Benefits of Champions Yacht Club Membership in Goa

Yacht Club membership in Goa offers an array of benefits to its members, including discounted prices on yacht club membership, beach club benefits, and other exclusive facilities and member events. As the most inclusive yacht club in Goa, Champions Yacht Club allows you to enjoy all of the best parts of your vacation while providing you with unmatched service and amenities that you won’t find anywhere else. At Champions Yacht Club, we understand that not everyone has the time or resources to plan a vacation from scratch—so we provide you with everything you need to enjoy your stay.

The Ultimate Vacation Destination

Champions Yacht Club is one of the most popular yacht companies in Goa. It offers a wide range of discounted prices for its members. Plus, there are numerous beach club benefits that make it a great choice for those looking for the ultimate vacation destination. Membership rates are significantly lower than non-member rates, and exclusive facilities and member events are held throughout the year.

An Exclusive Yacht Club Experience

Yachting experience

Champions Yacht Club membership offers several benefits to members including discounted prices on yacht companies in goa, yacht rentals in goa, and exclusive access to facilities and member events. In addition, members receive beach club benefits and member rates at participating resorts. This makes Champions Yacht Club the perfect choice for those looking for an exclusive yacht club experience.

Member Rates

With Champions Yacht Club membership, you’ll enjoy discounted rates on yacht companies in goa. You’ll also have access to exclusive facilities and member events. Plus, you’ll enjoy beach club benefits like discounted prices on yacht rentals in goa. And, as a member, you’ll have the opportunity to support local charities through our Member philanthropy program.

Exclusive Facilities

Yacht Membership facilities

As a member of Champions Yacht Club, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to our world-class facilities. Our fleet of yacht rentals in Goa is second to none, and our team of experienced professionals is always on hand to help you make the most of your time on the water. Plus, our member rates are unbeatable. And, of course, you’ll also enjoy all the benefits that come with being a part of our beach club. From member events to discounted prices on food and drink, there’s something for everyone at Champions Yacht Club.

Member Events

Member events

As a member of the Champions Yacht Club, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to member-only events. From private parties to special educational seminars, these events are the perfect way to network with other like-minded individuals. Plus, you’ll have access to our world-class facilities at discounted rates.

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The benefits of owning a membership card would buy you the best experiences with lots of fun and entertainment for all your fun days.

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An Expedition to “Land of Victory”

Vijayawada is commonly known by its residents as Bezwada, as a way of presenting their esteem. It is the third largest city in Andhra Pradesh, India. The city is positioned on the banks of the Krishna River and circumscribed by Indrakiladri Hills towards the West and the Budameru River flowing from the North. The City has a long tail history, rolling back 2000 years old in its name – having said that it’s not a backward region when compared to modern times and the cosmopolitan cities across the nation. With the years of history, the city has hoisted upon, it’s securely instituting itself in the sociology of modern Andhra Pradesh as a center of Financial, Educational, and Medical fields concurrently. Vijayawada is not in itself developing, it is helping its inhabitants as well, being the torch bearer and a righteous leader. It’s called the Educational Sahara of Andhra Pradesh.

This blog reveals a few less known and a few interesting facts about the newfangled progressive capital of Andhra Pradesh. To discover the pastiche of natural surroundings, triumphs and antiquity of this city and around, here are few specifics to be known!


The Geographic atlas of City

The Northern, North-Western, and South-Western portions of the city are sheltered by a truncated collection of hills, while the Central, South-Western and North-Western parts are covered by luscious and productive agriculture lands with three major irrigation canals. These canals are the irrigational sources for its agricultural land and the source of drinking water for the city. The canals are patenting from the northern side of Prakasham barrage reservoir, Eluru, Bandar, and Ryves, flowing across the city. The landscape of Vijayawada is flat, with a few small to medium sized hills. These hills are part of the Eastern Ghats bowdlerized from end to end by Krishna River. Vijayawada is one of those cities in the world with dual rivers, Krishna, Budameru. Buckingham Canal originates from the south side of the reservoir. The very purpose the land is blessed with fertile and farmer friendly land is because of the Krishna River.

