Top 12 Things to Do in Goa in Monsoon

Top Twelve Things to Do in Goa in Monsoon

For thrill-seekers, Goa has always been the dream destination. The endless sun-soaked beaches with scenic natural beauty offer just the right kind of mix for unlimited fun, especially if you have a penchant for water sports activities. Whether you want to try parasailing, jet skiing, banana boat ride, or scuba diving, Goa has it all for you. Be it exploring the underwater world of coral reefs and colorful fishes, or soaring high above the waves, Goa has been the go-to destination for people loving water sports activities.
For those who seek to capture its exotic charm dipped in the architectural flair of the bygone Portuguese era, the dinner cruise in Goa offers a wonderful option, where couples, families, and friends traveling together can enjoy lovely evenings and gather a host of memorable moments. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Arabian Sea, the soothing music, and the delicious cuisine on board. A dinner cruise in Goa is also a great opportunity to witness the vibrant nightlife of the city, as you pass by the illuminated casinos and clubs along the shore.

Similarly, whether you want to celebrate a special occasion with your family and friends or just spend some quality time with your partner, a trip on the luxury yachts in Goa is another option that is bound to provide a thrilling experience, and should be part of your bucket list. Sailing along the Mandovi River, and witnessing the stunning sunset and glittering lights of the city can be a scintillating adventure. You can also savor a delicious buffet of Goan delicacies and enjoy live music and dance performances on board while joining the fun and groove to the tunes of DJ or karaoke.

While these are the well-known options for you when you travel to Goa in the regular season, there is a hidden gem of an experience that awaits you in the Monsoons. Breaking the conventions, a holiday expedition to Goa in the off-season provides various benefits that can be even more fun and easier on your pocket. Have a look at these enjoyable options, as some of them are bound to make you drool for a drenchy-quenchy adventure.

Goa in Monsoon – A whole new experience!

With its warm climes in winter months, Goa has become a popular choice as a holiday destination for many looking to escape the chilling frost of December and January. However, contrary to this stereotype image, there is another unexplored version of Goa that can be as much fun and adventure.

Goa in Monsoon is a different experience altogether. It is a time when you can witness the true colors and flavors of the land. It is a time when you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the sun and the rain and make some unforgettable memories with your loved ones. So, if you love the fragrance of the Monsoon and like to go cloud-chasing, then the land of adventure and romantic getaways could perhaps be the best option for your dream vacation. The mist of sea-side rains mixed with the aroma of local cuisine can provide a perfect setting for relaxing your mind and body. The refreshing cool breeze from the sea and the green expanses can be invigorating for your soul.

Goa is not just a destination, but an experience. It is a place where you can discover yourself and create unforgettable memories. It is a place where you can live your dreams and enjoy every moment. So, if you are looking for a unique experience that complements the charm of the place, then opting for luxury yachts in Goa can be the ideal thing to do. The luxury yachts in Goa offer you the opportunity to sail along the scenic coastline, explore the hidden coves and islands, and enjoy the sun, sea, and sand in style. Whether you want to celebrate a special occasion, host a corporate event, or simply indulge in some relaxation and fun, luxury yachts in Goa can cater to your every need and desire.

To enjoy your time to the fullest, here are the top 12 things to do in Goa in Monsoon.

  1. River rafting for Trill-a-minute fun: If you are looking for some adventure, try river rafting in the Mhadei River, which flows through the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. The rapids are challenging and thrilling, and you can also spot some rare birds and animals along the way.
  2. A bicycle tour along the gardens and grooves: Explore the countryside of Goa on a bicycle and discover its rich culture and heritage. You can visit old churches, temples, forts, and villages, and interact with the locals. You can also enjoy the scenic views of paddy fields, coconut groves, and spice plantations.
  3. Trekking in the scenic landscape: Udaan Dongor is one of the highest peaks in Goa, and it offers a spectacular view of the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The trek is moderate and takes about 3 hours to complete. You can also visit the nearby Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to diverse flora and fauna.
  4. Beachside campfire: The beaches of Goa are less crowded and more peaceful during the monsoon. You can take long walks along the shore and enjoy the sound of the waves and the breeze. You can also witness some stunning sunsets and sunrises, while you enjoy the mist around a campfire. 
  5. Nightlife, music, and more: Goa is known for its vibrant nightlife, and it does not disappoint even during the monsoon. You can find many pubs, bars, clubs, and casinos that are open late at night. You can dance to some live music or DJ beats, play some games, or just chill with your friends.
  6. Delicious cuisine, food, and fun: Goa is famous for its seafood, but it also has a variety of vegetarian dishes to offer. You can try some local delicacies like vindaloo, sanna, sol kadhi, and bebinca. Goa also has several spice plantations that are worth visiting during the monsoon. You can see some exotic plant species and enjoy the refreshing experience in the greens.
  7. Soak in the excitement of watery adventure: To say the least, water sports in Goa are what you would need to head for as soon as you land. While known for its water sports activities during the sunnier climes, the monsoon season does not stop the fun. The rains bring a new level of excitement and adventure to the water activities, making them more thrilling and enjoyable. Here are some of the water sports activities that you can try in Goa during the monsoon.
  8. Dare the gushes with white water rafting: Experience the adrenaline rush of rafting on the rapids of the Mandovi River, which becomes more challenging and fun during the monsoon. You can choose from different levels of difficulty and enjoy the scenic views of the lush green forests along the way.
  9. Go nature-dwelling with Kayaking trips: Explore the serene backwaters and mangroves of Goa on a kayak, which is a great way to relax and connect with nature. You can also spot various birds and aquatic animals as you paddle through the calm waters.
  10. Soar over the clouds with Jet skiing: Feel the wind in your hair and the spray of water on your face as you zoom across the waves on a jet ski. This is one of the most exhilarating water sports activities that you can do in Goa during the monsoon, as the sea becomes more rough and unpredictable.
  11. Rejoice in the Monsoon winds with Parasailing: Fly high in the sky and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the beautiful coastline of Goa on a parasailing adventure. You will be attached to a parachute that is towed by a boat, and you will feel like you are soaring above the clouds
  12. Create memorable moments with Luxury yacht cruise: If you want to experience the beauty of Goa’s coastline from a different perspective, book a luxury yacht cruise and sail along the Arabian Sea. Luxury yachts in Goa are more than just boats; they are floating paradises that offer a once-in-a-lifetime

For instance, Champions Yacht Club specializes in offering luxury boating and yachting experiences in Goa with a large fleet of Catamarans, Boats, Cruisers & Yachts in Goa. With Champions Yacht Club, you can choose from a range of options, from sleek and modern vessels to classic and elegant ones, from spacious and comfortable cabins to lavish amenities. You can also customize your itinerary, from the duration of your cruise to the destinations you want to visit. You can hire the luxury yacht for rocking birthday parties, anniversary bashes, island excursions & barbeques, fishing expeditions, corporate parties, and more, all of which are designed to ensure you have a memory of a lifetime.

So don’t let the rains stop you from having fun in Goa, and book your holiday package today!


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