6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candle light dinner

We celebrate for so many reasons- birthdays, wedding anniversaries, reunions and more. It’s nice to see people from your family or close circles come together and celebrate life. So, am I trying to say that a celebration can only take place in a group of people?

Maybe, yes.

Then, what about a couple celebrating or lovers or just two buddies?

Well, that too can happen right?

Then, how can they possibly celebrate?

Well, there are so so many ways like, to rent a yacht or go to Wonderla! Honestly, everyone’s definition of celebration varies in spite of the Oxford dictionary. However, being on the generic yet, not to generic stream, when it comes to two very special people who share the most beautiful bond deserve something special. Maybe, a candle light dinner in Goa by the waters?

Except for the hydrophobics, though.

Following are 6 steps to celebrate the most ecstatic candle light dinner with your special one:


Step 1: Rent a yacht or cruise


Rent a yacht or a cruise, depending upon your preference. Look up on Google, your friends’ suggestions, reviews given by people who experienced specific yachts and pick out the most favorable option for you. Remember, not all have the liberty to spend too much money. So, look out for a luxury yacht renter who can decorate your yacht just the way you need it in no time, at the most affordable rates. You can pick out from Sea Breeze Free Spirit, Catamaran and many more.


Step 2: Plan well- the cuisine, date, time, everything


When it comes to a candle light dinner, it’s assumed to be perfect! There’s no chance you can mess it up unless you want to drive away your partner with a lot of anger and embarrassment. So, start with a checklist of all the tasks you have to accomplish until the last day.

Let’s start with the menu- what cuisine do you need? Mexican, Italian, India? Pick out the Alcohol accordingly. For instance, Merlot goes with Italian- that’s for sure! Then, what about informing about the balloons, the candles, everything set-up? Call your yacht provider and tell him everything you need in-detail, ensuring you don’t go beyond your budget.


Step 3: Decoration


Although this comes under planning, how well you decorate is how beautiful your cruise shall look. You can keep it simple- go for white crockery, classy satin tablecloth, white napkins, peals all over the place and more.

Remember, it’s all supposed to be picture-perfect. It should look like a cheesy day with so much romance! However, decide upon a theme first in order to be a little mainstream and sorted in your mind.


Step 4: Music


Do you need a DJ? Or do you need an orchestra? When you rent a yacht, remember to confirm the availability or resources which are required. Music sets the tone and can really heat things up. Have a dance area next to your setup and see the magic!

You must have control of the volume- too high or too low volumes can turn out to be a turnoff! Above all, do not make the wires and other devices be visible- it is distracting and annoying.


Step 5: Don’t overdo it


There’s no point in having too many candles all over the place. There’s always a threat of burning down the entire place. So, be careful and do not overdo your decorations not just because of safety issues but, it can turn out to be tacky- red drapes all over the place, too many flowers etc. Try out limited scented candles, maybe?


Step 6: Conclusion


Dim it, make your lover feel like never before. Have some ‘Us’ time and enjoy the delicious gourmet food. It’s worth the pain to enjoy night dinner cruise.

5 Day-guide to exploring Vijayawada – Top things to do

From waterfront, break around to local food delight: 5 days exploring Vijayawada!


What if I tell you to take a holiday trip in Vijayawada and come back all the way more victorious & richer?


Yep, discovering the city of victory, Vijayawada – the laid back time, discovering spell bounding routes, the rich culture & politics, exploring thriving business hub for shopping, best varieties of vegetation, mesmerising medley of nature, the scenic vistas of hills, the Rivers & island galore, the geographically rich city & it’s delicious local cuisines – for those who are bitten by the travel bug, all makes it up for an interesting eye candy treat! But wait, if you are worried about spending, you need not be stingy on your pockets as Vijayawada is gonna be an affordable destination (seriously it is!)


So, stop spending, start experiencing…


Well, the best part? A series of sailing around with best enthralling water sports at the waterfront! If you are still not driven by the thirst of a serious case of wanderlust, I doubt, what will!


About Vijayawada Tourism:


Nestled peacefully on the banks of two great Rivers, the River Krishna & Budameru, Vijayawada is a city in Andhra Pradesh located about 5 km away from the Amravati, the state capital.


Vijayawada is famous for its educational worth for students, the cultural heritage, trade & commercial business hub, agricultural richness, & a diverse historical glory known for preserving ancient ruins that makes the city a veritable paradise in itself. The city is surrounded by spectacular scenic hills full of lushness that offer an extensive selection of sightseeing spots to build out your travel itinerary.