  • The climate is tropical, with hot summers and moderate winters.
  • The crowning temperature ranges 49 °C (120 °F) in months of May-June
  •  The winter temperature is 17-25 C.
  • Average humidity is 68% and the average annual rainfall is 965 millimeters (38.0 in).
  • Vijayawada gets its rainfall from both the south-west monsoon and north-east monsoon. It’s tagged “Blazewada” for its sweltering summer heat by the British

Some of the Triumphs the city is proud about-

  • India’s second Prevalent Bus Station



Vijayawada Bus Station also referred as Pandit Nehru Bus Station, abbreviated as PNBS holds a record of being one amongst the largest bus station in India. The bus terminal is positioned at the southern side of the main city and it is also located adjacent to the Krishna River. This is a State Road Transport Corporation owned and maintained Bus Station which was inaugurated on the 23rd of September 1990. It’s the Busiest Bus terminal of India, followed by stations in Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad


  • India’s largest and Asia’s second dominant Railway Junction



Vijayawada Railway Station is the second leading railway junction in India.  It’s one amongst the dynamic stations of the Indian Railways with over 250 express and 150 freight trains passing through, serving 50 million passengers annually. Vijayawada Railway Division and station generate more profits than other divisions and stations in South Central Railway.


  • Leading Automobile hub in Asia

Leading Automobile hub in Asia


Autonagar is the acronym for Jawaharlal Nehru Auto Nagar Industrial Estate. This industrial parkland sited on the Eastern flank of Vijayawada. This industrial estate holds the vanity of being one amidst the major hubs for the auto industry in the entire Asia. The Autonagar was inaugurated in the year 1966 and it is also the prior cohesive AP’s first Autonagar. The place is actually a cluster that delivers service activities with a view to benefit the automobile industry.

These were a few of many triumphs the city takes pride in, the other famous, historical and scenic segments the city is known for are its tourist destinations that include:


  • Prakasham Barrage: Prakasam Barrage is 1223.50 meters long erected across the River Krishna. Prakasham Barrage is the source that helps in the irrigation of the agricultural lands in Andhra Pradesh. The Barrage serves as a road bridge as well. Prakasham Barrage has created a panoramic lake view – a treat worth watching for nature admirers. Three of its canals that cross the city give Vijayawada a Venetian look.


  • Kanaka Durga Temple: The temple is one amongst the most popular temples in Andhra Pradesh, located on Indrakeeladri and is a major travel attraction in Vijayawada.  The temple is overseeing the city as well as the River Krishna. It was built in 12th century by Maharaja Poosapati Madhava Varma. Kanaka Durga is believed to be the governing deity of Vijayawada. The self-revealed divinity at the temple is assessed to be prevailing and thereby a pious and religious spot.


  • Gandhi Hill: The first memorial for Gandhi was built with seven stupas in the country was located on the hills of Vijayawada and hence the name Gandhi Hills. The 52 ft. (16 m) stupa was divulged to the public on 6 October 1968 by the President of India Dr. Zakir Hussain. Gandhi Memorial Library, Sound and Light Show about Mahatma Gandhi’s life and a planetarium are a few charismas for the tourists.


  • Mogalarajapuram Caves: Around 11 kilometres from the city of Vijayawada are these ancient caves exhumed which have its place in 5th century A.D. The caves are presumed to be the first of their kind in South India. It’s said that the idols of Lord Nataraja, Vinayaka & Arthanareeswara are engraved in the caves; however there aren’t any statues available here.


  • Victoria Museum: A place that takes you back in time. Victoria Museum has a cautiously conserved assortment of sculptures, paintings, idols, weapons, cutlery, and inscriptions. The highlight of the museum is one its gigantic, vivacious Buddha Monument which was taken on board from Alluru.


  • Kondapalli Forts: The Fort find places in the 7th century. Erected on a hill, the three-storied fort offers a spectacular outlook of the “Land of Victory”. The rock tower situated in the fort is grand. The Fort had been a quiet watcher that perceived the rise and fall of several kingdoms.


  • Rajiv Gandhi Park: Created by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation with keen interest and immense care is taken to keep the park clean and well maintained. This park welcomes the tourists at the entrance of the city with its impressive horticultural network. A mini zoo and a musical water fountain are attractive add-on and an ideal way to spend a pleasant evening.


