimpse of magnificent sites across the coastlines.

Speed boat

Speed boat
Be the captain of your own group as you explore this high speed fun activity on-board. Nothing beats the fun of navigating above the waters as you captain your own speedboat action-packed with thrills, high speed and adrenaline. Enjoy this great fun time together with laughter and screams by taking control by yourself.

Backwater Cruising

If you are in Goa and haven’t experienced cruising yet, you are not a water baby. Take the backwater cruise along the Mandovi River, Islands, and others. Backwater cruising in Goa comes with an exciting mix of a variety of entertainment, sightseeing, dolphin spotting, crocodile watching, fishing activities and much more. Explore the fun.

Kayaking and Water Skiing

Kayaking and Water Skiing
A kayaking trip Mandovi River during a fair weather and good tide is highly enjoyable. Explore mysterious surroundings in Goa’s most scenic rivers this monsoon. Catch the bird and marine life around as you cross past the lush green mangroves by the scenic landscape. It’s an absolute peace and fun.

For water sport lovers, this sport is the most adventurous sport to try on that requires the game of balance, patience and a lot of strength while riding on the waves. It’s challenging and pure fun. Try it!

Paddle boating

Enjoy this flat-water cruising activity that includes a work out family fun coupled with adventure on waves. Make the most out of it as you sit and push yourself to the limit while paddling on across the river. Enjoy a great leisurely time with friends and family exploring picturesque views & aquatic life on wide open waters.

I hope this is good news for all the non- swimmers out there and swimmers too – Everyone gets to enjoy water sports in Goa! Especially rides like banana boat in Goa or scuba diving as well!

Tips to make your Valentine’s Day the best day ever!

Valentine’s Day ought to be romantic- it’s the only way to get away from work, home chores, basically everything! How to make your valentine’s day memorable? Well, the best way is to keep the love in a photograph and make the memory for yourselves.

However, there are many other ways in which you can make your V-Day more romantic and memorable. Check out top tips given by love experts:

1. Take it easy: Please go on a vacation to a location where you can cope with the language, food and so on. There are many cases when people go to Spain or Paris and cannot communicate in the regional language or cannot cope with the cuisines well enough. Such issues lead to a lot of anxiety amongst the couple which must be ignored! Rather, ensure you go to places like Goa or locations where you’re excited to go to and understand what they say. Also, it’ll save a lot of time, money and other resources!

2. Shut everything out: Don’t keep going back to your phone for IMs, Facebook, Instagram and other social media handles. Enjoy water sports, adventure sports and the time you have alone with your spouse. Sight- seeing, cruising, boating etc. it should be all about you taking mental pictures! That indeed is romantic, memorable and affordable.

3. Maintain a diary: This is something cute- you keep it all recorded but, kindly do not spend all your time on it! Diaries are records of all the fun and ups and downs you’ve hand throughout your journey. It’s always lovely to maintain one but, this one’s optional. In fact, some people pictorially maintain their journey, some write poetry. Keep it simple, keep it your way.

4. Go musical: Go clubbing or enjoy live music- your choice. Music really heats things up between two people. For example, jazz is one of the most exciting music forms and the dance too is sexy. Share your bodies and enjoy some exciting music!

Valentine’s Day are supposed to be magical, exciting and definitely bring the couple closer than before. By trying out other ways like organizing a picnic or sharing last-day presents, experiences and so on, Valentine’s Day can really bring the best out of you and your spouse as one.

However, the best way is to rent a yacht in Goa or any other location and stay in bed in their lovely luxury cabins and enjoy breakfast in bed with a lot of love rather, sugar!

May you have a memorable and romantic V-Day.

Top 5 Women’s Gifts for Valentine’s Day

The biggest headache for most men is to understand what makes their partner or spouse happy. Or angry. They always end up doing the exact opposite of what would have been the right thing to do. When it comes to buying gifts too, men like you would find it difficult to zero in on the best gift for her. And if the occasion is something as special as Valentine’s Day then the pressure on you is even more. If this is the dilemma you are facing, we are here to help you. Here is a list of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts for women, from which you can pick and choose as per your choice and budget.