Apart from numerous caves & temples, Vijayawada is blessed with an enchanting beauty of lakes & River Island, forts, Buddhist artefacts that has paved the way of making it a favourite tourist spot especially for family vacations or romantic getaway!


If you are worried about the accommodation part, thanks to tourism opportunities, you have ample choices of well-maintained hotels equipped with a variety of amenities that you can book without much ache to your pockets!


So, pack your bags right away and embark on spotting on the best places of adventure & taking a tour in and around Vijayawada – wouldn’t that be a life? Count upon these experiences as you plan beforehand & let these experiences be your guide!


Day 1: Be a religious or history buff


Interest level: If you keep special interest in historical architecture or you are an ardent spiritual fanatic for historic & religious lessons, you are just at the right place!


The Undavalli caves


Just 6 km away south-west from Vijayawada, you will find the India’s ancient & medieval rock-cut architecture, “The Undavalli caves situated in Guntur district of Amravati region. A large volume of carvings abided by solid sandstone dated back to 4th & 5th century A.D. depicts sheer architectural skill to leave you spell bound. You will find a trail of Buddhist artefacts later converted to Hindu temples.


Mogalarajapuram Cave :


The ancient Mogalarajapuram Cave is situated 11 km away from the city of Vijayawada and its formation dates back to 5th century A.D. The cave actually houses three temples that form the landmark of the rich cultural heritage of Vijayawada.


One interesting fact about this cave is that it is assumed to be used by the Buddhist monks as the carvings of Buddha were later transformed into Hindu idols.


The cave claims a significant landmark of interesting carvings inside the temples where you will find religious idols of Lord Vinayaka & Lord Nataraja & the shrine of Goddess Durga. The cave also houses a massive carving of Lord Ardhanariswara which is one-of-its kind in Sothern India


Kondapalli Fort:


Situated at a distance of 16 km away from the city of Vijayawada, the Kondapalli fort is just one hour drive away.


Get schooled with the Reddy dynasty founded by Prolaya Vema Reddy, the builder of Kondapalli fort, who has built it close to his capital Kondaveedu. One intriguing feature of this fort is that the main entrance is made up of one single rock of granite while the other entrance known as the Golconda Darwaza serves as a gateway to the Jaggaiahpet Village.


With time, the kingdom that was reined by many other successors turned into flourishing business centre. The main attraction of the fort is the crest known as Tanisha Mahal or Palace. Apart from these, the inside of the fort features the Rani Mahal, the Dancing hall & the Arched hall. You will also find a reservoir & several other ruins inside the fort.


Tip: If you love light weight colourful wooden toys or other handicrafts, this is your chance to pick your favourite one as the Jaggaiahpet Village is famous for handicrafts.


Victoria Jubilee Museum


Located in Bandar road, Vijayawada, this archaeological museum was established in the year 1887 which is famous for its interesting collection of artefacts & sculptures. One major tourist attraction for is the colossal black granite statue of Lord Buddha that dates back to 3rd and 4th century A.D and has been well-preserved since ages by the government.


Built in an Indo-European style architectural framework, the museum displays a huge number of ancient idols, sculptures, stones, pottery, tools, inscriptions, cutlery, weapons, coins, metal works & paintings.


Kanaka Durga Temple:


Situated along the bank of Krishna River, you can visit the famous shrine of Kanaka Durga. To reach there, drive up to the Indrakeeladri hills amidst the serenity to find the temple precisely built in the fashion of ancient Dravidian architecture. Known for one of the 108 famous shakthipeethas, the idol is one unforgettable sight to behold for the devotees.


If you are lucky enough to visit the temple in the month of September, don’t miss the opportunity to seek the Goddess blessings on the nine days revelries of Dasara Sharan Navarathri celebrated every year with great pomp and gaiety.


 Other popular religious hotspots   


Apart from the above mentioned places of interest, the Subramanya Swamy Temple (4 km from Vijayawada), Hinkar Thirtha (20 km from the city), Gunadala Matha Shrine (1 km away from city-centre) are a must-to-visit places that adds up to the main attractions of Vijayawada.


Day 2:  Explore nature & shop till you drop


Interest level: For those who are nature lovers, Vijayawada is an interesting retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the city into the lap of tranquillity & nature.


Rajiv Gandhi Park:


Experience the freshness of delightful evening visiting the Rajiv Gandhi Park, situated at the entrance of the city. The Park is a gateway to the city of Vijayawada that welcomes its visitors with greeting of horticultural network & recreations that includes awe-inspiring trees, attractive flowers, lush green lawn & sidewalks.