  • Gunadala Matha Monument: As per the prevalent evidence is apprehensive, Reverend Arlati who was then rector of St Mary’s Church, established an attractive sculpture of Our Lady in 1825 and consecrated in 1971. It is now popularly known as St. Mary’s church. Since then, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes became an annual event here, attended by the public. The church is situated on a hillock on the eastern side of Vijayawada.


  • Bhavani Island: Possibly one of the largest islands on the River Krishna. Bhavani Island is in Krishna River adjacent to the city of Vijayawada. Andhra Pradesh Tourism is in the process of renovating 133-acre Island into an eye-catching holidaymaker and a riverfront resort. The island comprises of cottages to stay in and a few worthy adventure and fun sports which include fishing as well. The journey to the island by boat is enjoyable.


  • Mangalagiri: The literal meaning of Mangalagiri is the “Auspicious Hill”.  Mangalagiri is one amongst eight protuberant sacred places in India. The hill is nearby the city which is a famous pilgrim center for its Panakala Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple that is amongst the lankiest temple towers of the India. Mangalagiri is also known for its traditional textiles.

These are some of the few tourist spots that would entice tourists and wouldn’t let them be disappointed even for a single moment for visiting the city. Vijayawada is culturally rich and richly picturesque. Majestic ancient splendor is still flourishing across the city, well maintained by the municipal corporation. The city has risen and fulfilled the existing necessities by delivering reasonably priced donations to the development of the state. It is historically strong beautiful and technologically authoritative place that requires you to spend a substantial amount of time. The tourist places in Vijayawada lets you familiarize the experience and enjoy the antiquity, traditions and technological triumphs of the city in its fullness. Another feather added to its Crown- the City of Historic, the Economic and Cultural connotation is made an astonishing comeback to retrieve its Grandeur with the proclamation as the Capital of Andhra Pradesh State. Pay a visit and explore more of Vijayawada! Happy Holidays



Why will you choose Vijayawada as your ultimate Vacation Spot

Wonder why…

A mystery world of natural splendours, alluring unexplored locations picturesquely surrounded by medium sized hills, fascinating Buddhist pilgrimages which Andhra Pradesh is a home to. Andhra Pradesh tourism offers an interesting platter of visual treat and enchanting experiences. Connect with the wanderlust inside you in Amazing Andhra!

Around Vijayawada…

Being amongst the list of top offbeat destinations in India, Vijayawada, the third largest city of Andhra Pradesh restores its fame as the cultural capital of India. The city is nestled at the northern bank of River Krishna at a distance of about 300 Kms away from Hyderabad, the city of Nawabs. Also named as Bezwada or Vidyalawada or the burning city, the city is also named as the “land of victory”, the reason being that Goddess Durga restored in the place after slaying the fierce Demon. Hence “Vijaya” stands for “Victorious” while “wada” stands for “location”.

The city is full of surprises with ancient heritage buildings that speak of ancient Vedic civilization with architectural carvings on monuments that account for historical diversity & rule of several dynasties dating back to a hundred years ago. The virgin nature is blessed with dense forests misty hillocks, shimmering water body, magnificent green valleys, major rivers, water streams and islands that makes the region one of the attractive destinations ever.

Your reason to travel…

As human beings we are always guided by reason & historical yet mystical interest. And when it comes to the next weekend plan, no wonder the picturesque scenic spot that captivates the heart is plenty to cheer for with family and friends. Engulfed by waterbodies on the three sides and mountain on the fourth, the criss-cross Rivers outflowing over the landscape, the city offers a unique freshness to the travellers. Being located away from the hustle and bustle of city life the place offers a sublime peacefulness as well as a hub of entertainment for tourists. And if you are a real adventure junkie, you of course hit the right spot. Adding on, are delectable cuisines’ never to be missed and a must try-out.


Check out the major delightful attractions that make Vijayawada a “must-to” visit place for tourists.

  1. Enchanting Lake View – Prakasam Barrage

This dam is originally erected by the East India Company in 17th Century to benefit uninterrupted supply of water to the city dwellers. The dam houses releases water to three water canals that flow through the city linking River Krishna with other Guntur Districts.  As a result, the barrage creates an enchanting panoramic lake that definitely deserves a visit by ardent travel freaks & photograph enthusiasts.

