Goa 2023- Land of Golden Shores, Beautiful Beaches, and Adventure Sports


Nestled on the western coast of India, Goa’s magnetic charm attracts travelers with its sun-soaked beaches, vibrant nightlife, and a myriad of experiences. Known as the ‘Pearl of the Orient,’ Goa impresses with its paradoxical blend of serene temples and neon-lit nightclubs. It is a popular saying that once you have been to Goa, you will feel like visiting this place again and again. This place equally attracts honeymooners, budding photographers, solo travelers, marine life enthusiasts, and wildlife lovers. It is a haven for adrenaline junkies.

With a myriad of adventure sports in Goa, it becomes a perfect destination to visit any time of the year. As you explore this beautiful land, be prepared to be swept off your feet by water sports in Goa.

Things to do in Goa

In this blog, we bring you a glimpse of the top adrenaline-pumping activities that Goa has in store for thrill-seekers in 2023.

Water sports in Goa, Calangute Beach

Dubbed the ‘queen of beaches,” Calangute Beach in North Goa is a hangout zone for nature enthusiasts and adventure lovers alike. While the pristine waters and sandy shores create a calm atmosphere, the beach pulses with energy as it offers an array of water sports. Kids and adults can enjoy the activities in the evening here. The shacks offer fresh seafood and an array of cocktails. From parasailing to jet-skiing, banana rides to water surfing, Calangute Beach is a playground for those who are interested in water sports in Goa.

Dive into the depths at Grand Island

In 2023, if you are planning a trip to escape from the regular 9 to 5 life, then Goa is the perfect destination. It will help you relax your mind, body, and soul! If you are fascinated by marine life, a journey to Grand Island is an absolute must. Immerse yourself in the world beneath the waves with activities like scuba diving and snorkeling. With the help of professional instructors, you can explore coral reefs and even discover sunken shipwrecks. After a fishing trip, relish a sumptuous barbeque of the day’s fresh catch. This experience is adventurous and adds a unique dimension to your Goa trip.

Conquer the waves with windsurfing

Windsurfing, a thrilling blend of surfing and sailing, is one of the adventure sports in Goa that is truly unmissable. If you are a beginner, then don’t worry as there are trained professionals who will help you take on the challenge of harnessing the wind’s power to glide gracefully across the waves. They use the best quality equipment to ensure a safe experience. You can enjoy the panoramic views of the stunning ocean line as you indulge in this extremely adventurous activity. The availability of several trainers and equipment rental companies makes Goa an ideal destination for windsurfing enthusiasts of all levels. This activity is equally good for friends, family, and corporate members.

Explore the terrain with Quad biking

Go beyond the beaches and explore the rugged terrains of Goa on a quad bike. A perfect activity in South Goa that gives you a chance to bond more with teammates as this activity is often chosen by corporates for team-building. Enjoy the thrill of off-road exploration as quad biking adds an adventurous twist to your Goan holiday. Get on a 4X4 powerful ATV beast and feel like a king as you traverse through lush forests, quaint villages, and challenging trails.

Paragliding for Sky-High Thrills

Visit Arambole Beach for this exhilarating experience. Feel the excitement of soaring like a bird as you take to the skies with paragliding. Overlook the stunning coastline, serene landscapes, and charming villages from a whole new vantage point. Capture the stunning beauty with your camera and make memories that will last in your mind forever. Tandem flights, led by experienced pilots, ensure a safe and memorable adventure that will let the adrenaline rush through your veins as you take sharp turns during this thrilling session of paragliding in Goa.

Experience the Speed of Jet skiing

Jet skiing is one of the most loved adventure activities in Goa as it fuels your need for speed by hopping onto a jet ski and skimming the ocean’s surface. Jet skiing is not only an adrenaline-pumping activity but also a perfect way to appreciate the beauty of the coastline. There are trained instructors who give proper training and also provide the equipment needed for jet skiing on rent. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the thrill of cutting through the waves is an experience that will surely make you feel like coming back to Goa again.