Valentine diamonds gift
1. With diamonds you can never go wrong with a woman. Irrespective of how small or how large the rock is, she will always be happy to get one. You need to do some reading up on your own regarding the 4 Cs of diamond quality, and buy your gift from a reputable store or even shop online.

Valentine cook meals
2. Women usually have to shoulder both sides of the burden. They need to go out and work their job, and they also need to return home and do a lot of household work. Give your woman the best gift possible this Valentine’s Day by banishing her from the kitchen and disallowing her from doing any household work. You can either cook meals for her yourself or order food in while you binge watch the best TV series.

3. You need not necessarily be with your spouse / partner when you give her the V-Day Gift. Get some of her close girlfriends together and plan a surprise party for her. Get some story going as per which she is called to the house of one of those friends, and from there the surprise party can begin.

Valentine yacht
4. Take her for a day trip on a yacht cruise for the two of you. There are several good Yacht Rental Providers which offer you a daylong outing complete with adventure sports and water sports. Some couples also plan such trips with other couples who want to celebrate this special day together yachting in Goa, India.

5. If you are running out of new gifting ideas for your special woman, then a safe way out is to buy her a gift voucher at any of the brick and mortar or online shopping malls.

 Valentine’s Day Yacht in Goa : Book Now

The most interesting things to do in Goa 2019

Goa is very different from the rest of India. However, somehow, it represents the entire country. It’s lovely to see there’s so much to see in Goa, experience too. Check out the most interesting things to do in Goa 2019, other than Christmas celebrations in Goa!

Goa carnival- March 02–05, 2019

The amazing Goa carnival is over 500 years old and has been hosted ever since the Portuguese came to rule over India. This amazing carnival is hosted each year in Goa only with the most amazing parades, music, floats and much more. The Goa Carnival is just the right place to be in for culture lovers, food enthusiasts, adventurers and others too. The parade has a specific route which has been maintained since forever with the best view for people who rent a yacht in Goa during this time.

Goa tattoo festival- January 18–20, 2019

This one’s for the professionals, mostly. The Goa tattoo festival calls in artists and professionals to not just showcase each others work but, observe and critique it as well. Find one of the most amazing tattoo artists from across the world and enjoy the art galleries all over Goa.

Spice plantations- September–June

Smell and enjoy a variety of spices grown in Goa. As everyone knows, Goa has rich red soil with tropical climate- perfect for spice growing. Spice plantation visits can be lovely and extraordinary for students as well as adults because, you can enjoy the visit only between September and June – Spices include cardamom, ginger, basil, turmeric, cloves and many others.

Diving- October–May

Snorkeling, diving and other water sports in Goa can be an ecstatic experience. Explore underwater flora, fauna in the span 20 minutes or more (when you charter a yacht.) Encounter the cutest dolphins, or picture perfect moments too. The most preferred water sport activity in Goa is known to be diving however, not all have the license to train people. Pick the right choice for your safety!

Anjuna flea market- October–March (Wednesdays)

This is one amazing place to visit for the best flea market experience in India. Find thousands of local goods which shall come in a wide range of colors, designs, This flea market is just the right place for hippie theme lovers. Some exciting services include piercings, tattoos, and others. The flea market usually runs every Wednesday from March till October and you sure will find something to buy as a souvenir from the lovely city.

Paragliding- March–June | October–November

An amazing adventure sport in Goa which everyone must try out. People who love watching sunrises or love the thrill of flying shall also enjoy paragliding in Goa. The origin of paragliding in Goa has been traced back to around the 1940s leading to a huge increase in the number of paragliding sites in Goa over time.

Turtle nesting season- November–April

Once a year, Goa’s coastline sees Olive Ridley turtles. The nesting time is between November and April and it’s lovely to see the turtles head back towards the sea after laying their eggs. This basically led to the emergence of ‘Ecotourism’ in Goa. There sure are rules and regulations while enjoying the site and come to the Galgibag, Morjim and Agonda beaches.

Saturday night market in Arpora- December–April

shopping in goa is like no other location in Goa. Have shopping sprees in the lovely Saturday night market in Arpora with a display of lovely spices, accessories, bags, vintage items, home décor and more. Entertainment is also open for all- live music, cocktail bars and the best party cum shopping experience is out here. The fun runs till about midnight with not much money to lose which is great!