The best time to visit this place is November-March.

  1. Historic Akana & Mandana Caves

Built during the 6th or 7th Century BC by Akana & Mundana, the ministers of Quli Qutb Shah, the Nawab of Golkonda, these caves are interesting stopovers on the way to KanakaDurga temple. These caves are located at a distance of 3kms from the Vijayawada Railway station. The cave is a rock-cut architecture without any sculpture or design work with triple-celled pillars that are erected facing the east.

  1. Bhavani Island – Spectacular Nature’s Paradise

Bhavani Island is a spectacular 133 acre river island located in Krishna district close to the city. It is a pristine blue water lagoon ideal for spending a memorable holiday time in peaceful solitude. The picturesque water spot is surrounded by beautiful scenic greenery which is perfect for family picnics. This enticing River Island is ideal for picnickers, romantic couples, idlers, sport lovers and anyone who wants to breathe in at deepest recesses & spend a relaxing weekend within the ambience of this lovely serene place. For adventure enthusiasts, there are numerous fun-filled boat rides of different styles, adventurous sports activities offered by Champions Yacht Club with full membership options.

  1. Weekend adventures – Exciting water sports!

Scenic boat rides & exciting Water sports at Champions Yacht club are something that always beckons the water sports enthusiasts. Bhavani Island is a popular Island for water sports and adventurous activities to try out. A plethora of interesting series of water sports such as ski boat, jet boat rides, pedal boats, banana boat, swan boat rides, bumper boats, solar boat, paragliding, fly boarding, water cycle and the list is never ending! Try on this non-stop fun!

  1. Tanvi River Cruise – A restaurant that actually floats!

For those who want to experience a close-to-home anniversary dinner, a special date dinner, a get-together or an exceptional celebration, Tanvi River Cruiser party is here to make each of your moment truly memorable. Whatever the reason you are celebrating for-a place as beautiful at the deck of the Yacht on the full moon starry night over the waters will simply make you go “wow”…just like a fairy dream!

  1. Lotus Food City – A Waterfront Restaurant

Popularly known to be an ultimate food destination for youth, this restaurant with magnificent river front of the Krishna waters has a great eatery that caters for all.  If you are a foody, you can try out a variety of vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian culinary delights soaked within a splendid ambience. Enjoy great evening parties surrounded by placid water at all sides or simply walk through the lush green lawns of the garden that instantly transforms your demeanour the moment you step into this lush waterfront restaurant.

Have you started creating your own wander list (your bucket travel list) at Vijayawada?  Well, these impressive spots provide zero reason to stay at home and 100% inspirational enough to get you on your toes to explore this unforgettable experience!

Celebrate A Romantic Date With Your Valentine At Private Yacht in Goa

Just two days to go for the Valentine’s Day! And the most awaited moment to celebrate a private candle light dinner together is here! You must be planning on how to turn these moments into the fondest memories Yacht Valentines Day in Goa.

How about Valentine’s Day celebration at the private yacht in Goa?

With the Valentine’s Day party events at the yacht in Goa, it is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate! Nothing else feels less than a Titanic moment where you can set sail at the open cruise deck stairs with the love of your life.  What a better way to pamper your loved one amidst the romantic musical numbers at the luxuriously draped private outdoor deck, right under the stars!


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Why charter a love boat?

A private deck moment just for the two of you!

No place feels so romantic than a private luxury yacht – an ambiance so perfect that offers a romantic safe place for celebration & expression of your love and affection to your sweetheart. Now romance at your own style onto the water!

For those who want to make their Valentine’s Day celebration at Yacht in Goa, ditch the traditional style (stay-on-land part or fancy land-locked dining restaurant). Rather, venture into the world of romantic sea shore, high seas surrounded by magnificent accoutrements: all-inclusive fine wine & dine, mood lighting, luxurious stay – all offered by the luxury cruise, Champions Sea Breeze.

A fully climate controlled braced with comfort, romance & entertainment to woo your lover and just hitting the right notes at the right time!

Date your valentine with elegant candle-night gourmet dinner!  

