Why will you choose Vijayawada as your ultimate Vacation Spot

Wonder why… A mystery world of natural splendours, alluring unexplored locations picturesquely surrounded by medium sized hills, fascinating Buddhist pilgrimages which Andhra Pradesh is a home to. Andhra Pradesh tourism offers an interesting platter of visual treat and enchanting experiences. Connect with the wanderlust inside you in Amazing Andhra! Around Vijayawada… Being amongst the list … Continue reading "Why will you choose Vijayawada as your ultimate Vacation Spot"

Top holiday packages to try out for party, water sports & fun at Vijayawada

  “Choose the best celebration holiday package for a great paradisaical experience”. Bhavani Island in Vijayawada.  Might sound as small a river Island but in real sense this is a place of infinite adventure offerings! To experiment this not-so-known yet interesting place, step your foot onto the picturesque and mesmerizing unexplored Island River. Yes, this is just … Continue reading "Top holiday packages to try out for party, water sports & fun at Vijayawada"

Birthday Fun on a Yacht !!

Birthdays are a way to celebrate a significant milestone in one’s life; they are special to everyone across ages. The preferences of celebrations are largely influenced by the stage in life; children ideally enjoy distributing toys and sweets, and inviting friends for a fun play session. Young adults enjoy private parties, movies and dinning, while … Continue reading "Birthday Fun on a Yacht !!"

Team Building activities in Goa.

Over the last few decades, organisations have grown past the singular focus on driving competitive work environments to a more holistic work enrichment process, where team members grow and develop in a positive atmosphere and thus the emphasis on team building activities. One of the key factors that constitute successful organisations is dedicated and hardworking … Continue reading "Team Building activities in Goa."