You can also learn some awesome facts about the animals belonging to pre-historic ages from the replicas put up at the park. Also make sure you catch the bedazzling live musical fountain show that secures a favourite spot for the young & the old.


Besant Road shopping:

When you have come a long way to Vijayawada, why wait more for some real-time city shopping? You gotta go straight to the Besant Road to try out the local delights & colourful handicrafts that you can buy as home gifts for your close ones.


Here you can find a multitude of shops that sells handwoven Mangalagirisarees with colourful intricate designs to take your pick! And for some serious pickle lovers- time to grab your favourite mouth-watering local mango pickle-Avakkai, a local delightful tongue teaser prepared by locale experts!


So now, would you still advocate for online shopping?


Day 3: A visit to the River Islands


Bhavani Island



Interest level: 


For all nature & water lovers, explore some of the best family-friendly Islands & some serious water sports adventures in Vijayawada – so untouched & peaceful with absolute privacy, that you won’t find it elsewhere!


It ain’t a holiday without some serious fun & relaxation on Island…and the best choice is the Bhavani Island.


Located in the midst of the Krishna River is the Bhavani Island is just 4 kms away from the city and needs no introduction. This is one of the favourite Islands for visitors & the largest Island in Vijayawada, ideal for private picnics as it is surrounded by mangroves & well-maintained gardens. You can just laze around, play, eat, enjoy or simply relax along the pristine Island-your choice!


The River Island comes alive with multi-hued golden sunset presenting a panoramic view that’s worth beholding. Spend some tranquil moments with your loved ones amidst the mesmerizing greenery and enjoy a lot of activities such as


  •  Fishing
  •  Boating
  •  Water sport adventures
  •  Swimming
  • Cruising for pleasure
  • Ropeway


You can also jett-off to the Island for an awesome sailing experience and in return you get to enjoy an overseas feeling, the vibes that gets you instantly connected to the place.


Prakasam Barrage


Built across the Krishna River at the outskirts of Vijayawada, sited the huge Prakasam Barrage. This is mainly a road bridge that associates three water supply canals to facilitate water passage to the thermal plant station. Mainly used an irrigation project, this bridge on the Krishna River offers an excellent panoramic view & the delightful breeze during evening decked with colourful lightings at night. The place is also an all-inclusive adventure zone where you can explore exciting water sport activities such as boating, water scooting and parasailing.


And for selfie-lovers & photo fanatics, it’s bliss to capture some great private moments as well as photos of some rare species of migratory birds if you are lucky enough to spot them from the barrage.


Day 4: Tasting delightful local flavours


Interest level: If you are a foody, find the soul in delightful lip-smacking local Andhra flavour waiting for you to taste & try.


Make a reservation at…


Lotus – The Food City




The best part about this restaurant is delicious contemporary cuisines served at the waterfront sit out set-up, located just beside the Krishna River, across the Prakasam Barrage.


If you are visiting Vijayawada, it’s a sin to miss out the lip-smacking spiciest Andhra biriyani, tangy taste of curries and the chilly- tangy combo of snacks & semi- gravy delicacies. If you are a vegetarian, the tangy Mughal flavours of vegetarian thali are an ultimate vegetarian delight. Relish it & thank us later!


Also not-to-miss local items such as Chepala pulusu, Royyala iguru, Jinga masala, Pachadi, Kodi vepudu, Lasooni machi tikka, Minapappu(Laddu made from roasted Urad dal) , Nellore Chicken Biriyani, appu Koora (Lentil based dish) and many more delicacies within the menu! Enjoy the meal coupled with LIVE music. It’s indeed, phenomenal!


Minerva Coffee Shop


The speciality of this coffee shop is the authentic steaming filter coffee to enjoy.


This is an exclusive vegetarian cuisine restaurant with a huge fan base since ages. Relish the taste of the authentic steaming filter coffee that surpasses the taste of any contemporary coffee shop. The restaurant also serves sumptuous food for its patrons.


If you are looking to try out delicious top-notch dosas & grab some quick delicious snacks, this is where you will find it!


Sweet Magic 


Ah! Sweet magic? What’s so sweet about it?


But it’s more than a name! Originally started as a traditional sweet store in Vijayawada, it has spanned across the city with many outlets to include traditional local cuisine of the regions.


For Biriyani lovers, this is an absolute Biriyani paradise with 15 varieties of Biriyanis to try out! Yummy!