This valentine, offer your loved one a memorable luxury cruise journey across the seas, so significant that will last for a lifetime! And to pamper your valentine here’s a romantic candle light dinner on a private sit-down dinner table accompanied by red roses, a LIVE DJ spinning music all-night, a tasty selection of delectable cuisines & steaks complemented by a wide selection of entrée chocolates, champagne & royal drinks. And not to forget, a cake with a personalized message on it is a sure way to bowl your valentine over J

And, dance your way with DJ’s LIVE musical beats…

And that’s not all! After you are done with dinner, here’s an eclectic musical note for you to rock on for slow dancing. Start your evening with a cocktail as you cuddle on-board with your special one at the yacht deck. Bash up with the soundtrack and dance the night away with your special one – indeed, a unique unforgettable experience!

Celebrate This New Year Eve On Luxury Private Party Yacht!

If you have missed the biggest Asian festival, Sunburn hopping mad entertainment with the dance music junkies, no regrets! Pack your bags right away as another fantastic timing of celebration is just headway. Seriously, this time it’s on yacht, a special New Year eve celebration featuring best live music remix, fireworks, wine and dine, luxury stay against a beautiful beachy backdrop.

Is there a better way to celebrate?

Home is where the heart is but not during special holiday times when the countdown has already started for gala celebrations! The New Year eve comes just once a year and it is the end of the year that you get a reason to party all night, drink and celebrate! So, why not sample something new in a tropical paradise?

 “This time there’s a difference because its yachting, not ‘cruising’ for a super-stylish celebration!”

To match your mood for any event hosted at our private yacht, whether it is a romantic dinner cruise, music and dance party for birthday celebrations, overnight couple stay, an anniversary celebration or wedding ceremony, Sea Breeze caters to all romantic & modern occasions and offers the opportunity to discover the charm of every special event aboard restaurant cruise and boat party.

I bet you will never want to miss the Disco yacht followed by New Year Cruise party in Goa that completes holidays with sizzling pool party and Goan fish barbecue!

The fun has just begun; there has never been a better time than taking your celebrations to private luxury Yacht! Imagine how fantastic an experience it is being dazzled by fireworks entertainment show, an open floating bar with DJ LIVE music & customized culinary delicacies right at the mid-night on the yacht deck! Simply wow!

Disco lights, music, delicious meals, and rare fine wine tastings & dine! – Experience the magical nights of excitement as you toast to the New Year with a glass of champagne accompanied by your favourite one. Yes! It happens only at our exclusive Sea Breeze Yacht party celebration in Goa that comes with the promise to make your New Year Eve on board an exceptional one. The cruise party begins right from Christmas Eve on board; so relax, chill out, mingle and dance on the DJ beats! Whether you are a couple looking for a private place, or with family or friends – luxury celebrations of this mega private yacht hosts the best party, culinary & entertainment experience for celebrations!

So, start this New Year vacation as you cruise across the mesmerising scenic surroundings. A 5 star service waits to offer soothing luxury complemented by an ideal accommodation, transport, excellent cuisine & wine pairings – too good an entertainment & fun offer to pass it up! Isn’t it?

Champions Yacht Club runs magical cruising program during this festive season notable for high quality service for a variety of special events. This festive season, decide on the party you like to experience and the music and we will customize them as per your taste and preferences. Adding to the musical party and magic, beautiful light rays along with an array of fireworks synced with the music will leave you stunned. Not only that, our festive dining comes with customized top dining experiences and pitchers of exclusive alcohol beverages with some luxurious ambience to celebrate and rejoice! Hosting the biggest sunset boat parties and sizzling cruise parties to celebrate the spectacular night of the year, you will be experiencing a fantastic cruise journey and a perfect boat party.

5 Reasons to opt for Champions Yacht Club Memberships !!

Being a member at the Champions Yacht Club offers you exclusive privileges of being part of one of the most preferred yacht clubs across Asia, set amidst the mystical blue Arabian Sea.

One of the major benefits of a yacht club membership is the privileges you experience without the expense of owning a boat. It’s a friendly fun atmosphere where you get to meet with like-minded sailors, enjoy fishing, racing, cruising, and a series of adventure sports. It’s a safe and serene paradise for children and adults too. For aspiring sailors, we have expert trainers at the Champions Yacht Club that can teach you this fine art.

Why you should opt for Champions Yacht Club Membership?

