How to Make Your Cruise party a Success

Cruise Party in Goa

Parties can be hard to organize and ensure they’re not a flop- show, especially cruise parties! Cruise parties can be a total flop if you rent out the wrong cruise or contact the wrong cruise rental brand. Parties can go in two directions – it can either be fine dining with everything special or be completely crazy! Whichever path you’d like to choose is perfectly awesome however, check out the ways in which you can make any kind of cruise party a successful one.

Let’s know the can’t- miss secrets that will make you the hostess the mostess!

1. Go yacht hoping.

Before making any bookings, make sure you check out the best cruises in Goa, or any other location. Try not to hire the first cruise you see – it’s more about keeping your requirements in mind like, the number of people coming in, requirements of luxury cabins and so on. According to your need, hire the cruise party in Goa.

2. Ensure the food’s right!

It’s not about restricting your food items to one cuisine- you can always mix and match what you’d like to have on the menu. Before anything, ensue there’s enough food arrange for all in the party because you don’t want ‘hangry faces!’
Ensure your cruise rental brand gives you so many options to choose from and tastes good as well.

3. The music has got to be awesome

If you’re planning to throw a cruise party , them ensure your guests would enjoy the music and jiggle to it until they are tired. Honestly speaking, great music is the secret ingredient to a successful party and the happiest guests.

4. Know your guests and seat them properly.

The cruise party in Goa has got to be so amazing that everyone would want you to host parties all the time and expect you to say ‘Be My Guest!’ The trick here is that you’ve got to seat your friends such that they’re fond of each other and no one’s left out in the party.

5. Set your stage just right!

Lighting is the key to make you and everyone at the cruise party look sexy. Contact your cruise agency to ensure the lights are set right – if it’s a day cruise this won’t really be an issue but, otherwise.

6. Play around a little!

This one’s about having games in the party – people get to network in the process without any awkwardness too! Or you can have a theme based party – like instead of placemats, you can have pages torn from a very theme based novel.

7. Give your friends something to do!

Parties can get real restless if nobody knows what to do after a point. Give them to do something with regard to helping you or, duties or, play a game with them! The most generic game, especially on a cruise party is ‘Truth and Dare!’

8. Why not water sports in Goa?

One thing amazing about cruise parties is the fact that anyone can do anything on board – go for water sports in Goa as well! You can talk to your cruise agency and make arrangements for water sports in Goa for different age groups.

9. Can’t get them drinks? Let’s look into it.

Arranging for liquor will definitely not be a hassle on- board because, cruises are known for its open bars. There may be budget issues but, remember, why give hard liquor when cocktails and wines are out there? Make this cruise party in Goa fun with the smartest liquors – beer, whiskey and lots of cocktails!

10. Look into the itinerary properly

Have a proper agency with whom you’re booking the cruise in Goa in order to have 100% clarity about which cruise for rent is happening, for how many people and other details. Remember, you never would want a party go downhill because the expectations are not met.

11. Carry medications, just in case.

Cruise agencies do have first aid kits generally however, there may be special cases of asthma or blood pressure and so on. Keep your medicines uptight because you never know what happens when. Perhaps a pill can save the party – everyone’s got to enjoy!
Lastly, you can always be the one running into your cabin in a cruise in Goa

– other have got to socialize then!

Remember, cruise parties are not difficult to book or host- it’s hard to find the right cruise agencies. I’d surely recommend you Champions Yacht Club as a cruise rental brand in Goa because their parties are rocking to the power of infinity!


Travelling and exploring have long been a passion for Nisarga. As her name only suggests she is a nature lover, fearless adventurer and a travel junkie. Her first cruise journey in Goa inspired her to try new adventures and now she tells stories of her new experiences through her blogs and also guides her readers with plenty of practical information and tips so they can do it all by themselves. She says “Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures”.