How Will Indian Tourism Shape Up Post the Virus Pandemic?

Indian Tourism shape up post the Virus pandemic

In present-day, the virus named COVID 19 has become a threat to the modern human civilization of the world. Now maximum major countries of the world are going through a complete lockdown situation to control from the massive spread of this virus. The situation is so pathetic that the world is going to face an extreme recession after the outbreak is over. In this situation, the worldwide tourism industry has warned that the COVID-19 PANDEMIC could cut almost 50million jobs around the world. It could take up to 10-12 months for the industry to recover from this complete shutdown situation. As the tourism industry has contributed almost 10% GDP of India, the economy of our country will be badly affected by it. Immediately we need urgent fiscal and monetary measures that help protect jobs and will help the recovery of the tourism industry as soon as possible.

 When the outbreak of the pandemic will over travel Industry has to do a lot of effort for recovering the industry. Here I am giving some ideas which will help them to reboot their business.

Safety measures:- Before the spread of COVID 19 pandemic, safety measures meant life jackets during water sports and seat belts while traveling on a risky road. But now wearing a mask in public places and washing hands frequently have become safety measures to save one from unknown disease and pollution. So travel agencies will mention these measures as rules and regulations for travelers.  Even the members of the travel agency have to follow these rules. The present news shows that in Japan the outbreak of the coronavirus is comparatively lower than the other countries. One study has demanded that this is because of their healthy habits of wearing masks in public places and washing hands frequently, which they continue from the time of the outbreak of the swine flu pandemic in 2009. So it is shown that if we take preventive measures we can go for safe travel.

Safety Measures

More care and strict action:- Tourist agencies will have to be more careful in providing health services to customers. They will have to clean the hotel rooms and bathrooms regularly and have to wash bed covers, curtains and other commonly used things. Restaurants will have to prepare fresh foods in hygienic condition and they have to clean the dishes and utensils properly. It should be a rule for the members of a hotel, restaurant, and travel agency that if any of their members have any kind of sickness (even it is normal flu) he or she will take rest in house and will not work in that condition. The rule should be so strict that any kind of violation will be a punishable offense.

Limitations of gathering:-  Now a tourist spot means large gathering. Sometimes people cannot enjoy the natural beauty of the place for the mass gathering and it is also the main cause of spreading viral diseases. So the Government must fix a limit of daily visitors for a tourist spot and tourist agencies have to strictly follow it.

Medical checkup:- Although medical checkup is not directly linked with tourism yet if the Government can start a mandatory medical checkup before issuing the passport of every person for an international tour, it will be beneficial for the person. If the person gets sick in a foreign country then the medical reports will help in his treatment. Besides, every travel agency should hire personal doctors for the instant treatment of the tourists. From all these steps tourists will get enough assurance for their safe tour.

Innovative ideas:- starting tourism for business purposes after the pandemic, will be a great challenge for the Government as well as for the members of the tourism industry. It is like starting from the zero levels. So the beginning wants more care and attention. The government should introduce some attractive policies to promote tourism and the tourism agencies should make innovative ideas to attract tourists from not only in India but also from the rest of the world.

Pollution control:- Now the 21 days lockdown phase in India is showing how beautiful the pollution-free nature is. The air quality levels of the most polluted cities of India are improving, the birds are chirping on the roadside trees, the sea animals like crab, snail, etc are coming out without fear and they have already started their breeding process, dolphins have started to come near the coast. So nature is trying to reboot itself these days. In India tourism is based on the natural beauty of a place.  But excessive crowds, waste materials, and illegal buildings in tourist spots destroy the natural beauty of that place. From now every tourist agency must be careful about preserving the natural beauty of any place. The government should take strict actions for pollution.

COVID 19 this worldwide threat has ruined the economic structure of the whole world. It has already spread in more than 202 countries. Major countries like the USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, China, Iran, India have been badly affected by it. More than 800000 people are affected and more than 38000 people have already died due to this virus. Maybe it will take several months to set back in normal life. But we have to stay steady in this situation and have to fight against this pandemic. We should not lose hope. If we go through the pages of history we can see that from time to time civilization has to face various disasters, natural calamities, and pandemics. But we have overcome all these situations. So again we can overcome these bad days and again can start from the beginning.