Member Events – enjoy exclusive members’ only events. The events include fun Friday night parties, theme parties, DJ nights, exciting competitions, adventure sports, regular cruising expeditions, and private caravan rides.

Exclusive facilities – As a member of the club you get the opportunity to block the yacht to enjoy a private beach holiday in Goa. Members can also enjoy a reserved function space for a luxury yacht party in Goa. These lounges let you enjoy a private meeting with business partners, fellow boaters, or just be by yourself and soak in the best that nature has to offer.

Member rates – As a member of the yacht club you can avail discounted packages on water sports, DJ nights, food, and beverages. This is also applicable for up to 5 guests that the members choose to invite throughout their stay at the club.

Beach Club benefits – As a member of Champions Yacht Club, you can avail exclusive packages at the Champions Beach Club too. Be it a cozy wedding party, corporate meeting, fine dining at the Southend restaurant, or beach cricket, you can have it all at the Champions Beach Club.

Discounted Price – By enrolling as a member of the Champions Yacht Club you can avail of all of the privileges outlined and at a minimal price. Enjoy luxury yachting experiences at our Cruise In Goa and host birthday parties, anniversary bashes, go for island excursions & enjoy barbecues, fishingWatersports In Goa, night cruising, honeymoon cruise, and so on.

Connect with us today on 080-451 51201 or +91-777 406 2621 or write to us at [email protected] / [email protected] to know more about Champions Yacht Club membership details.

Team Building activities in Goa.

Over the last few decades, organisations have grown past the singular focus on driving competitive work environments to a more holistic work enrichment process, where team members grow and develop in a positive atmosphere and thus the emphasis on team building activities.

One of the key factors that constitute successful organisations is dedicated and hardworking teams that collectively strive towards achieving organisational goals. The success of most organisations today depends on the ability of individuals that work as cohesive teams. And on the contrary, lack of team collaboration is attributed as one of the key factors that hinder performance and productivity.

The advantages are so many that almost all organisations, small, mid-sized and large; incorporate team building activities as one of their core strategies for organisational growth and productivity.

Whether 10 minute games or week long retreats, these team building activities have profound benefits that can help employees build motivation, enthusiasm, collaboration, confidence and trust in each other’s abilities.

Outdoor team building exercises provide experiential learning that enhances the teams and individual’s ability to improve behavior, attitude, thinking, teamwork and leadership.

The natural environment helps to eliminate personal and professional barriers and enables the team to work towards achieving common goals.

The Champions Yacht Club is pleased to offer a host of such fun and adventurous Team building activities in Goa. The focus is on developing a positive workforce and to create “best in class” teams that are integrated together to collectively achieve organisational goals. Our yacht club offers customized solutions for companies that suit diverse business requirements to achieve strategic business goals.

Numerous Benefits through Team Building Activities @ Champions Yacht Club

1. Understanding strengths and weaknesses of individual’s and teams
2. Developing ways to increase communication and collaboration
3. Working in alignment with work procedures and policies
4. Integrating new employees into teams
5. Enhancing productivity and work efficiency
6. Increasing work motivation and morale
7. Developing leadership and generating enthusiasm
8. Improving decision making and conflict resolution
9. Fostering problem solving cohesively to generate results with lesser turnaround time
10. Encouraging creativity and out of the box thinking
11. Resolving interpersonal conflicts and developing positive work relationships

All in all ensuring that the workplace is more enjoyable and a contented workforce is devoted towards the business goals of the organisation.

Water Sports and Activities in Goa

Water sport is one of the main tourist attractions in Goa. One key reason being, Goa is a coastal area and they have a load of agencies and hotels who offer a wide range of water sports especially in North Goa. Tourists from all over the world, irrespective of country, caste, sex and religion come to Goa to enjoy and experience the different water sports.

Out of the many popular beaches in Goa most of them offer great water sports and activities. If you go to Baga beach, Candolim beach, Bogmallo beach, Calangute beach, Cavelossim beach or Colva Beach, you can enjoy wide range of water sports of your choice. The Goa government has taken extra precautionary measures to ensure maximum safety for tourists. All tourists, both foreigners and Indians are given strict instructions to adhere to the safety rules set by the Goa government.