Sizzle up your taste buds with the super spicy famous Red chilli biryani, Prawn biryani, Ginger biryani, Ulavacharu biryani, Avakai biryani, Mutton keema biryani, and the all-time favourite Dum biryani. If you still don’t try out, you are seriously missing something


Day 5: Nightlife partying at the waterfront.



Have party in mind while you are in Vijayawada? Time to try out this luxury floating restaurant-Tanvi River Cruise, the floating platform that makes up for an extraordinary venue for group partying!


Yes, on the waterfront side! Get into the party mode with an ultimate waterfront party and dining adventure. The waterfront party cruising offers its patrons a whole new level while cruising along the magnificent Krishna River waterfront. Chill out sipping delectable flavours of drinks, munching snacks & dancing on the beats of foot-tapping live music. Cap off the magic of the night vibe on floating cruise!


For on-ground party lovers, Vijayawada offers real party entertainment to the youths. Head on to the “10 Downing Street” party pub with your friends where you can party with non-stop rocking music and dance the night away. Keep Partying hard!


With so many flavours to try out and experience, do you still need a reason to visit Vijayawada for this holiday rendezvous? Get it all covered!

7 Point checklists to consider before you buy a Boat & Yacht!

“If you have fallen in love with boats, you definitely should own one”.

Now that you are thinking of buying your private dream Boat or Yacht, you must be pondering over the questions that you have in mind?


There are many who own a boat but are not happy owners. So, it’s better to look before you leap rather than crying over a wrong boat purchase. So before you buy, ponder on a thousand questions; take into account a number of factors that can help you land upon a final decision. There might be tonnes of advices brewing up in the digital space the moment you search upon a checklist to consider while buying a boat. But believe me! You don’t necessarily need to follow these advices if you understand what the buying benchmarks actually involve.

When it comes to buying a new boat, you definitely need to be more self-evaluative and predictive while choosing the boat type you want.  Jet ski, wakeboard, luxury yacht, seasonal boat, speed boat- any boat type you choose, you should also consider the purpose, whether for private usage or hire, the purchase process, budgeting, period of usage, condition, stabilization, maintenance, electronic suite fit  etc. – everything detailed out in a check book in hand when you step into the shopping marketplace.

Take a look at these 10 point checklists that might be useful while choosing the right boat for you.


  1. Where shall I start with?

Once you are all set for some serious boat shopping, the best place to start is searching online. You can access variant models, types, features and benefits. Take a 360 degree virtual tour, search by length, colour or model name perching on your chair right from home. You can even customize the kind of boat you want as per the availability & location.


  1. Which type of boat shall I buy?

This depends upon how you will enjoy the boat. Is it for your passion & entertainment, private family vacation or adventure sports?  Each boat comes with a distinct specialization & compatibility with the engine suite fit, diverse nuts & bolts. Each boat idealizes a specific usage such as a boat with open cockpit is ideal for fishing while a floating dock can be an excellent moving party cruiser for weekends in marinas.  So it’s better to make a thorough check.


  1. Do I have the convenience to go to waters anytime with ready-to take-off cruiser?

This is an important deciding factor as a lot depends upon your ease of timing to cruise upon. Do you have enough time to cruise? Or you are okay with simply paying off the docking charges even if you are not in town? Will you embark upon a voyage on choppy waters? Are you a day-time cruiser or you mostly prefer nights for sailing?


  1. As my budget is fixed, how do I decide upon boat features that will fit to my taste and personal usage?

It’s always a wise investment to go by sailing opportunities of your boat that you will purchase. The right boat can earn you a multitude of entertainment on waters via fishing, ski, tube, family union party and much more. Also, going by tight budget constraints, keep approximately 60% of the budget for the purchase; while the rest 40% as saving for serving related costs.


  1. What is the passenger capacity & top speed of the boat?

One necessary step to consider before you purchase is testing the vessel on waters. It’s obvious you won’t like to settle even if the seller of the boat authenticates it as “runs good”. This won’t satisfy you, right? Instead, go for a test drive with your family. Check the throttle and their positioning as you manoeuvre. Does it take smooth turns at all speeds? Check for the boat load capacity when it is high on speed as well as at idle speed.  Check for the boat feel, sound and performance.


  1. Should I purchase a new one or a used boat?

A lot of high quality used boats are available at much reasonable rates or as much as at the same cost of brand new boats. While you are opting for the older one, a lot of hidden problems should be taken into account. Check for common issues such as engine conditions, electrical systems, bilge pumps, detection of saturated foam in the hull, cabin leaks etc. that can turn out to be life-threatening if ignored during inspection. Even if you chose a brand new one, make sure you test it on waters and enjoy the warranty that comes along with it.