Kayaking- October–May

Backwaters of Goa are delightful while you can go kayaking all the way. Just the right water sport in Goa for photographers and adventurists, kayaking has been in Goa since forever. Morning expeditions are most popular however, they have romantic sunset floats as well. Other options with regard to romantic foats include a candle light dinner in Goa yacht.

Crocodile watching- October–May

This is scary but, many still enjoy it. Crocodile watching is in the bucket list of many and people from all over the world come to check out the different types of crocodiles in Goa- Mugger, Gharial, and Estuarine. The Opa river, Cumbarja canal are the most popular locations for crocodile watching from October to May each year.

Hot air ballooning- October–May

Hot air ballooning in Goa has jaw dropping scenic views with picture perfect moment. Enjoy flying with safety and lots of romance as well. October through May is the ideal period to go hot air balloon-ing – it’s the symbolic expression of love. Or, you can always rent a cruise for the most romantic getaway ever!

Silent noise party- November–April (Saturdays)

People travel to Goa for two reasons- one being to enjoy an evening yacht in Goa and other one being, to be a member of the silent noise party in Goa. Three international DJs perform simultaneously and all you’ll have to do is, change your channel and dance to the music you’d wish you. There’s a cocktail bar and lots’ of people to chill with- what more do you want?

Fishing and crab catching- October–May

This is a peaceful and patient activity. Not all are competent to go Fish and crab catching. Fishermen give tips as to how you can catch these amazing creatures and make a meal out of them. It sure is an Unforgettable, exciting experience with the sweetest rewards.

Bird and Dolphin watching- October–May

Mostly the right adventure for photographers, bird watchers and people who love watching dolphins go ‘Weeee!’ The tours are organized by yacht rental brands- all you need to do is rent a yacht and everything else will be taken care of. The right time to visit the water body is early in the morning and around October and May.

Fruit time- Mango, Kokum, Lychee, Rambutan, Jamun, Water rose apple, Guava, Cashew, Buddha’s hand fruit.

Fruits are loved by everyone especially when, they’re fresh, fruity, juicy and simply yum! Enjoy the taste of some of the best fruits available in India- Mango, Kokum, Lychee, Rambutan, Jamun, Water rose apple, Guava, Cashew, Buddha’s hand fruit and others. Some plantations also allow you to pluck and taste the fruit yourself which is lovely.

Yachting- March–May

This is the best things to do in Goa– Yachting. Goa is known for its yachts. Th yachts in Goa are luxurious, exotic, with so much more. The best way to enjoy a yacht is to rent a yacht with the overnight stay package in Goa with the loveliest view, picture perfect moments and so much more.

Happy Goa tripping to you!

Best Places in India to Go with Your Girl’s Squad

India is full of places that can be the best selection to go for a road trip. Many hilly terrains, well-maintained forests national parks, cultural festivals all around the year makes India a diversified and suitable. Not just road trips, but it gives you several other ways to craft a travel plan with your friends. Starting from a dessert safari, night camp to adventures like river rafting a trip can be many things more than sightseeing and candid pictures. As, India has a lot to offer when it comes to significant tourist spots the selection becomes a difficult job. Here, you a find a few places listed that can be a great choice to travel with your gang

Rafting at Rishikesh:

Rafting could be a fun activity with a bunch of friends as it gives adrenaline rush like no other sports. Rishiskesh is one of the greatest hubs for various watersports activities, but serves as a base camp for river rafting tours. You can easily do your research on internet and see there a lot of adventure sports options. What better than rowing through the water rapids of Ganges. There are more than 13 water rapids in Rishikesh. The booking can be done on web and it comes with inclusions like campfire, tent at the base camp. Instruction manual, life guard and professional guide for the rafting journey along with the apparatus required.