At affordable rates you can enjoy different water sports and activities. The Goa government has also ensured that the prices are regulated and maintained everywhere. Extra efforts are taken to make sure that none of the tourists are cheated by the local vendors. There are a huge number of water sports vendors offering these activities. You can see many brightly colored water scooters parked near these beaches.

The best time to go for water sports activities in Goa is winter. Also, you need to start really early as the water will be nice and the sun will not be too hot. Moreover, it will be less crowded in the early mornings.

The popular water activities are:

  • Jet Ski
  • Catamaran sailing
  • Banana Rides
  • Float Boat rides
  • Parasailing
  • Speed Boat Rides
  • Bumper ride

Apart from these activities, other water sports you can enjoy in Goa are:

  • Kayaking
  • Kite-Surfing
  • Private Boat Rides
  • Wind-Surfing
  • Rafting
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling

Want to get your heart racing and adrenalin pumping as you slide across the sparkling water on a water scooter? Or just relax with your beloved on a private boat ride?  At Champions Club you will get something different and unique. Something totally exclusive for discerning traveler like you. Champions Water Sports is literally bringing you the highest ensemble of water sports gear in India. Like the 36 boating options at Mayem Lake. Where you can pick any boat of your choice and ride it till you want.

Mayem Lake Promotion, Goa Tourism Development Corporation Activities

Champions Group has been actively involved with Goa government for the beautification of Mayem Lake and to promote it as a prime tourist location for Goa. Mayem Lake has been developed into a full-fledged tourist spot with modern boating facilities, restaurant and camera surveillance to ensure safety of the tourists. Life jacket is mandatory for all boating activities. Adequate well trained life guards are also deployed to meet any eventuality.36 boating options are made available on Mayem Lake. Most of the boats are using modern boats like electric pedal boats, jet boat, electric go float, water tricycles, BBQ round dinning boats, paint ball, etc. with all the safety measure in place. The idea is to develop Mayem Lake as a natural water park. And as Subhakar Rao says “Must-visit” Destination for all Goa visitors.”

Some of the current activities available at Mayem Lake:

  • · Bumper boat rides with water guns and fun rides.
  • · Floating restaurant in the middle of the lake.
  • · Kashmiri Shikara boat rides with electric motors.
  • · Single/ Double Kayak rides, pedal boat rides.
  • · Sailing/wind surfing, paint ball, zorbing
  • · Water cycle rides for singles and couples.
  • · Children’s water park with tents and inflatable rides.
  • · Water rides in the lake on electric boats towed with inflatables.
  • · Team Kayak Polo, Bumper boat with water guns, and BBQ floating boats

Besides the above attractions, there is also excellent opportunity for bird lovers to spot some exotic birds. Champions Yacht Club runs early morning boats for bird lovers.

Experience the Mayem Lake Magic in Goa With Champions Yacht Club

Goa Mayem LakeGoa has been always a tourist’s paradise with people flocking here from all parts of the world. No wonder, many of the important tourist places are almost always overcrowded with great hustle and bustle. What if you can get a change and experience not only tranquillity but also some pleasant surprises. Mayem Lake in Goa is one such place which is mind blowingly serene and picturesque dotted with rustic countryside. Irrespective of your budget, you can enjoy fabulous boating experiences with Champions Yacht Club. Champions Yacht Club runs a boat hire service which has 36 water ride options available in exciting packages. Apart from boating there are also many other interesting activities like bird watching, nightlife parties and trekking in the nearby places which can be quite thrilling.

It’s an undeniable fact that tourists crave for something new, for something different. Mayem Lake in Goa is one such place which can satisfy that need of tourists. If you are looking for a tranquil and beautiful place where you can just relax and enjoy the nature from close quarters – then Mayem Lake is the place for you. The latest initiative of Goa Tourism to develop Mayem Lake and the adjoining area has opened up lots of options for tourists visiting Mayem Lake area.

Mayem Lake is magical true to its name. One can enjoy so many magical moment that tourist will cherish both the memories and experiences and will cherish them for a lifetime. Bird lovers can watch so many different species of birds here in the morning hours that it will delight them no end. Some of the birds available here are truly exotic and are great choice for photography. It’s highly recommended to carry a good quality camera to capture good photograph.