Discover Underwater Wonders with snorkeling

Bat Island is one of the places in Goa that is best for snorkeling. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Goa armed with a snorkel to admire the vibrant marine life that thrives beneath the surface. It is an activity that attracts zillions of marine life enthusiasts from all over the world. Snorkeling is an accessible adventure that doesn’t require extensive training. Once you dive into the azure blue waters of the Arabian Sea, you will be welcomed by a wide range of marine creatures. Float above coral gardens, swim alongside tropical fish, and immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of Goa’s underwater world.

With the increase in popularity of snorkeling in Goa, many snorkeling schools have cropped up near the beaches. All of them are equally good and provide good trainers who will help you throughout the underwater expedition.


In Goa, adventure enthusiasts can satiate their thirst for indulging in daredevil activities in several ways. Whether it is gliding on water, soaring through the air, or exploring the rugged terrains, adventure sports in Goa promise to create memories that will linger long after the journey comes to an end. So pack your backpack and set on this adventurous journey today!

Did you Know about these Best Things of Mayem Lake?

Mayem Lake is one of the most popular tourist attractions situated in Bicholim Taluka of North Goa. It is a famous tourist picnic spot and a must-visit place for travelers.

The increasing number of sightseers in Goa has increased the tourist inflow to Mayem Lake to spend time in the man-made lake, ride on paddle boats, and gaze at different species of birds that migrate from far-off places.

Apart from sighting beautiful animals and birds, you also get to enjoy an array of greenery consisting of trees like cashew, areca nut trees, coconut trees, betel leaves, and pineapple harvesting.

Goa is a beautiful tiny city with a lot of greens around and the beaches add to its beauty and serenity, there are spots in Mayem Lake from where you can see a glimpse of the capital of Goa, Panjim with river Mandovi from a far distance.

With an inclined tourism interest for Mayem Lake every passing day, Goa Tourism Development Corporations has established Mayem Lake View Resort that offers comfortable and affordable self-contained cottages and dormitories for tourists.

If you want to experience the best of Mayem Lake in Goa, October to March is the preferred time to wander around and view the best of greenery in Goa.

Tourist Places near Mayem Lake

Tourist Places near Mayem Lake

Revisit the history in the historic Corjuem Fort that is just a drive away, also famous for picnics, and you get to spend time learning about ancient times.

The perk of traveling to Corjuem Fort is that you can also visit Arvalem Caves that are located nearby. People who love to spend time in the lap of nature would enjoy their trip to Arvalem Waterfalls.

Nature is so closely bound in Goa that you can line up visiting the natural habitats one after the other.

Right after you enjoy the scenic waterfalls, you can directly head to the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and view the biodiversity of Western Ghats with the collection of the rarest plants and animals.

Visit the sacred places like Chamundi Temple at Pilligao which holds history from late 1312 behind the construction of the temple. Other than Chamundi Temple, you can visit Rudeshwar Temple that is near Arvalem falls.

What’s more to do at Mayem Lake?

Activities to do at Mayem Lake

As we all know, Goa is mostly visited by youngsters all around India, so water sports in Goa have their own recognition in the city. Water rafting and adventurous watersports have got the control over youngsters’ adrenaline rush and fun unlimited.

While you raft over the Mhadei River you can also plan your itinerary via Mhadei Sanctuary to get a closer view of the entire sanctuary. Enjoy the water ride amidst the greenery and scenic beauty of Goa & explore the magnificent Lake to its core.

As you travel around the city, you can reach the beautiful natural destination a few kilometers away from the east of Mapusa via public transport.

Champions Group has been contributing towards the tourism and beautification of Mayem Lake. There are a total of 36 boating options including rafting and other adventure water sports introduced to promote Mayem Lake.

Try the leisure rides by Champions Yacht Club and have the best time ever.

These are some of the things you would love to explore when you plan a trip to Goa and head towards Mayem Lake.  Write to us, in case we missed out on something, or let us know if this helped you out in planning your trip to Mayem Lake.