Trekking and beach hopping at Gokarna:

Beach trekking is something that will help you to encompass the fulfillment of trekking with addition to surreal landscapes and top view of mesmerizing beaches. Gokarna trek is one trek that needs no tourist guide as localities are amiable enough to help you with the routes. The signs of rocks and steep path will guide you to the sight of three idyllic beaches of Gokarna. The green hillsides with the Western Ghats on the other side makes up for a magnificent view. The three beaches named Gokarna beach, Kudle and OM beach offers many tourist spots and an abundance of flora and fauna to sink amidst the warmth of mother nature.

Cruise in Goa:

It’s time that we think of Goa has to offer apart from good liquor, parties and beaches. There is a lot to Goa that has to be explored in terms of tourist places, good eateries and calm places with lot of fun activities to explore. Cruising in Goa is something mistaken as an hourly activity to have quality experiences the less visited Goa. So, this time when you plan a visit to Goa ensure to visit the good old museums, Divar islands, Salim Ali bird sanctuary and dig into the good seafood at underrated yet small eateries in Goa.

Watersports in Mangalore:

Mangalore has possibly one of the best beaches in India. Surrounded by serene greenery all around Panambur beach serves as of the hottest destinations for watersports like Jetsking and paragliding. When planning a trip with all your girlies adventure and thrilling activities should top the list. We say don’t go by the hype, but go the list of experiences you will have. Mangalore has been a constant favorite spot for water sports enthusiast all across the country. It’s time now you should go make memories.

Scuba diving in Lakshwadeep: Y

Yes, you read that correct! Probably Andaman isn’t the only place providing underwater experiences. Lakswadeep is a dream come true for surfers, scuba divers and everyone who loves under water experiences. The liberating scenes from the Bollywood movie “Zindagi na Milegi Dobara” will be possible for you, without having to travel Spain. You can get your won trainers. Choose your own package and dive into the joy expecting unseen aquatic life and embrace the countless memories with your group of friends. Agatti, Bangaram and Kadamat are the three preferred places for scuba diving with perfect settings and resorts close by. You can choose the package as per your level of expertise, interest and budget.

Paragliding in Kamshet:

Kamshet is a lively hill station in Pune, Maharashtra that is quite known for paragliding and other related adventure sports. Situated among the beautiful mountain range of Western Ghats it makes the delightful journey to go watch the pollution free small and beautiful image. Go witness the calm, peaceful and divinity of countryside experiences. The place has a lot of Instagram worthy sights where you can click loads of pictures to revive the memories later. This is a perfect place to set up a campfire during winters or enjoy the slow breeze during not so pleasant climate. Go live the moments with your besties.

So, these are a few places you can look forward to when planning for your all-girls trip this year. All these places make a great and safe choice for travelers as it is always crowded with tourists all around the year. A great travel journal should be full of good pictures and memories, and we hope you get the best with for you.

10 Things to experience in Goa during this Monsoon

Goa is popularly known as the party capital of India. But during monsoons, the city entirely transforms into a different tropical paradise altogether enticing tourists from all over the world. There’s indeed, something special about mid-July, a peak monsoon time that makes Goa distinctive from all other destinations claiming Goa a must-to-visit place in the bucket list during monsoons.


For holiday makers, as the month of June elapses and the off season hits off, the incessant downpours sends a welcoming invitation to those who love rains. So if you are a rain lover, get ready to witness the lush green country side with swaying palms romancing with the tunes of the sea breeze.


Why visit Goa during monsoons?

A perfect time to avoid the buzzes in monsoon, you can feel the lashing rains as you stroll by the sea shore in solitude, the breath-taking views – there are certain wondrous delights that monsoons in Goa that you can’t wait giving it a try. But, to experience this drenched paradise and try out an array of Goa monsoon Activities you need to stay back for a couple of days and look for the best places to visit in Goa during monsoon.


Where to stay in Goa during monsoons?

Pick an accommodation that’s near to North Goa (recommended as it will be available) such as Baga or Calangute, where you will find a hub of good hotels at pretty reasonable rates. However, it would be judicious if you include  Monsoon Goa packages that offer exhilarating experiences of Goa water sports during monsoon, monsoon activities in Goa, overnight stay on yacht and cruising to indulge in. After all, travel to Goa is always incomplete without adventures and water fun!