  1. Shall I get package deal with the purchase?

The type of the boat you buy and if it is a new or old will determine the deal and the package stuffs included within. You can receive the equipment list from the seller that will include all the amenities and accessories within.

These 7 points checklists are not enough. There are more aspects of the boat that are uniquely different and the way they behave on waters.  Finding your perfect dream boat needs a thorough research and prompt scrutiny of all the pros and cons along with the important determinants that will work the best for you. Else it can ruin your happy weekend holidays and turn out to be a sea of trouble for you.

Valentine’s Day Craze is not over yet! 10 events to plan next on waters!

The Valentine’s Day is all over! But won’t it be unfair if you think it’s just a one-day-celebration affair? You still have 364 more days to switch things up. Ah! The sour and sweet taste of love; the craze of romance as when most lovers would agree seems unquenchable. So why define love by translating all your sentiments in just one date when your love calendar can go far beyond? After all, love is not measured by mere pack of chocolates, bouquet of roses or any expensive gift you plan throughout these 7 days in the Valentine’s Day basket! That sweet and tingling feeling, that passionate revelation from the bottom of your heart is an expression of each single day and at all seasons.


So, forget clichéd Valentine’s Day celebrations and try something different this year. Leaving aside these fancy & expensive gifts, here is a list of provocative points that can help you in love celebrations the entire love season! Steal a glance.


  1. Couple romance on sightseeing yacht

Sometimes an uninterrupted time together counts more than a gift. Ignite your love once again cruising aboard the yacht with your loved one. The mesmerizing scenic views surrounded by wild greens are purely breath-taking. One of the favourites is the exotic daily Champions cruises in Goa. They offer best luxury cruise packages that will surely present a good chance to woo your partner – well, it actually matters!


  1. Explore the Dolphin world

How about a dolphin sunset cruise on the Valentine’s season that takes the two of you through the Dolphin Island? If you are lucky enough, you can spot a few bottlenose dolphins or even some of the acrobatic skills by these smart lovely water creatures. Also lookout for diverse species of birds around that soars high up in the sky – a memorable adventure that will surely sizzle up fun, romance and excitement!

  1. Hop on Island & Fishing

Propose your love once again – this time, with an open invitation to explore the galactic waters of pristine island. This is a perfect moment to mingle – just the two of you!  This is a day just for you and your love. Don’t forget to explore the spells of romance while relaxing on the romantic beach-side, hopping on romantic catamaran tour, or roaming aimlessly across the beach, hand-in-hand with your love.


Also nothing is as romantic when you are in a fun fishing date with partner. Well, it’s a game of trials!  The soundtrack of waters crashing against each other while in between hooking some colourful fishes amidst romantic sunset or sunrise on waters is divinely romantic! Capture these wonderful memories; cherish them later!

  1. Overnight Stay on luxury yacht

Outdoorsy couples! For valentine’s escape, predictive getaway is a mainstream, but what if your experience starts off with luxury romantic overnight stay-on-yacht? Wow! A quality time with your sweetheart begins with special Valentine’s intimate dinner & cocktails for two, complimentary Catamaran sailing experience and some classic boat rides. And a special Honeymoon suite to whisk your love with glamour and romance – nothing counts more romantic than this!


  1. Open table candle light dinner on yacht

A Valentine’s menu with a glass of champagne for couples nestled around the waters is a romantic surprise for your love. Plan a lovely-dovey day at this Cupid’s water corner, perched cosily on a romantic dinner date with your sweetheart. The spectacular sunset trailed by a set-delectable menu is love-inspired! It is meant to be relished under the stars above the roof-top deck that spells a love story by itself. Enjoy the difference!


  1. Crazy Romance amidst Need for Speed

Love the need for speed? Now, experience this as couple on waters. Celebrate crazy moments with some interesting water adventures such as Jet Ski, Paragliding or skydiving. Showing off love to your special one braving the high sea waters is something that will definitely add flavour to your taste of celebrations.  Hit the water sports with your lover. Also try out a whole spectrum of activities that includes kayaking, paddling, banana boat ride, speed boat and many more.


  1. Scuba diving in pair – Turn up your romance!

With skin tight wetsuits, turn up your love under water; this time with the most addictive pastime – Scuba diving (lasting for 30 minutes). As lovebirds, try this special bonding experience. Explore this euphoric experience of balancing your breath being in the moment while you spot intelligent friendly aliens into the beautiful marine world such as colourful corals, butterfly fish, seahorses, trigger fish and much more. Not to forget to capture these right moments with wide-angled under water photos with your love.

