Goa in Summers: Things to do in Goa during Summer Holidays


Goa experiences summer during the months of March, April, & May mostly, it also welcomes the clear blue sky and merely no chances of rain. No doubt the summer sun would be harsh somewhere around 33-40 degrees Celsius but there are perks of planning a trip to Goa during the summers.

Firstly, since it would be all sunny & hot which is why it happens to be the offseason for Goa. The best part is, that you save yourself from the pain of finding the right hotel in Goa at the best prices. The flight charges to Goa are approximately low due to the offseason.

Secondly, you save yourself from visiting overcrowded places in Goa with an utmost comfortable visit. It would be a serene holiday when you are not surrounded by the huge crowd, the beaches in North Goa and South Goa would be sparingly crowded to let you enjoy the scenic beauty of Goa in solitude.

Things to do in Goa during Summers

Here’s the list of the interesting things to do in Goa during the most colourful days when the sun shines bright and nice, check out the most interesting stuff you can do as you enjoy the best & energetic days in Goa.

Explore the unexplored


Goa is not only about Baga beach, or Anjuna beach, it has more to it, to explore the real Goa you have to go off track, you can take a tour to Dudhsagar falls to enjoy the scenic beauty of one of the great waterfalls in India surrounded by the refreshing greenery around it. You can also find some time to visit the Portuguese-influenced forts like Sinquerim Fort, Arvalem Caves, Lamhau Caves, and many more unexplored beaches and islands.

Treat your taste buds with Goan Cuisines

Goan food is all about the traditional spices & sticking to the authentic & old method of preparing the food. When you are surrounded by beaches & sea, do not miss any chance to treat yourself with mouth-smacking seafood & fish curry traditionally cooked in Goan style. You can try the very famous xacuti curry and Portuguese-influenced Seradurra and many desserts to end your day on a sweeter note!

Be a part of Summer Festivals in Goa


Goa is never out of energy, unlike other states in India, Goa does not celebrate festivals every month but they host a few festivals during summers. One of the best ones is the Mango Festival in Goa, where mangoes of all varieties are displayed in a competition. There is a festival of Cashew & Coconut which is observed in May. The summer festivals come to an end with the legendary Sao Jao Festival where everyone wear feather dresses, crowns & enjoys their folk dance. it is always fun to be a  part of Goa’s festivals.

Breathe & let your soul breathe

Goa does not only offer discos, beaches, & booze, it also hosts a lot of physical adventures & experiences that health enthusiasts love to be a part of. The calming sunrise & sunset by the beaches are the best combination to a lot of yoga classes that are hosted by the Gurus & a few resorts also have yoga masters to offer a relaxing time in Goa.

Dolphin Watching in Goa


Goa is all about sea beaches & aquatic life and to experience it to the best limit, all you have to do is board a jetty & get going into the sea during the sunrise. Spend a nice time watching the dolphins, sea urchins, and other sea creatures.

Try the adventurous watersports

You will find plenty of watersports in Goa starting from the average ones to the breath-taking ones too. Try out scuba-diving, parasailing, rafting & many more to explore the beauty underneath the blue sheet of the Arabian Sea. Summers is the best time to enjoy the watersports in Goa as it would feel soothing under the water.

Rent a yacht in Goa & go sailing


Yachting has become a luxury statement for people travelling to Goa. Not only that, the yacht rental companies in Goa offer the best & relaxing days to their customers. The luxury yachts in Goa have every comfort attached to the yacht rooms that are lavish & comfortable. The yacht rentals also offer a scrumptious buffet & BBQ in the evening to have fun on the deck!

Don’t miss out on any chance to experience the yachting & sailing, and most importantly the sunrise from the yachts. It is serene!

Hope this blog helps you in managing & organizing your trip to Goa during the summers & making it happen the entire time.

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