So release yourself and calm your senses with these 10 special experiences that are captivating to explore during the monsoons.


  1. Get overwhelmed with gushing waterfalls

Monsoon is the best time to witness this iconic waterfall, popularly named as the Dudhsagar Falls or the ‘sea of milk’ surrounded by mist filled absolute dense greenery. Enjoy this occasional shower of falls plunging 1017 feet with milky water flow that comes to life in its full glory during monsoons.

Located far from the beaches, this natural phenomenon is a four-tiered level led by four trekking routes encountered by a canopy of mini waterfalls in between to reach. Plan for a monsoon trek to Dudhsagar falls and witness the milky water tumble down the rocky terrain and the streams that creates a marvellous vista to treat the eyes.


  1. Explore wildlife adventures

Goa is rich in wildlife and trek adventures. If you are a wildlife lover, head on towards Goa’s wildlife sanctuaries such as Sariska Tiger Reserve, Mollem National Park, Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Catigao Wildlife Sanctuary and mini Zoo that are of much interest for all. Hike through jungle’s dense natural trail & explore the beautiful mini waterfalls that you meet unexpectedly simply making the entire jungle camping all the most exciting. The greenery around is a blissful experience that you can’t just miss!


  1. Enjoy monsoon festivals

No wonder that partying is within the blood & veins of Goa lovers. But do you need a reason to celebrate? Well, monsoon season comes alive with many traditional festivities to rejoice in such as Sao Joao, Touxeachem feast, gala Sangodd fest, & Bonderam fest that offer great merriment galore. Take part in these festivities and relish the scrumptious items that are of absolute delight and surprise. Thank us later!


  1. Fun on the beach

The onset of monsoon and intermittent rain showers might leave a smirk on your face. No crowd on beach, no shacks with greenery all around. Isn’t it enticing?   especially the unexploited gorgeous beaches that are uncrowded. Connect your soul to the nature as you take a walk along the empty beaches gazing at the sea and feeling the gentle sea breeze. Ideal for honeymoons and romance, this is the perfect time for couples to chill out on secluded beaches and count upon moments of love together in a blissful state of mind.


  1. Evening Monsoon cruise

Take a sunset tour on monsoon cruise in Goa across the Mandovi River just for a leisurely sail. Nothing beats the panoramic sight and the gentle cool breeze that gives a peaceful feeling as you cruise away. The festive atmosphere is glorified with Live DJ music, dance in the rain accompanied by a delectable dinner with your beloved. The bar and snack counters at the middle deck serves snacks and beverages to keep you entertained for long. Enjoy the electrifying ambiance!


  1. Overnight stay on Backwater Monsoon Cruise

Goa transforms into its most beautiful form especially during the monsoons with the enchanting backwaters. If you are wondering about where to stay in Goa during monsoon, the backwater monsoon cruise is worth a try! Cruise day and night along the picturesque backwaters of Mandovi River as you head towards the Divar Island. Stay Overnight on cruise with your loved one and enjoy some intimate moments in full luxury and style. Explore the nightlife in Goa cruises with chilled out vibrant party on cruise equipped with foot tapping night music, party and rocking dance. The fascinating cruise culture is sure to elate you!


  1. Monsoon water sports combo in Goa

It’s unfair if you are in Goa and not trying out some exciting water sports on the high swells of the sea across the lengthy coastline of Goa. Try out some amazing water sports in Goa during monsoon – wake boarding, paragliding, fly boarding, kayaking, windsurfing, scuba diving, white water rafting, catamaran sailing, speed boat ride and many more that are a great fun to explore. Likewise, there’s an array of Goa water sports during monsoon that offers loads of fun experiences during the monsoon season.


  1.  Cruise party on Mandovi river

Goa is known as party capital of India but during monsoons, unlike summers, only 50% of the bars or clubs will be open.  But, not to get disappointed because if you are a die-hard party lover, the best place to party in monsoon is party cruises equipped with music, dance, drinks and some mouth-watering cuisines. Rent a cruise for an exclusive fun party with friends or family to experience the laidback style of partying. Whether you are a retro lover or a hip-hop fan, there’s something unique in partying while cruising in monsoon Season in Goa that’s definitely memorable!