Happy Journey & wishing you a lot of fun and adventure!

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10 Exciting water sports activities in Goa during monsoons

Regardless of the season, it’s always the weary soul that asks for a break after a grueling stressful week, whether at home or at office. This monsoon, ditch the sunshine and throngs of tourists around. What you get to explore are the calm & peaceful empty sea beaches, drenched lush greenery, swelling sea & waterfalls and great economic deals to bet on! Isn’t it great?!!

So hop around, take a relaxing walk by the beach or simply discover the magical romance of the rain with the earth. But if you are an adventure junkie, water sports in Goa are a must-try activity to explore even during the monsoons.

Being the off-season time of the year as called by many, water sports in Goa are the best to soak oneself & venture into the world of water waves. If you are still wondering what all are included within the water sports list, here are top exciting water sport activities in Goa to satiate your incurable adventure lust.

1.Jet Ski:

Jet Ski

If you want to explore the beauty of water waves at high speed, try riding the Jet ski which is super fun. The adrenaline pumping fun ride offers a chance to have some serious fun with waves. Gliding and sliding through the waters, you can also catch a glimpse of magnificent sites across the coastlines. 


2. Speed boat:

Speed boat

Be the captain of your own group as you explore this high speed fun activity on-board. Nothing can beat the thrill of speed boats as you sail through the roaring waves controlling the speed boat all by yourself. This is best sport to enjoy with whole family filled with laughter and screams.


3. Scuba diving:

Scuba diving

If underwater life fascinates you, scuba diving is just the perfect adventure. Dive under the waters and explore treasures of underwater marine life. Your adventure holiday is incomplete if you haven’t experienced the beautiful coral reef beneath the sea surface.



Parasailing in Goa

You cannot measure the vastness of the sky but with parasailing,you can fulfill your wish o being a bird and flying in the sky. This adventure sport is a thrilling activity of soaring high in air above the water level towed at high altitudes.

It’s fun & mind blowing which offers great scenic views. Learn the art of balance and glide with the breeze or simply go with the flow maintaining a steady mind-set. But make sure that you are armed with enough protective mechanisms for personal safety.


5.Fly boarding:

Fly boarding

If you are a true adventurer, fly boarding is something that you should definitely give a shot on. This action thriller ride which is a combination of jet ski and jet pack allows you to fly in the air ,15 meters above the sea. With incredible twists, sweeps and turns fly boarding is one of the most adrenaline pumping water-sport.


6.Banana Boat ride:

Banana Boat ride

Enjoy this thrilling ride with your friends sitting on a banana shaped tube which is connected to a speed boat as you slide through the ocean waves avoiding being flipped over. This water sport is super fun and is most loved by family and even the kids. Explore the fun!!


7.Backwater Cruising:

Backwater Cruising

If you are in Goa and haven’t experienced cruising yet, you are not a water baby. Take the backwater cruise along the Mandovi River, Islands, Chorao and Divar. Backwater cruising comes with an exciting mix of a variety of entertainment, sightseeing, dolphin spotting, crocodile watching, fishing activities and much more. Explore the fun.


8.Water skiing:

Water skiing

For water sport lovers, this sport is the most adventurous sport to try on that requires the game of balance, patience and a lot of strength while riding on the waves. It’s challenging and pure fun. Try it!




A kayaking on the Mandovi river or Nerul river in the monsoon is highly enjoyable. Exploring the scenic view of surroundings and passing through the lush green mangroves and   pristine beaches is an absolute peace and fun.


10. Ringo Ride:

Ringo Ride

Enjoy this fun ride on a circular tube which is pulled by a speed boat. This speedy ride is thrilling as you skip on the water surface trying not to lose your balance and falling off. This is one of the amusing water sport in Goa.

These water sports activities in Goa are sure to offer you unmatched thrilling experience to test on the waters. Trying these water sports activities are complete safe when other water based activities are inoperable during monsoon. Refresh your soul in the water paradise this monsoon.