  1. Hit up the Cruise DJ dance floor

Looking for a crowd pleasing dancing platform? Try something different with an upper deck DJ platform on floating cruise. Dance your way out with your lover on the floating DJ music & dance platform. Start off with cheesy LIVE music beats. Lead your partner’s steps with ballad, cha-cha, tango, salsa or local dance that can set your mood for the rest of the night.


  1. An intimate day picnic on Island at the water’s edge

The waterfront island is definitely inviting for lovers to enjoy an exclusive romantic picnic for two. Enjoy each other’s company amidst the lush green landscape and the picturesque view of pristine waters across the city skyline. Spoil yourself with the breath-taking views, scrumptious food from the picnic basket complemented by some live romantic music numbers. Of course, the ambiance with a spark of romantic allure will leave you spell bound, so even if you don’t look into each other’s eyes and get deviated, there won’t be anyone to judge you lovebirds! J


  1. Watch an open air theater on waters

Take your loved one out over the placid waters under the stars for viewing an open-air cinema – it’s an absolute romance on waters! Lavish your date with one of the classic vessels aboard the yacht. Experience the vibe of an incredible setting as you cosy up with your sweetheart on sophisticated floating lounge with river lagoon is at the backdrop. You will be enticed with special food & beverage experience that will simply make your day. Nothing beats this electrifying romance on waters!


Isn’t it tempting? This list promises an obvious romantic, yet magical experiences to evoke for love birds and are paired with the most elite, yet unique celebrations. So couples! Let your imaginations fly and heart flutter with Luxury Cruise packages in Goa, best customized by you this evergreen Valentine’s season.

The Romantic destination Goa offers fun-filled luxury cruise parties

Goa arguably the hottest and romantic destination offers fun-filled cruise parties and luxury cruises to the tourists. No holiday in Goa can be complete without having experienced at least one outing at sea. Some of the luxury cruises in Goa are as follows.


    Book Valentine day Party in Goa :  Get A Quote

Luxury cruise in Goa

Goa arguably the hottest and romantic destination offers fun-filled cruise parties and luxury cruises to the tourists. No holiday in Goa can be complete without having experienced at least one outing at sea. Some of the luxury cruises in Goa are as follows:

Chill-out and romance with your beloved in the Arabian Sea

Yachts can be rented for the celebration of special occasions like Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, weddings, romantic dinners and others to enjoy an endearing time aboard the exclusive yacht without other people.

Luxurious Yachts such as Free Spirit, Sea Breeze, Catamaran, Majesty 44, Ciao Bella, Fair Line Diamond, Sea Ray 290 studded with Stereo Music System, Refrigerator, Toilets, Deck and air-conditioned bedrooms and living rooms are available in Goa. The exclusive yacht ride offers an opportunity for the much-needed personal time which is quite popular among couples.

Luxury Cruise with Gala Dinner

You can cruise away passing through some of the most beautiful spots of Goa

in a luxury yacht with dinner on board. Different from many ordinary activities in Goa, this yachting experience is a treat and truly unmissable. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available and dinner is served in grand style. You can enjoy sunbathe aboard the yacht and conclude the exciting tour after a minimum of 2 hours and return home with lots of memories. This is a customized tour and you can book it at your convenience.

Party Cruises

Exciting luxury sea breeze cruise provides glimpses of coastal Goa with an unparalleled experience. Elegantly designed cruises with timber flooring and elegant panelling offer panoramic views. They are equipped with elegantly done bedrooms, music system with Bluetooth, wi-fi facility, LED TV and mobile charging facilities. The cruises can take 10 to 50 guests at a time. There are also bars, restaurants and viewing galleries. There is an option for a day cruise or even an overnight stay experience in luxury cruise.

While cruising through high waters you can enjoy some refreshing moments sipping your champagne.

Party Cruises in Goa

The exclusivity of the yachting experience without having to share with other tourists is a hot favourite among party lovers and the best option for family holidays and corporate weekends in Goa. Yachts are available in various capacities and can be rented to celebrate special occasions like romantic dinners, birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Champagne Breakfast Cruise in Goa

A breakfast served with champagne or sparkling wine while cruising aboard a luxury yacht is still new in many countries. Perfect for corporate meetings you can enjoy the endless sights of the vast Arabian Sea, and revel in a classy breakfast. The salty breeze will greet you and will make your day memorable.

Overnight Stay on Yacht in Goa

A floating holiday on the Goan backwaters is perhaps the most enchanting and luxurious holiday experience. Highly motivated and well-trained staff provides attentive, personalized and warm service to its guest allowing you to enjoy luxury in a new and relaxed manner.