9. Shopping in monsoon

It’s fun to shop on the deserted streets with not much crowd around. Isn’t it? If you are a shopping fan, head on to the streets around Baga and Calangute beach where you will always find the shops open for everyone. Unlike the seasonal businesses that are specifically opened for foreigners, certain shops remain open during the monsoon at a much budgeted price! Happy shopping.


10.Great for pics

Goa is a photographer’s vantage for some epic photoshoots during monsoons. Did you know how? Well, no crowded beach, deserted streets – what else do you need to enjoy the laidback beauty of Goa and click some awesome selfies without any disturbances? It’s a complete bliss!

The magical monsoon effect equipped with fun, merriment and wonder in Goa are something that will certainly overtake your senses. To experience the absolute monsoon charm, head on for a trip to this amazing magical place to discover Goa during monsoons – a natural paradise beyond the ordinary!

This valentine make it special – Speak a different language of love

Love is in the air. Love is all around. What if Love is found on the sparkling waters of Goa?

Goa is a place for not just fun and frolic but also touted as a popular romantic destination. The sun-kissed beaches, the breezy evenings, the line of swaying coconut trees – all these translates to create an ethereal experience for you and your loved one. With Valentine ’s Day not so far away, why not indulge in a romantic getaway far away from the usual crowd to a secluded place? Resort accommodations are always a choice, but this time give wings to your imagination and gift your partner an amorous date on a luxury yacht.

To spend Valentine’s Day in Goa is always a passionate one. Amidst a serene island surrounded with greenery, a luxury yacht, and a private boat on the river banks when you plan a candle light dinner with exotic dishes followed by dreamy music to sway on the dance floor of the yacht, you are just turning yourself into the most romantic partner that one can only imagine of.

Now what if all of these come together at a single place to make your dream come true? Loaded with many more features? All in Goa?

Whether you are a newly-engaged couple or the one who’s celebrating a lasting love, this Valentine’s Day break the shackles of monotony. Play the quintessential lover for your sweetheart and plan an aquatic getaway on the romantic waters of Goa.

Ignite your romantic desires with romantic cruise experiences on water like never before.  Bring your partner to long-stemmed roses, a romantic feast, a gala party & musical entertainment – all that your love can think of and let our crew providers make your evening an unforgettable experience with Valentine’s Cruise packages – All of them Cupid approved!

Valentine’s Day Sunset Cruise

Everyone at one point time of their life has definitely marveled nature’s way of beautifying the skies with beautiful red and orange hues of a sunset. Although such views can be seen from anywhere, certain parts of the world are especially famous for their twilight hues. The hills and seas are some places that can give you the experience. A twilight on the sea is most definitely a romantic view that enhances the ambiance of a special day such as the V-Day. It gives you ample photo op moments that you can relish in future.

A Sundowner Party on the cruise at Goa is pleasure treat for couples. With romantic music filling your ears and having the right drinks just build up the mood to enjoy a romantic setup with your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day Candle Light Dinner

valentines day cruise stay

There are many reasons for the Candle Light Dinner to be considered as the most favored date plan. Adding more flavor to it is the Private Island, all to yourself, and a Luxury Cruise between the rippling waters and the swaying trees.

Dinner would be served to you and your partner in the most royal way. The regality of the entire affair teamed with ample drinks, exotic gourmet food and lively music would create an experience which will take a long time for you to forget.

Overnight Stay on Yacht

Complete your day of awesomeness with opulence and themed room for your stay. Enjoy the private boat rides in the backwaters. Get amazing pictures clicked by our professional photographers that would be the perfect souvenir of this memorable day out. Take your love to an all-time high with amazingly themed rooms provided with mood lights, morning wake-ups with the sea beneath, early morning cuddle in the lap of nature and balmy breeze to relax you.

The day is yours and the moments are yours to steal. There are no restrictions on the inclusions. So take up the no-holds-barred attitude this Valentine’s Day and show to the world the prowess of your love.

There isn’t anything impossible when you want to do it for your loved one! So why not plan a perfect Valentine’s day party on Yacht in Goa to pamper your sweetheart!