Floating on the Chapora River for sightseeing to Ashwem, Siolim, Morjim and Sunset Point is an awesome route. Bird Watching, Kolvadi, and Crocodile Point to enjoy the lovely backwaters is yet another.

Birthday Fun on a Yacht !!

Celebrate your love ones birthday party in Goa

Birthdays are a way to celebrate a significant milestone in one’s life; they are special to everyone across ages. The preferences of celebrations are largely influenced by the stage in life; children ideally enjoy distributing toys and sweets, and inviting friends for a fun play session. Young adults enjoy private parties, movies and dinning, while older adults enjoy their privacy and usually plan to travel, indulge in charity services etc. People world over rejoice this day with their family and loved ones.

While all of us might have our own preferences and plans for our special day, have you ever heard of any individual who will say no to a Yacht Birthday Party at Goa? Rest assured, none of us ever have and never will.

Yes, our yachts can be your next birthday venue. What better way to celebrate and honour your loved ones with a grand yacht birthday bash. At the Champions Yacht Club we make your Birthday a joyful, bubbly and a memorable event. You can leave it all to us while you kick start your party.

Kids, Teenagers or Adults we can cater to any audience and ensure their smiles do all the talking. The décor, music and fun games are specially customised to suit your liking and those of your audience.
The exuberant Joy of Birthday magic is in the air with us on board as your partner. Whatever be the number of your guests and the budget in your pocket we can make your dream celebration come to life. Our specialist team is known to wow their audience with a magical touch of sweet surprises to get them infected with the party spirit and get them all rocking and rolling.

We create magical experiences on board as you enjoy the charms of the sea. The finest yachts across Asia are anchored at the Champions Yacht Club. Wining, dinning and partying under the star-lit sky; we can recreate a mystical birthday party at the sea. Crystal clear waters, golden brown sand, balmy sea breeze, blue horizons coupled with the joys of sunshine, you have all the reasons to celebrate your birthday at the sea.

If you too wish to surprise you’re loved ones with a super special birthday, please feel free to explore our luxury yacht suite at Goa that suits your needs.

Come Cruise Away this Birthday with Champions Yacht Club!!

Why you too should rent a yacht or Boat!!

Rent a luxury boat in Goa

You may have a series of options sorted for your next holiday – a list of package tours, hotels, resort by the beach to get a great tan, relish a romantic star lit dinner or go club hoping with friends and family. So why hire a yacht?

Many of us dream of owning a yacht or a boat but may be restricted due to various reasons – no garage/storage space, family concerns, money, location. All these are undoubtedly genuine concerns but not enough to rob you off a once in a life time yachting experience without bearing the hassles of owning one.

The recent times have seen an upsurge in boating options, from the share type arrangements, luxury boats, premium yachts, old style boats to catamarans. There is a boating option available for everyone according to their taste, finances and skills.

A yacht holiday can never match up to any other holiday experience you have ever had before, it’s a floating dream that gives you all the privacy and personal time to make closer bonds with all your loved ones.

It’s a vacation like no other, the sense of freedom, accomplishment, power and control can almost get you into an addictive trance. This is why people who charter a yacht do it repeatedly and will not easily settle for a hotel when they have the entire sea as their holiday home.

You should try renting a yacht for the series of benefits it offers:

  • Ideal for families, corporate, bachelor/bachelorette parties and romantic getaways.
  • Gives you the privacy to plan your destination as per your desire.
  • Enjoy different locations every hour without having to get rushed or repack.
  •  Avoid those huge tourist crowds that can rob you off your private space
  • Simple to learn, you do not need any prior experience or skill sets to go yachting. It’s for anyone and everyone with the desire and passion.
  • You can choose to hire private staff and chefs who can serve you exotic food in the midst of the sea.
  • Breath-taking sunsets, marine life and sailing beneath the starry night make it a surreal experience.
  • Moreover you can enjoy popular water sports like Jet Ski, Parasailing Snorkelling, Kayaking, Kite-Surfing, Wind-Surfing, Rafting, Diving and more…..

At the Champions Yacht Club we provide you all of this for a luxury yachting experience that is the ultimate way to live a divine holiday. All of our customers tell us “It was the best holiday ever”

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A perfect yacht holiday in Goa !!

Most of us simply love being around water, it is the one of the most exhilarating holiday experiences one can have. It is a fun way to relax, unwind and party, be it with friends, family or even on a corporate event. What more a reason than to dive into the magical waters of Goa, far away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

At Champions’ Yacht Club we let you soak in the charisma of the majestic sea through a wide range of yacht services.

What’s unique about the Champions Yacht Club is that it is a one stop destination for a perfect holiday experience. From Luxury yacht cruises, boats, yacht parties, club memberships, franchise options to marine products and supplies, you name it and we got it.

We offer a variety of luxury yacht and boat services to enable you live a host of magical experiences like never before. The Champions club is the proud owner of the finest luxury yachts available across Asia.

You can opt to rent yachts from a wide range of options that suit your budget and purpose. Whether you are in need of a private family holiday, a classy corporate event, a fun yacht or boat party in Goa, we have yachts that can set the mood of your event.

All of the packages are inclusive of professional trained staff to guide you on board and ensure a safe and fun experience. Alongside the exotic platter of exquisite food and drinks, we also offer a range of fun and adventurous activities that will pump up your adrenaline.

Activities include water sports like sailing, kayaking, para-sailing, jet skis, water zorbing, boat rides, speed boats, and a lot more events that can be packaged as part of your fun ride.

What’s more, we offer a wide gamut of services throughout the entire life cycle of a marina starting from the design, conceptual planning to maintenance, modernization and finally rebuild of marinas. Proven know how from years of experience along with our partners in the field makes us a reliable service partner.

This perfect holiday destination is also popularly chosen by the corporate community for activities that bring out behaviour that aids better team collaboration, communication & interpersonal effectiveness, developing better customer relationships and leadership success.

Whether a corporate, a family event or a fun yacht party at Goa if you too are keen on experiencing a memorable yacht holiday, get in touch with us today and plan your perfect yacht holiday.

What’s the Perfect Time to Enjoy the Sun, Sea and Yacht Club?

Hello Readers! Welcome to the Champions Yacht Club blog. This post will throw light on the best time and season to visit Goa and enjoy the beach, forts, or for a yacht vacation. Let’s dig in!

It goes without saying that Goa is one of the most loved tourist destinations in India. During summers, sip on a tropical drink, during monsoons, enjoy the spice gardens, and during winters, enjoy the sun falling softly on your skin and the golden sand cooling your feet. By far, according to tourist inclinations, the last option is loved the most.

In a nutshell, winter is the best time to visit Goa.

Sunrise in Goa

During winter, this little tropical paradise becomes extremely mild and pleasant. The peak season starts from early October and stays the same till the mid of March. If you visit Goa anytime during these five months, you can enjoy all three seasons i.e. autumn, mild winter, and spring, all blended into the fun and frolics of Goa. The temperature during this time ranges between 15°C to 25°C and the humidity being particularly low gives tourists ample time to enjoy the seaside as well as the nightlife.

It is during the time of winter that Goa welcomes thousands of holidaymakers with open arms from all across the world. Renowned events such as musical festivals, Christmas and New Year parties, winter carnival, are the most popular attractions of Goa if you are visiting during winter.

Almost all the hotels in Goa will be overflowing with travel enthusiasts looking for accommodations starting from last of the September month. Small seaside shacks and homestays are also becoming quite popular these days. In fact, many tourists are opting for homely and cozy homestays without the frills of luxury hotels as this gives them the pleasure of staying closer to nature.

Yacht Party in Goa

You can enjoy a yacht party in Goa, enjoy the Goan nightlife by visiting the local pubs, you can go on a trek to the nearby trails, or you can simply soak up under the winter sun. But don’t forget to hog on fresh prawns and crabs available in all local seaside eateries.

Tourists who have been to Goa during both peak summer and winter will be able to relate to the stark difference in the ambiance and climate change. Frankly, it is quite a striking contrast. If you don’t want to miss all the fun and action that is happening here, just pack your bags and come to Goa.

Now imagine this.

Ports in Goa

And all this you can get at unbelievable prices. Champions Yacht Club offers luxury boating and yachting in Goa with a large fleet of Catamarans, Boats, Cruisers & Yachts. Be it a birthday bash, island excursions & barbeques, fishing expeditions, snorkeling, corporate parties, or celebrating a special occasion with your loved ones – we have it all here at the Yacht Club.

We ensure you have a luxury experience on our yachts that will leave a memory of a lifetime. You can also choose Luxury Memberships with cruises and stay, on luxury yachts. So what are you waiting for? Come to Goa and check out the best luxury cruise experience of a lifetime!!!

Visit www.championsyachtclub.com for more details. You may also contact us at +9177740 62627 or write to us at [email protected]